Saturday, February 27, 2016

Your Rights during Union Organizing

You have the right to organize a union to negotiate with your employer over your terms and conditions of employment. This includes your right to distribute union literature, wear union buttons t-shirts, or other insignia (except in unusual "special circumstances"), solicit coworkers to sign union authorization cards, and discuss the union with coworkers. Supervisors and managers cannot spy on you (or make it appear that they are doing so), coercively question you, threaten you or bribe you regarding your union activity or the union activities of your co-workers. You can't be fired, disciplined, demoted, or penalized in any way for engaging in these activities.

Working time is for work, so your employer may maintain and enforce non-discriminatory rules limiting solicitation and distribution, except that your employer cannot prohibit you from talking about or soliciting for a union during non-work time, such as before or after work or during break times; or from distributing union literature during non-work time, in non-work areas, such as parking lots or break rooms. Also, restrictions on your efforts to communicate with co-workers cannot be discriminatory. For example, your employer cannot prohibit you from talking about the union during working time if it permits you to talk about other non-work-related matters during working time.

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Anonymous said...

So lets get out and educate employees of amazon,walmart,google,fedex and so on.
being able to bargain for paid health benefits and a yearly wage raise would be awesome.
not only would it make the job more of a career it would lighten the tax payers not having to insure all those people the government pays out when there company can afford to cover it.
theres no excuse and the companys will never give or offer it to you so
get educated get together and form a common bond union at your place of work.
greed is a terrible thing.