Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Are We Really Busy?

We drivers at SBO are really wondering if we are really "that busy" here?Dispatch sent out a text asking if three drivers would like to take off on Wednesday ?

Let us know what's happen at your Service Centers.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Seven Of The Ten Deadliest States For Workers Have ‘Right To Work’ Laws

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) tracks workplace fatalities each year.
Not surprisingly, the states with anti-union ‘right to work” laws fare the worst.
Below are the ten states with the most workplace deaths, with the death rate per 100,000 workers listed as well. “Right to work” states are in bold.
Alaska (10.2)
Arkansas (6.1)
Louisiana (6.3)
Mississippi (6.2)
The Westin
Montana (6.9)
North Dakota (10.1)
South Dakota (7.3)
Vermont (7.0)
West Virginia (7.4)*
Wyoming (7.7)
*The WV “right to work” law was passed in 2016 and upheld by the state Supreme Court. A lower court overturned parts of the law again this year but the state Supreme Court ordered a stay of that decision. 
For the the full list of states, visit the BLS page here.

Trump Just Attacked Labor Again – His Target This Time Is The Firefighters Union

President Donald Trump loves to profess his love for the American worker. It’s all he talked about, other than about Hillary, during his presidential campaign.
But time and time again, Trump has shown his true colors by giving billions to his rich buddies while lashing out at the labor movement.
His latest attack happened today as he took to Twitter – not surprisingly, it happened a few hours after the International Association of Fire Fighters endorsed Joe Biden.
The Westin
Trump has been obsessed about union dues lately. In March, he (bizarrely, confusingly, and embarrassingly) blamed union dues for GM’s decision to lay off thousands of people.
He seems to forget that running a union, engaging in collective bargaining, maintaining a strike fund, and so on does cost money. And that money comes from dues. For reasons beyond many, Trump seems bewildered by this concept.
Read his other tweet from this morning and ask yourself if this sounds like a president who is in touch with reality of how unions, or any membership organizations for that matter, operate.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

FedEx Freight Drivers in Stockton Say "Yes!" to the Teamsters, Again.

In a shocking turn of events, FedEx Freight drivers in Stockton, Ca voted overwhelmingly to continue their union membership on April 26, 2019.

The decertification vote followed a substantial anti-union effort by the company which included showings of anti-union videos, group anti-union meetings, one-on-one anti-union ride alongs, as well as a barrage of new hires in an attempt to stack the vote in their favor. The company has also delayed yearly raises for the Stockton drivers citing ongoing negotiations with the union even though non-union service centers received their annual raises on time.

Despite the company's vigorous attempts to sway the vote, the drivers voted 31-16 in favor of remaining in one of the nation's strongest unions, the Teamsters. The landslide victory sends a clear message to the company, your belittling voice of intimidation will never be as loud or as strong as the voices of organized and empowered employees. 

The Fedex Stockton drivers and the Teamsters look forward to ongoing negotiations with the company.

Thursday, April 25, 2019


This week at our San Bernardino Ca. terminal, drivers were asked to attend a so called"Meeting ".

When drivers arrived to these meetings they were introduced to FedEx lawyers! Who were there to ask questions about a on going class action suit!

The suit pertains to  lunches , breaks and personal cell phones used for company business. Some drivers felt sideswiped by the dishonesty of management!

The lawyers on the onset said that they were not there to represent the employee , but to represent FedEx. They,  the drivers,  were given the option to answer the questions or to not participate at all.

If you do participate,  please beware of what you say and what you sign. Especially if you sign a statement of what you have just said. This could be used against you later on. Remember those lawyers are there representing FedEx "Not Us"

These lawyers were in Fresno about three weeks ago. So they are most likely to arrive to most of California.