Thursday, January 29, 2009

We Are Not Your Enemies …

"Enemy" is a strong word, evoking associations of hate, violence, battle and war.

We have been receiving a few comments recently why FedEx is doing these changes in the west. It’s because of how the economy is lately and that all these comments about management are unfair to them. If this is so, why is it a system that has been used in the East for awhile now? Way before this recent economy?

You must understand that the FedEx Watch Dogs are not blaming Andy, Russ,Jr,Greg, John or the rest of their managers for this. They're on this blog, because of their anti-union lies they tell our fellow employee’s! And the harassment and threats they commit during working hours to promote their agenda.

As long as they distort the truth, they might be on this blog.
You make the choice.

The FedEx Watch Dogs

p.s. thanks to all the managers who read our blog

FYI ...

It has come to our knowledge, that full-time employee's who are now part-time employee's, may qualifiy for partial unemployment insurance benefits with the EDD.
Go to :

When should an individual apply for UI benefits?
Individuals should apply for benefits as soon as they are unemployed, or working less than full-time. All claims are effective on the Sunday prior to applying for benefits, and have a one week unpaid waiting period. The waiting period does not begin until the claim is filed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Accident SEA

Well,well,well,more benefits of utilizing the EASTs system of doing freight.
This site is generated by the U.S.Department of Transportation.
Not,"I heard from a guy whose..."Thus definitely DON'T SHOOT the MESSENGER.
I find it curious that almost ALL of the accidents are in the EASTs system.Except for Texas none in our previous market area;which,candidly,is a bit suspicious.
Yet this is what the DOT is reporting.
Anyone with information to clarify this pass it on to me.
Now,why do you suppose they have so many accidents (30 month time period)?
Could it be that they run their drivers like rented mules?
Could it be that the cost of the accidents are less than treating drivers with respect and dignity?
Don't know.I do know that I refuse to subscribe to the hurry,hurry,hurry policy of the EAST.
That's why I now drive 55mph(in California) and maximum of 65 in Arizona.
Why? Safety,safety,safety and then too they're looking for an opportunity to fire you so why risk your license and job (a sucked as it is now)to meet their obviously dangerous schedules.
Wonder if Mr. Smith/Duncan et al were aware of these facts before they implemented the infamous EAST SYSTEM
Wonder if the outbound gate being hit is an indication of things to come?
We'll never know since we don't get safety reports anymore-it's an EAST thing.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who Owns This Company? Andy or Fred?

When asked by an employee in Whittier why doesn't management post pro-union infromation beside the anti-union postings that are up around the terminal? So that employees here can make an educated decision. Andy replied, if you owned this company, you can do whatever you want.

In a past Fortune 500 interview, Fred Smith was asked,why are you anti-union? His answer was, Fedex was not anti-union.

Ok then, if Fred is not anti-union and he owns this company. Why are these posting up?
Or does Andy think he owns this company, so he can do whatever he wants?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Excerpt From President Obama's Inaugural Speech ...

"For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies. It is the kindness to take in a stranger when the levees break, the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job which sees us through our darkest hours. It is the firefighter's courage to storm a stairway filled with smoke, but also a parent's willingness to nurture a child, that finally decides our fate."

President Obama.

When we are given a choice in life to do what is right,we can over come fear.
Without a choice, fear over comes us.

The Time To Organize Is Now
The FedEx Watch Dogs

Saturday, January 17, 2009


January 16, 2009
Business Model for Ground Operations in New Hampshire:
Press ContactDonna De La Cruz

(Washington, DC) --The new FedEx (NYSE:FDX) business model for New Hampshire Ground operations represents the company’s latest strategy to skirt laws meant to reign in the misclassification of independent contractors and introduces new concerns for investors.

“FedEx has exposed investors to exorbitant legal and tax liabilities by misclassifying drivers as independent contractors across the country for years,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “This new scheme to evade their responsibilities to the men and women who deliver for the company’s most profitable business segment will continue to expose investors to costly problems.”

Read More

Friday, January 16, 2009

Speaking of Rick Berman…

Rick Berman is the fellow behind "Center For Union Facts" the website that FedEx's recommends on their anti-union site.

by Seth Michaels, Jan 15, 2009

We noted yesterday the great new website, Berman Exposed, but if you want to learn more about mega-lobbyist and corporate front man Rick Berman, check out Art Levine’s latest piece, “Dr. Evil Is Baaaack,” published by In These Times.

Levine’s column focuses on a big ad buy in The Hill, Politico and other D.C. insider publications, sponsored by Berman’s misleadingly named “Center for Union Facts.” As you may have guessed, this misnamed organization is not a “center” and doesn’t provide “facts.” Instead, it’s essentially an operation through which Berman funnels big-dollar, undisclosed corporate donations into vicious anti-union messages in the media. Berman gets to play super-villain and get cited as an expert in the mainstream media, while his corporate donors hide in the shadows. Everybody wins, except workers.

In his column, Levine takes apart Berman’s bad-faith rhetoric and fact checks the false claims made about the Employee Free Choice Act in the “Center’s” latest round of ads. In particular, Levine notes the absurdity of Berman masking himself as an advocate for workers’ rights, since the goal of his operation is protecting corporate control of the process by which workers form unions.

Levine asks some great questions about Berman and the other corporate shills who serve as the well-paid face of the anti-worker campaign:

Is that the person the public and leading journalists should rely on for accurate information about the Employee Free Choice Act? Will the smears and falsehoods be able to carry the day with the new Congress?

Union Heroes Save Passengers on US Airways Flight

by Mike Hall, Jan 16, 2009

The quick thinking, bravery, experience and extensive training of US Airways Flight 1549 pilot, Capt. Chesley Sullenberger, co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles, the crew of flight attendants, the air traffic controllers guiding the flight low over Manhattan and the rescuers were the key factors in yesterday’s “Miracle on the Hudson,” where 155 people survived an emergency landing in the river.

The mainstream media is chronicling the miracle, but as Marcy Wheeler on Emptywheel points out:

What they are not telling you is just about every single one of these heroes is a union member.

They are union members who got that extensive safety and job training thanks to their union contracts


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Frankiez' Brief History on Labor ...

Perhaps a brief history of the LABOR movement will enlighten those who are reluctant to join it-however they are a part of it like it or not.
Note those who sacrificed their own safety to insure their brothers would have protection against the greedy corporate barons.supplemented today by the inept-but still as greedy.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Even Survivors Need a Good Contract

By Mary Jones, UPS, Tool Room Attendant

I am a survivor.My life has been a combination
of roller coaster rides and marathon races
as I worked to hold my own in a male-dominated
job field. It has been tough trying to
prove myself as worthy of my position, and still
be able to work while being a single parent.
I remember always working 60 to 80 hours
a week with no medical benefits, no retirement
or pension plan, and no light at the end of the tunnel for job security
or promotion.
Then in 1998, I was offered a job with UPS. I was told by
other UPS workers that this would be the only place I would ever
want to work because of the union.Well, even survivors like me,
need the union, and being a member is worth its weight in gold.
In 2000, I was diagnosed with cancer, and my doctor told me
that luckily, I had one of the best insurance plans they had ever
seen. And he was right! I went through surgery, chemotherapy
and radiation, and my out-of-pocket expenses were minimal.
Prescriptions cost nothing, or next to nothing.My seniority
actually stands for something.My future is very promising because
my pension is my pension, and my 401(k) is my 401(k).
The company cannot touch it.
All this is possible because of the Teamster contract I have.
The Teamsters fought and bargained for all of these great benefits.
So if you’ve been thinking that forming a union is too hard,
or it’s taking too long, please think of me. A survivor.
You need a good contract too. That’s why I take tremendous
pride in helping out on your campaign to form a union with the
Teamsters.We all need to work together and open everyone’s eyes
to the facts that without a contract, you have nothing. You can
wake up one day and have no job.
Even survivors need help and a Teamster contract can provide it.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Favoritism is alive and well at SBO

Favoritism is alive and well at SBO. When you and your best bud go drinking with the Service Center Manager and agree with him that 'the union will never happen here', you too could get a good position on the dock with a lot less seniority.
A few other employee's who have a lot more seniority then our friend has, did asked Russ and dock supervisors for this position, but were told they did not have the experience for the job. A couple of them had done this job before and still were denied!

p.s. If you try this method on getting a head, don’t go around saying to others that you got this position in the bag. You just might end up on the blog also.

Be Wise And Organize
The FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Must Read From The "FedEx Watch" Blog

FedEx Announces Salary and Retirement Contribution Freeze
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FredEx Going on PR Offensive?
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Teamsters Organize 40,000 workers in 2008

Union Reaches Goal Early, Achieves Biggest Organizing Year in Decades
November 26, 2008

UPS Freight: More than 120 local unions under the leadership of International Vice President Ken Hall, in partnership with the Parcel and Freight Divisions and Organizing Department, organized 12,000 drivers and dockworkers. These former Overnite Freight workers became Teamsters thanks to an organizing rights agreement negotiated with UPS.

Canadian National Rail: Earlier this year, Teamsters Canada added 3,200 workers at Canadian National Rail.

School Bus and Transit workers at private and public organizations, including First Student, First Transit, MV Transportation and STA were organized this year as part of “Drive Up Standards”, the Teamsters’ National School Bus and Transit Campaign. Over 40 Teamster locals have organized more than 8,700 workers so far this year, bringing the total for the campaign to more than 14,000 workers organized since the campaign began in May 2006.

United Airlines mechanics: 8,600 United Airlines mechanics would not have won Teamster representation without the support of seven key airline locals and the Airline Division.

Read Full Article: Click Here