Friday, June 27, 2008

The Truth and nothing but the Truth

This is a must read from the FedEx Mechanics Blog


Well the anti-union garbage is moving through Memphis Hub. There holding meetings that spread lies and false stories that will be proven lies.

Let me ask you why would they try so hard to keep a union out? What reason could they have? To deny you a chance to protect your jobs, keep your health care affordable, make your retirement what they had told us years ago that we would always have a great retirement.
Make the cost of retiree health card affordable.

Fact: Our retirees must pay over $800.00 a month for there medical while UPS pays $50.00 only.



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The FedEx Pension Grab is Complete

On June 1st, 2008, in spite of robust earnings, a healthy balance sheet, and increasing revenue year after year for each of the last 20 years, FedEx Express froze its non union employees pension plan. It replaced the plan with a 401k contribution (up to 3.5% of gross pay if you qualify), and a variable contribution Portable Pension Plan plan that has its interest earning rate capped at the 30 year Treasury Bill rate, which for 2008 hovered between 4.32% and 4.66%. Click the more link below to read more and see what a 30 year employee has to say about the pension changes. ...more

Unemploment Benefits ..

Recently the FedEx Watch Dogs have heard of a couple of ex-employees who have been denied unemployment benefits after they have been dismissed from FedEx. One of them was from the Anaheim terminal under Mike Hutton.This employee was first suspended for taking a wrong trailer out of a yard,which did not have any freight, just junk pallets. The trailer was sealed, the driver had the right packet with the right trailer number, but was still suspended.
A week later, this driver was terminated. Not because of moving a wrong trailer, but for refusing to work! This driver had worked almost 11 1/2 hours and wasn't feeling well which he reported to clc in Whittier earlier in his shift. But this was the reason Mike gave that day.
This driver was pro-union and was singled out not only by management,but also by some fellow employees. When you are going to be behind this campaign to organize this company, make sure you tell upper management that you are for the Union and not just the workers. By letting management know how you stand on this issue, they will think twice before coming up with some trumped charges,so at less the labor laws will have a better way of protecting you.

This is not the only time this has happened, right David Chacon and Gardena?


The FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Administration Office Closure In San Jose,Ca.

Yesterday we had a meeting announcing the closure of the Administration offices in San Jose,CA. which will be taking place by the end of this year. Our prayers and good wishes are with all of our fellow employees who will be affected by these changes. As far as our understanding, some positions will be moved to Florida,Colorado and operations to Arkansas , like CLC op's.

Many questions were asked. But the one that got things going was the ones about the 401K. Our terminal manager Russ said that by the end of the year, if you have a outstanding loan, they most be paid off by the end of the year. And that we would probably go with the 401K that the Eastern division has. Yet at the Whittier terminal Mike Z. said that the Eastern divisions previously had no pension and had started off with what we had here in the West. Which is it Mike and Russ?

This Blog site has been accused of writing false information before by upper management, right Mike? Change FedEx To Win has also looked into the facts before posting any topics on this blog. But you would think that a corporation like FedEx Freight would get their facts straight before giving any misinformation to its employees and putting more worries out there in these times of uncertainty with the way the economy is heading. Just more misinformation from corporate, whats new?

The FedEx Watch Dogs

Any employees who are affected by the closure in San Jose,
please contact the IBT @


Thursday, June 12, 2008

ATA sues FedEx on military charters

Alleged deal breach cited for bankruptcy

Bloomberg News
June 12, 2008

ATA Airlines Inc. filed a $180 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against FedEx Corp., accusing the largest air-cargo shipper of forcing the carrier into bankruptcy by booting it from a U.S. military deal.

FedEx, which leads a team of airlines flying military charter flights, ousted ATA from the group in January in violation of a 2006 contract, ATA claimed in the suit filed Wednesday in federal court in Indianapolis, where it is based. ATA filed a Chapter 11 petition April 2 and halted operations a day later.

"FedEx's wrongful conduct in removing ATA from the FedEx team financially destroyed ATA and caused ATA to file bankruptcy and thereafter cease operations," the carrier said in its complaint.

ATA said FedEx agreed to split the military passenger service for 2007, 2008 and 2009 between the airline and another team member, Omni Air International Inc. It claimed FedEx kept secret a plan to end the relationship and give ATA's share of the flights to Northwest Airlines Corp., which is also part of the FedEx charter team.

U.S. military contracts generated about $400 million a year for ATA, according to the suit. Since 1983, ATA had been one of the largest civilian transporters of military personnel and their families to and from deployments in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, the carrier said.

ATA claims the deal cancellation was "all the more outrageous" because ATA in 2006 borrowed $50 million to buy seven aircraft and two airframes to meet its obligations as part of the FedEx team.

Sandra Munoz, spokeswoman for Memphis-based FedEx, didn't cite a reason for the decision but said ATA was told it wouldn't be part of the charter team when bidding started for 2009 flights.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From The FedEx Mechnics Blog ...

Dear AMTs, GSEs, VTs, ASAs, Instructors, and other members of our craft and class:

On June 1st, many of us lost hundreds of thousands of dollars out of our retirement plan and our chance at having a secure retirement!

On June 1st, FedEx froze our current traditional pension benefit and switched to a "cash balance" plan which FedEx calls a Portable Pension Account. Under our, now former, traditional pension plan we could count on receiving 50% of our highest five years of earnings for life in the form of a monthly annuity. But under the new PPA plan the Company contribution is capped at 2008 dollars and the combination of compensation credits and interest credits are not enough to equal the benefits that many of us would have received in the old plan--and not enough to provide for a secure retirement.

This unilateral reduction of our pension benefits is an outrage given our dedication, loyalty and hard work. Last year we helped FedEx make $2 billion in profits on $35 billion in revenue yet they reward our successful effort by reducing our pension benefits!

We have an urgent need to protect our benefits. Now is the time to finish what we have started and form a union working with the Teamsters. We need you to join our effort - not just by signing a card but by helping us create a network of all of our co-workers. Please call 877-463-9783 so we can get you involved.

For more info open up the attached flyer or go to

FedEx Organizing Committee For Change