Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Joe Nuno said...

Good for this combo driver, by putting your heads together things can be accomplish.
When you discuss your case with the union, being you and the rest of the employees at FedEx who stands up for their Rights are the union!
Working with the Teamsters gives you the Rights to prove your innocent to the company, especially with over power authority managers that go over the company’s policy rules. Managers that take revenge acts just because an employee believes in unionism doesn’t gives him the rights to fired this individual, he has every Rights to discuss about what the union ( the employees ) can do by using your labor Rights. This has always been your American Rights (the law of the land).
Having no union gives you no Rights and your voice could be silenced, I know a brother at FedEx that was fired for a reason (not going into details) but he discuss this with So. Regional manager and told him that he was innocent, but So. Regional told him to appeal his case and he would review it.
But we all know the review he will have, managers of service center and human resource against 1 employee, a lost case (at will employee).
Why give control to the union? Because you and the rest of the employees are the union, you have a better chance to present your case to a Labor Judge or an Arbitrator to review your notes and also review company side of story, this is Democracy!!
Management people are first at FedEx Freight, we the people employees (the union people) are always last. Did the employee have democracy about the pension choice, or our medical going up? Did you vote for your pension funds to be frozen?
What about the hostlers having no choice, they must obtain a CDL now, if they don’t obtain a CDL they will become part time employees, and full time dock workers are heading in that direction too. Where is the democracy here?
Be involve and stay informed, listen to what the company offered, and then listen to what the Teamster have to offered, compared apples to apples. And don’t let the company intimidate you, you have every rights!
Tom Suchevits if you are going to write this lies about Employee free choice act, please allow me to arrange an employees meeting to discuss your misinformation about the unions, accept this challenge. You Tom Suchevits and James P. Hoffa, at a Teamsters hall or a service center and speak freely in front of us employees (the union).
My brother and sister of FedEx Freight please write to Tom Suchevits and ask him to accept this challenge or better yet make a petition for an employees meeting at every service center with Tom from Human Resource and James P.Hoffa, lets stop the lies and stop taking away our benefits, and tom you know unionfacts and unionfreeamrica are built by union busters just like you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anaheim Termination Update

Our Anaheim driver who was denied his unemployment benefits has won his case! M.Hutton and his managers have been proving wrong.

The regulations say that the driver is responsible for letting the company (dispatcher) know that his condition of fatigue or illness is sufficient to make it unsafe for him to drive.

The appeal basically came down to who was more credible: the FedEx Freight driver, who claimed he told the company at 2am and later at 4:30 am, that he was sick, or the dispatcher, who claimed that the driver never mentioned being ill. The judge decided that the driver was more believable.

The driver, who was terminated for supposedly refusing to obey a legitimate command, will receive 3 months of unemployment benefits that he was entitled to.

We congratulate this driver for his courage! To stand up for what was right. To prove that the management in Anaheim was wrong! Let this be an example to all of us. If we all stand up to this company, like him, and organize ourselves with the help of the Teamsters.Than with one great voice we can tell FedEx that "We Will Be FedEx Teamsters!"

The Time To Organize Is Now!

Educate yourself. And help your fellow employees learn the importance in being in a Union. Get in touch with a Teamster local in your area. Or e-mail us and we can help.

FedEx Watch Dogs

Read the the pertinent federal regulation that the FedEx Freight driver used to justify his refusal to continue driving: On the first comment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Changes Coming Quick To Fedex Freight West

There are changes coming to the western division of FedEx Freight. And we will keep you informed on these changes when we get the full picture.
To read what some drivers are reporting across the country go to:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Response To The Companies Union Buster's Article In The Upcoming "Independent Times" aka Human Resource Part Two

Why Give Control to the Union?

Unions don't take control.They help employees have a voice in the work place. They help us with a grievance procedure to keep management in line, wait. The union are the members/employees, is that what you mean Tom, giving the employees control? And making sure seniority is in place for bids,routes and overtime, "No Favoritism"!
The ones who want to keep full control is management. You have seen this happen.Controlling overtime. Giving hours to jr. dockworkers and sending senior workers home. Right Andy?

People Are First at FedEx Freight

If people are first here at FedEx,then why are part time employees made to transfer from Whittier to San Bernardino to keep their jobs. And a week after the opening of SBO management at Whittier are asking employees there if they know of anyone looking for part time work come in and apply???
Someone at Whittier forgot to tell management that "people are first" Tom.

Be Involved and Stay Informed

Is being informed mean when dispatch calls a driver from another terminal and ask if a driver he knows is talking to a organizer.Is this staying inform?
This is a form of S.P.I.T.
S - Spying
P - Promising
I - Interrogating
T - Threatening
This is all against the law when there is known Organizing!

Why Talk About the Teamsters?

Because in the last 18 months, they have organized UPS Freight, 11,200 employees the goal is 12,600. Can they all be wrong Tom? With a total of 50,000 workers through out the United States! To help the working men and women of this great country.
Now thats putting "People First" Tom. Not Corporate CEO's severance packages!

How owns

David Denholm is the longtime president of both organizations,3 and is known for his extremist views on unions. In addition to being featured regularly in right-wing media, Denholm owns the website, The website provides tips on getting rid of a union at your worksite, urges readers to pressure Congress to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, and sells anti-union stickers and t-shirts.

Denholm has taken some shocking positions, as for instance when he joined with other conservatives in honoring the notorious Roberto D’Aubuisson. D’Aubisson was linked to the murder of thousands in El Salvador, including union leaders, priests, politicians, and teachers

How owns

Richard “Rick” Berman.
Role of Center for Union Facts in the Anti-Union Network

The Center is the latest public relations campaign and front group devised by “notorious D.C. lobbyist”1 and veteran spin doctor Richard “Rick” Berman with his firm, Berman and Company.

The Center for Union Facts is a front group focused on damaging the public image of unions, depressing workers’ rights, pushing legislation that would make it more difficult for workers to join unions, and furthering an anti-union business climate.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anaheim Termination Update

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 post "Unemployment Benefits ..

One of the employees who was denied unemployment benefits went to order some medicine for one of his family member the day after his termination and was told that he had no medical insurance to cover his medicine!
As far as we understand, we are covered for at least 30 days after our employment with a company has ended?
If anyone knows this answer, please contact us at this site.

Thank You

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act: Myth vs. Fact

In Response To The Companies Union Buster's Article In The Upcoming "Independent Times" aka Human Resource

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act abolishes the National Labor Relations Board's "secret ballot" election process.

FACT: The Employee Free Choice Act does not abolish the National Labor Relations Board election process. That process would still be available under the Employee Free Choice Act. The legislation simply enables workers to also form a union through majority sign-up if a majority prefers that method to the NLRB election process. Under current law, workers may only use the majority sign-up process if their employer agrees. The Employee Free Choice Act would make that choice – whether to use the NLRB election process or majority sign-up – a majority choice of the employees, not the employer.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act will increase intimidation and harassment by labor unions against workers.

FACT: Research has found that coercion and pressure actually drop – from both sides – when workers form a union through a majority sign-up process. Beyond this, harassment by unions is not the problem. In a study of a more than 60-year period, the Human Resources Policy Association listed 113 NLRB cases which they claimed involved union deception and/or coercion in obtaining authorization card signatures. Careful examination of those cases, however, reveals that union misconduct was found in only 42 of those 113 claimed cases. By contrast, in 2005 alone, over 30,000 workers received back pay from employers that illegally fired or otherwise discriminated against them for their union activities.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act would require a secret ballot election in order for workers to get rid of a union.

FACT: Under current law, if an employer has evidence, such as cards or a petition, that a majority of workers no longer supports the union, then the employer is required by law to withdraw recognition of the union and stop bargaining, without an election, unless an election is pending. Under current law, the employer can and must withdraw recognition unilaterally, without the consent of the NLRB. The Employee Free Choice Act would not change this.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act would require "public" union card signings.

FACT: Under current law, employees must sign cards or petitions to show their support for a union in order to obtain an election. And, under current law, when an employer agrees to a majority sign-up process, employees must sign cards to show the union's majority status. Signing a card under the Employee Free Choice Act is no different from these card signings under current law. The union authorization card under the Employee Free Choice Act is treated no differently than a petition for election or a card under a majority sign-up agreement. As with petitions for an election, under the Employee Free Choice Act, the National Labor Relations Board would receive the cards and determine their validity.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act's sponsors support secret ballot elections for workers in Mexico, but not in the United States.

FACT: Members of Congress wrote to Mexican authorities in 2001 arguing in favor of a secret ballot election in a case where workers were trying to replace a sham incumbent union with an independent union. The Employee Free Choice Act is consistent with this: it would require an NLRB election in cases where workers seek to replace one union with another union. Indeed, the original framers of the National Labor Relations Act intended elections for precisely those cases where multiple unions were competing – particularly where one was a sham company union and another was a real independent union.

Summary of the Employee Free Choice Act

Watch Rep. George Miller on you tube on Employee Free Choice Act