Friday, April 23, 2010

"Meal Period" Update

Fedex is now doing the right thing at our California terminals with "Meal Periods". If a driver is unable to take his or her lunch on time, before the fifth hour, and you have to work through your lunch at the customers. You will be paid one hour of your hourly wage. It will show up on your paycheck as "ca meal".
So if you are caught up at a delivery and work through your lunch keep a written record. Make sure you have the date,time, and supervisor name you have contacted who knows what is happening.

Aren't you glad you work in California?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank To Everyone ...

Change FedEx to Win would like to thank all the employees who attended this past Sundays meeting in Ontario Ca. Everyone was impressed by the presentation given by the Western Conference rep. Who answered many questions.
Thanks go out to the spouses who were also in attendance. Also to Locals 952 and 63 who put this all together for all of us.

Meal Periods Laws in California ...

Here is the website for the The Dept. of Labor Relations in California "". You should all read this site to educate yourself on the laws about "Meal Periods". Arkansas are always trying to push certain rules in California that only apply in their state of Arkansas.
For example; just a few weeks ago dispatch in SBO brought up the issue of start times. If a start time is giving to you the day before and you arrive at that start time and dispatch says they have no work for you. They said that you would only get 2 hours of pay! That's not true in CA. they must pay you 4 hours. I challenge that and the following day they said I was right. Isn't it great to live in a state that is "Labor" friendly?

The FedEx Watch Dogs

Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Our Anonymous Buddy ...

No we are not taking the credit here, but all the credit goes to the Employees of FedEx who have listened and educated themselves to why Unions matter to us. We need a union to secure our jobs and guarantee our jobs, but as you can see there are no guarantee agreements here. Just look at line haul and our dockworkers!! As long as there is no Collective Bargaining agreement here at FedEx, between Corporate and Employees, then Corporate could do what it feels to do freely. Now as we connecting with our brothers and sisters in Canada and throughout the United States, yes we have succeeded in meeting with each other through traveling from west to east coast, New York, Washington D.C and meeting with employees from Memphis. Plus we also connect through the Teamsters Conventions. Now if you still don’t believe this achievement I will be glad to give you any contact of FedEx hubs in the country or Canada.
Oh one last thing, expect a major hub to be organize from now and Christmas, and as for this hub is super huge. This will be a historical news event.
When this event takes place, there will be negotiating time to bargain at the tables and bet that Rudy and I will be there.
I will request to Fred Smith to allow you there so I can thank you BUDDY
Now if there is anything else I could do for you BUDDY feel free to E-mail me at


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hilda Solis: Labor's New Sheriff

By Esther Kaplan

President Obama calls Solis part of his economic team, but the truth is she's not part of the daily huddle at the White House with Summers and Geithner and Orszag. She's tapped instead as a lead voice in the "jobs, jobs, jobs" choir, advocating for Obama's latest stimulus package. She has tiptoed into the realm of financial regulation, organizing a joint hearing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the abysmal performance of target date retirement funds during the market crash, and she doles out hundreds of millions of dollars in job training funds, a decent chunk of which she has used to shape policy by channeling it to green industries. But Solis understands that her real influence lies in her power to enforce the nation's labor laws--the primary mission of the DoL. It's a role she embraced with relish at her swearing-in, where she announced with a grin, "To those who have for too long abused workers, put them in harm's way, denied them fair pay, let me be clear: there is a new sheriff in town."