Sunday, September 11, 2022

FedEx Freight: They Just Don't Care

 Once again FedEx Freight  has kept the pay between City drivers and Linehaul drivers at about $8.00/hr difference in California. City will be getting a $1.65 hr putting us at $34.63 hr. Line will be receiving a $2.00 increase putting Line at about $42.00 hr.

When we ask Management why the difference in pay? Their answer was "Linehaul run at night." At our yard, Line also do day runs also. Do the day Line drivers make less per hour? "No"Managements answer, Silence.

Don't get me wrong they deserve to make good money. But City drivers don't just sit on our ass all day.

We have to physically unload by hand 1500lb totes.
"Linehaul drive at night."

We breakdown 2100 lb pallets by hand.
"Linehaul, drive at night."

We deal with customers. Good ones and Bad ones.
"Linehaul drive at night."

We have to be office clerks. Sign bills of lading. Enter BOL's into wands.
"Linehaul drive at night ."

You do the math!

Our benefits also increased by $2.00 more. But that's another post for another day.

Rudy Hernandez
City Driver
San Bernardino CA.  SBO

Monday, April 4, 2022

Amazon warehouse workers in New York made history voting for a union. Here's what could happen next By Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN Business Updated 3:07 PM EDT, Mon April 04, 2022

By Sara Ashley O'Brien, CNN Business

Updated 3:07 PM EDT, Mon April 04, 2022

(CNN Business)After Christian Smalls was fired two years ago from an Amazon warehouse in New York City following his participation in a walkout over its pandemic response, an executive at the company suggested undercutting his organizing efforts by painting him as "not smart, or articulate." When Smalls' newly-established organization garnered enough interest to hold a union election at that facility this year, a spokesperson for the tech giant initially cast doubt on the legitimacy of the signatures indicating support. And when the election went forward, Amazon engaged in a full-blown campaign to combat the union drive, including text messages, signage and required group meetings to convey its anti-union message to workers.

But on Friday, the results of that election showed that employees at the Staten Island, New York, facility voted overwhelmingly in favor of unionizing with Amazon Labor Union (ALU), the grassroots labor organization started by Smalls and other current and former Amazon employees of the facility. The move marks the first time a group of US workers have successfully voted to form a union in Amazon's 27-year history.