Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is For Ex-Teamsters Working At FedEx Freight Now ...

I was talking to one of our organizers from Whittier the other day,he had a conversation with a line driver who was in the Teamsters before he came here, Viking/Fedex,with around 15 - 20 years vested with them. He told him that a manager told this line driver that if we would vote the union in at Fedex that he would lose his retirement from the Teamsters!

Well my line driving friend this is not true! For one thing if I was told this kind of information, I would call the Western Conference Pension at 1(800)845-0571 right away to find out if this was true.Its your money make the call get the facts.But honestly with a organizing drive in progress I would think twice at what any manager would say to me nowadays.

This is a good example of what management would do to spread their lies.Say this driver had 10 years vested with the Teamsters and another 15 years with FedEx.The Western Conference will give a 2 for 1 vesting, up to 10 years, to a terminal who organizes a Teamsters contract. That means with a 5 year contract he would get 10 years plus the 5 years a total of 15 years in 5 years! Add that to he's previous 10 years that bumps him up to 25 years!Plus if we organize a new contract, the initiation fees are waved! Anyone who is hired after a contract is signed,will have to pay the initiation fees and have to work 15 years to get 15 years vested! Not a bad deal.

So you ex-Teamsters who are thinking of not organizing FedEx because management has told you this, do your homework. Better yet call the Western Conference Pension at 1(800)845-0571, have your social security number ready when you call.It's your money not theirs.

Supervisors are told what to say by managers. Managers are told what to say by Arkansas.
We are told by our Hearts to do the Right Thing. Not just for us. But for our fellow employees and most of all for "Our Families"

Rudy And The FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Union Busting Continues In The West Coast.

We are still hearing of employees who are being harassed by management in the the west coast areas. The TM in Sacramento has talked to some drivers about their "Union Yes" signs in their personnel cars. If you are going to do this, be prepared to be confronted by management. Don't argue with them, just say "I don't like were the company is heading and that you have every right to do this and if they insist on harassing you about your sign or opinions you will go to the NRLB.Your better off letting management know were you stand. And can be better protected by labor laws.

In OC, the night supervisor is doing about the same thing but using other employees to do his dirty work. To those employees who kiss up to him just a word of advise. Even though you are an employee, you can also be reported to the NRLB for spying,reporting on any Union activities or people who are interested in learning about the Union.Even if management has no idea you are doing these things!

The FedEx Watch Dogs


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Is For John H. V.P. and Farrin, Manu of FTA ...

U S labor law says it is illegal for employers to engage in questioning employees about union matters, union meetings, union interest. How they attend to vote for or about other employees feelings towards a union.

We asked management for a debate with FedEx reps. and Teamsters reps. awhile back through this blog site to compare non-union and union companies with no response. But upper management still are having captive meetings, which is against the law.Showing once again that management will do anything,even break labor laws, to intimidate, lie, and fish for information about union activities.

John, companies like CF did not go out of business because of the union. It was Bad management. CF had around 17,000 employee's at around $40.00 per month union dues.Thats $680,000/ month in dues.Thats $8,160,000 / year! Not even Fred Smith would turn his back on that kind of cash.

We are keeping tabs on all management and if there's enough complaints. There will be reports file with the NRLB.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Ask My Brothers ...

The meeting yesterday was a great success , that everyone in a attendance asked when is the next one. Well my brothers, just ask and you will receive!

Where : Broadway Park
12816 Broadway Rd.
corner of Broadway &
Milton Ave.
Whittier Ca. 90601
When : Aug. 16 2008
Time : 1 pm

Bring a friend from work and your spouse, it's their future also.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Food For Thought ....

It's probable that FedEx management will present some "captive audience" meetings in the near future at terminals in the West, because they have sensed that there is a lot of frustration and anger among drivers and dockworkers about their recent "cost-cutting" moves. Cost-cutting that means less security and less money for you. You'll likely hear the usual story that unions have caused trucking companies to fail, that the Teamsters only are interested in you because of the dues and because they need to shore up their failing pension funds. Also, they'll remind you that FedEx has an open door policy and you don't need a third party, like the Teamsters, getting between you and management.Even workers who have been with the company for decades and who haven't expressed an interest in unionization, however, are skeptical of the self-serving nature of these half-truths and outright lies.

It's important to remember that in the United States of America, workers have the right to join together in a union in order to achieve enough power to negotiate as equals with the employer about their wages, benefits, and working conditions. The old saying still is true: "United we bargain, divided we beg." What's the best attitude to take during a captive audience meeting? The best advice has to do with the fact that management is looking for your reaction. They want to know who union supporters are, and who can they count on to support the company. They want to know how strong the sentiment among workers is for change, and they want to know how difficult it will be for them to sow seeds of doubt and fear among workers.In light of this, use your best judgment about how you react.

At this point, the best reaction is probably to listen politely, nod your head, don't ask questions, look bored. Nothing frustrates the union-busters more than not getting a reaction. As more terminals get involved in organizing and we build our organizing campaign, we'll have additional tactics to use. But for now, keep your powder dry, as they used to say in the navy.

The FedEx Watch Dogs.

Management Running Scared ...

There was some petitioning today at our Gardena terminal by Local 952.The reception from most of the employee's was very impressive.All but a couple of employee's did not take the information being passed out.

Fontana will be having meetings tomorrow, most likly to debunk any rumors, or like we like to call it " union contol" maybe about what has happen in recent weeks.

If any mentioning of union by management at these meetings occurs. Let your union reps. at your terminals know. Take notes and names of who are with you at your meeting. It is against the "Law "for the company to talk or even mention any union !

If we stand together we will be the next ltl company to be called "FedEx Teamsters" !

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Organizing Meeting Annoucement ..

There will be an organizing meeting on:

Date: August 10, 2008

Place: Local 952
140 South Marks Way
Orange, CA 92868

Time: 8:30 am