Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Ready To Rumble !!

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Freight Guy said...

A fellow FedEx Freight employee and a friend were injured on the job, after a period of time FedEx decided to yank his benefits (Health-Dental-Vision-Life ins). Said employee spoke with an attorney and the first question he was asked was "Are you in a Union), His reply was no and the attorney said that had he and others who had the same thing happen been organized then they would not have lost their Insurance but because they're not then FedEx can and always does eliminate whatever benefits they can as a way of saving a few bucks. And it's legal.

October 27, 2009 4:33 AM

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our New Line Haul Look in SBO


A Letter From A Concerned Employee:

Rudy, I was a line haul driver for FedEx Express for a number of years in the late 80's early 90's. Without a Union we can expect the same thing here at Fedex Freight that happened to us at FedEx Express. I think it was 1993 when after years of company drivers having bid runs to and from the Hub locations, FedEx decided to farm out ALL the long haul trucking routes to M.S. Carriers, Ozark Motor Lines and Prime. Every line haul driver at every location in the U.S. lost his bid run. We all had to take jobs running back and forth from the aircraft ramp to the city stations. Sound familiar? We lost big money too. We were paid by the hour to run line haul. We also received one hour pay for every three hours that we were laid over in the hotel. It worked out to be about $75.00 a week in layover pay. There was none of this garbage of paying mileage. Mileage pay is simply a way for FedEx Freight to get out of paying overtime to it's drivers. If we as drivers do not act now and stand up against these practices we will all be out on the street soon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Ready To Rumble !!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gardena Rally 10-20-2009




FedEx Faces Suits by States Claiming Labor Violations (Update2)

By Karen Freifeld and Laurence Viele Davidson

Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) -- A FedEx Corp. unit was threatened with lawsuits by New York, New Jersey and Montana accusing the company of violating state labor laws.

FedEx Ground Package System misclassifies its drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, officials of the states said today in a letter to the unit of the second-largest U.S. package-shipping company.

Drivers spend thousands of dollars for their trucks, repairs, fuel and uniforms while FedEx Ground controls the hours they work, the way they dress and their ability to get work from anyone besides FedEx, they said. Drivers classified as independent contractors don’t receive workers’ compensation through the company, they said. Nor are they protected by anti- discrimination, labor and other laws.


Teamsters Applaud Attorneys General for Action on FedEx Ground's Illegal Driver Misclassification Scheme

October 20, 2009
Hoffa: Time for FedEx to Stop Dodging State Taxes, Worker Protections
Press Contact
Leigh Strope
(WASHINGTON) – The Teamsters Union on Tuesday praised attorneys general in New York, Montana and New Jersey for putting FedEx Ground (NYSE:FDX) on notice that the company faces legal action for violating labor laws, including shifting tax obligations onto residents through an illegal driver misclassification scheme.

“FedEx Ground can’t get away with being a bully anymore, hiding behind its army of lobbyists to avoid responsibilities to workers and to American taxpayers,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “This is an issue of fairness. The laws of this country apply to everyone.”

Attorneys General Andrew Cuomo of New York, Steve Bullock of Montana and Anne Milgram of New Jersey sent a letter Tuesday to FedEx Ground warning the company that it faces legal action, including restitution, damages, civil penalties and other relief over its illegal misclassification of drivers.

“FedEx’s illegal misclassification of its drivers has resulted in a serious injustice to more than a thousand FedEx drivers in Montana, New Jersey and New York,” the letter said, also adding that “…besides hurting FedEx drivers, FedEx’s practices hurt the states of New Jersey, New York and Montana when proper taxes are not paid. FedEx’s practices also hurt other employers, which face unfair competition as a result of FedEx’s illegal cost-cutting measures.”

The three states found that FedEx Ground drivers are illegally misclassified as independent contractors, therefore denying them employment rights such as workers’ compensation benefits, anti-discrimination laws and wage and hour protections. FedEx Ground drivers are required to spend thousands of dollars for trucks, repairs, uniforms, fuel and other equipment. The company controls the hours they work, how they dress and when they drive their own trucks.

“FedEx Ground has been cheating its workers and fleecing the taxpayers for too long,” said Ken Hall, Teamsters International Vice President and Director of the Package Division. “Andrew Cuomo, Steve Bullock and Anne Milgram deserve credit for standing up to a powerful multinational that pads its profits by skirting state laws. Thanks to them, FedEx and its CEO Fred Smith won’t be allowed to profit from this scheme at the expense of its workforce and the American taxpayers.”

FedEx Ground is currently the subject of investigations by 30 other states over its misclassification scheme. Also, more than 45 class-action lawsuits have been filed against the company in state and federal courts over the issue.

Misclassification of employees not only cheats workers, but leads to the loss of federal income and employment tax revenue. It is estimated that more than $4.7 billion in federal income is lost due to this practice. At the state level, misclassifying 1 percent of workers results in an average of $198 million lost annually to state unemployment insurance funds.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It Makes Sense

Everyone is negotiating a better deal right now… except you
Think about it. FedEx is out for the best deal for them. They negotiate with suppliers to get the lowest possible prices. They negotiate with customers to get the highest return they can for the services you deliver. And management negotiates with the company for rich compensation packages. Why shouldn’t you have the same right to negotiate with FedEx for the best deal for you and your family?
Right now, FedEx calls the shots. And you live with the consequences. You don’t need to look any further than what they’ve done with your pension plan for an example of the arbitrary power they wield. And they could make more cuts to your pay and benefits any time they want.
It just makes sense!

From Our Brothers and Sisters in Canada.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wall Street vs. The Workers

Does FedEx management care more about impressing Wall Street analysts than taking care of their own employees?

They might. In their most recently quarterly earnings report, FedEx made sure to brag about the $3 billion in costs they’ve managed to wring out of their network over the last two years. But as FedEx workers well know, a lot of that $3 billion came from decimating worker pension plans, cutting pay, laying off workers and suspending the 401(k) match. Now, to the delight of the Wall Street analysts, FedEx is saying that only “50% of that will come back in terms of volume-related expenses … the other 50% will be permanent reductions from our cost structure going forward.” And the analysts loved it – “Nice job on the cost side,” one of them said. “Nice margin,” said another; “obviously you’ve done a lot with costs,” another glowed.

But how much of those ‘volume-related expenses’ are going to benefit the people who bore the burden of the cost cuts in the first place? While FedEx acknowledges that the 401(k) match and suspended merit pay will be part of the returning costs, they follow up that admission with a very lukewarm timetable: “That will just depend on how well we do here through the quarter, and going into early calendar ’10, on how we manage that. But we have more work to do on the cost side, and we’re getting more out every day.” And the analyst’s response? “Good.”

But with the company saving $205 million every year on that suspended 401(k) match, how eager will they be to reinstate it? How long is FedEx going to steal from your retirement security just to enhance its profit margins and impress Wall Street right now? Maybe it’s time to ask. After all, for a worker with 15 years left until retirement, every $1 the company doesn’t put into his 401(k) this year translates into about $2.40 lost at retirement age. At least Wall Street liked it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

FedEx Insurance Costs Going Up And Coverage Going Down

Dear Fellow FedEx Express Coworker:

We find ourselves once again faced with "open enrollment" time at FedEx Express for our insurance coverage.

Some of you might have received your packets from the company in the mail, heard what is being forced upon us at a benefits meeting or have just heard rumors of what news this year's October Surprise will bring.

It appears once again we are being given the opportunity to "pay more for less." Our costs will be going up and our coverage is diminishing. Depending on what plan you opt for and what insurances you sign on to, deductions from our paychecks will apparently go up yet again.

This is a frightening trend that has to stop.

Please find the attached flier which provides us with a more in-depth analysis of this FedEx Express insurance phenomenon...cost goes up and coverage goes down...there is no doubt that our benefits are being drained from us. There is little doubt that our company keeps passing more of the cost of our insurance off onto us. How can we stop it?

This trend leads us to only one conclusion: Until the work force at FedEx Express has a say in the insurance phenomenon, we will continue to pay more for less.

This leaves us only one solution: Form a union with the Teamsters and solidify our benefit costs and coverage in a written agreement that cannot be changed without our approval.

Help us distribute the attached two-sided flier to our FedEx Express coworkers throughout the nation. We ask that you take part in this nationwide action by talking to your coworkersabout this costly and unfair insurance trend and say "Stop the Benefit Bleed" at FedEx Express. We ask that you help to put FedEx Express on notice that the trend of "pay more and get less" is not acceptable.

Don't let another October pass you by without a say in our insurance coverage and cost. Distribute the attached flier to our coworkers and help us pass our legislation.

Our legislation, the Express Carrier Employee Protection Act, will properly classify the employees of FedEx Express under the appropriate labor laws and will help to return our true rights of Freedom of Association.

Sign and return a Support Express Carrier Employee Protection Card today. Cards are available on our website, or from an organizer. Your signed cards will be hand delivered to Senate offices showing your support for passage of our legislation.

"Stop the Benefit Bleed."

Your Organizing Committee for Change at FedEx Express

Our website:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Meet A Union Buster Who FedEx Has Hired

This is another example of what FedEx will do to stop an organizing drive:

Pete Webster
Senior Field HR Manager at HMSHost

Greater Los Angeles Area

Pete Webster’s Specialties:
In addition to being a retired Military Police Commander in the US Army MP Corps, I also provided civilian companies like UPS, FedEx, Alcoa, and the University of California, Irvine, with leadership in recruiting, employment law, employee relations, policy administration, organizational development, succession planning, salary administration, union avoidance, contract negotiating, employee training, and web design.

*Employee Terminations and Reductions In Force Support

Regional HR Manager
FedEx Ground
(Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; FDX; Package/Freight Delivery industry)

January 2000 — July 2001 (1 year 7 months)

Hired by FedEx to administer policies, set up procedures, and staff twenty-two new facilities in nine states on the East Coast. Recruited 65 management positions and 500 independent contractors; authored the recruiting presentations in nine states; all sites opened on schedule. Prepared recruiting budgets, retention reports, and handled all employee relation issues for twenty-two terminals. Represented FedEx for legal hearings in nine states. Influenced corporate culture with a new management team. Was engaged to oversee all recruiting and HRIS data in my division for the East Coast. Conducted union avoidance training at all locations. Rolled out all internal communications for a multi-billion dollar FedEx division.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Should you be approached by FedEx union-buster

First Corporate shows you an anti-union video on how the union will invade your life and that the union will be after your union dues. Then Corporate started slashing full time dockworkers into part time workers and taking their full benefits away, and still Corporate has the nerves to tell you we don't need the union. Next Corporate started slashing our Line drivers, and putting them into our docks while the junior drivers runs the prime runs, and also slapping our line drivers in the face by allowing outside scab carriers taking their work away, and Corporate stills tells you line drivers we don't need a union!. Now Corporate invades your home by sending you a post card and telling you folks that the unions are unnecessary at FedEx Freight and FedEx national LTL. Let me tell you something FedEx Corporate you have invaded our homes and have created animosity and confliction between family members who are in unions. Some of us are spouses of union jobs, or our fathers and mothers are members of unions and also brothers and sisters are members of unions. Corporate how do you think family members feel about FedEx now when you come into our home and insult them? Some of these members of unions put food on your tables because you haul their freight, way to go Corporate.

Joe Nuno

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Teamsters Canada is receiving reports that in some areas FedEx may be conducting anti-union one on one and/or group meetings that are designed to scare their own employees. There are reports that meetings might have even been held with casual employees telling them that unionizing will cost them their jobs.

If such meetings are taking place they may be illegal and against the Canada Labour Code. If this has happened to you please contact us by visiting the file a complaint section on the website.

Don't Let FedEx Scare You!

"FedEx pilots become highest paid"

From: "Stephen Irwin"
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 03:32:52 -0500

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FedEx Pilots Accept Contract
The Associated Press

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Pilots for FedEx Express have approved a new, four-year
work contract, the company and the pilots' union announced Tuesday.

The cargo airline's 4,700 pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots
Association, began voting on the contract last month.

Almost 95 percent of the pilots voting on the work agreement approved it,
the announcement said.

"FedEx Express and ALPA have worked tirelessly over the last two years to
reach what we all believe is a competitive and mutually beneficial
contract," said David J. Bronczek, president and chief executive of the
largest division of Memphis-based FedEx Corp.

Pilots will get a 9 percent pay increase when the contract takes effect Oct.
30, with 3 percent raises scheduled for the next three years, said union
spokesman Scott Sherrin.

During contract negotiations, FedEx said an average company pilot earned
more than $175,000 a year. The union said that figure was inflated but
declined to give a number of its own.

Pay varies according to aircraft size, pilot experience and other variables,
and Sherrin said the union was unsure what formula FedEx used to estimate
average pay.

"There is no average pilot," he said.

A 15-year captain of a big, wide-body cargo jet is paid about $206 an hour
for flight time, while the co-pilot of a smaller plane draws about $106 an
hour, Sherrin said.

The new contract also includes improvements in retirement pay, health care
and job security, the union said.

"With their vote today, our pilots have approved a contract that
acknowledges their continued hard work in maintaining FedEx's leading
position in the industry," said Captain David Webb, union chairman at FedEx.

See what can be done with some bargaining power ! What are you waiting for ? Get to a organizing meeting or contact a Teamsters local in your area. If you need help finding one let me help. You are not only!


Ex management is considering setting up an “Employee to Employee” website including a “union dues calculator“ that would show how many pizzas he/she could buy by not having to pay union dues, according to reliable sources.

FedEx thinks of everything except that if they paid 100% of their employee pensions and benefits their workers would come out ahead by $600 - $1,400 a year and that would include union dues deductions. Those workers would also enjoy another benefit of being ahead 40 – 100 pizzas a year without taking another bite out of their pay cheques!

From The FedEx Canada Organizing Website STRONGER TOGETHER