Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deadline Extended to January 6 for YRCW Modification Vote

December 27, 2008
Members Have More Time Due To Number of Requests, Change In Company Plan
(Washington, D.C.) – Due to a high volume of ballot requests from affected members, the company’s change in plans to gain financial stability which eliminates a December 31, 2008 deadline, holiday mail volume and bad weather that shut airports, the Teamsters Union is extending voting on the YRCW modifications until Tuesday, January 6. Ballots will be picked up at the post office at 10 a.m. on January 6 and will be counted later that day.

The original timeline of December 31, 2008 agreed to jointly during negotiations, was extended after YRCW announced on December 24 it was cancelling its tender offer for certain outstanding bonds and is renegotiating its credit facilities. The company will not have to spend $150 million to purchase about $310 million worth of senior notes and will instead renegotiate the terms of its debt with its banks. The union believes this path offers a move viable long-term recovery plan.

YRCW said it was pursuing the new strategy in part because the Teamster membership had not yet ratified the contract modifications. The union was proceeding with ratification on the schedule that was jointly agreed to and dictated by the now-aborted tender offer. Since the company’s recent decision provides more flexibility, the union is extending the balloting deadline. The Teamsters Union is committed to ensuring that all affected members have the opportunity to vote and is encouraging members to participate in this decision that will affect their livelihoods and the livelihoods of their families.

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Note from the FedEx Watch Dogs:

See what we mean that the YRC employees have a voice in decisions that concerns their future in their company. What choice did you have, FedEx employee ?? Oh right ... NONE!

The Time To Organize Is Now!
Go to a Teamster local in your area or contact us. We will help your service center get started.

Monday, December 22, 2008

In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match

Companies eager to conserve cash are trimming their contributions to their workers’ 401(k) retirement plans, putting a new strain on America’s tattered safety net at the very moment when many workers are watching their accounts plummet along with the stock market.

Suspending the Match When the FedEx Corporation slimmed down its pension plan last year, it softened the blow by offering workers enriched 401(k) contributions to make up for the pension benefits some would lose. But last week, with Americans sending fewer parcels and FedEx’s revenue growth at a standstill, the company said it would suspend all of its contributions for at least a year.

“We will have to work more years and retire with less money,” said Lee Higham, a 44-year-old senior aircraft mechanic at FedEx, who has worked there for 20 years. “That’s what we are up against now.”


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oregon News Story on Unionfacts attacks

This is the same "Union Facts" FedEx supports on their website folks.

Pro-Union vs. Anti-Company

Employers using down economy as cover to cut fixed costs, say critics

FedEx declares sizeable profit, then cuts workers' pay; open season on benefits?

December 21, 2008 9:30 AM ET

(Reuters)—Federal Express’s decision this week to force its salaried workers to take at least a 5 percent pay cut and to suspend its 401(k) match isn’t just bad news for the shipping giant’s employees.

Experts say the takebacks are an ominous sign of things to come at many other U.S. companies as businesses—even healthy ones like FedEx—adopt defensive corporate crouches in response to the worst economic downturn in decades.

The moves also underscore how much the tables have turned on U.S. workers as a result of the economic crisis, which has put employers firmly back in the driver’s seat.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Los Angeles FedEx Workers Testify Before Blue Ribbon Commission Panel

FedEx workers in Los Angeles testified today before a Blue Ribbon Commission panel that they are on the verge of slipping from the middle class because of dwindling benefits, higher out-of-pocket medical costs and an overall decline in workplace conditions.

The Blue Ribbon Commission hearing is co-sponsored by: the International Brotherhood of Teamsters; the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO; and Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE). Economic experts, clergy members and workers discussed ways to help the workers remain in the middle class and remedy the anti-union situation they are battling. The commissioners on the panel are: U.S. Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA); Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl; and Bishop Mary Ann Swenson of the United Methodist Church, Los Angeles area."

The workers said they hope to form a union with the Teamsters to gain a good contract that would guarantee them job security, better wages and benefits. But they said those efforts have created an anti-union backlash at many workplaces, with the company holding anti-union mandatory meetings, distributing anti-union literature, showing anti-union videos at work and engaging in many acts of intimidation.

“Pro-union employees are followed into restrooms by managers who look over stalls,” said Rudy Hernandez, a 20-year FedEx employee who currently is a FedEx Freight driver. “Dispatchers tell drivers if they vote the union in, FedEx will close down this terminal.”

But despite all the anti-union activities, Hernandez and four FedEx Express aviation mechanics testified that they remain committed to forming a union with the Teamsters

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FedEx Cuts Workers Retirement Compensation While CEO Rakes in Multi-Million Dollar Pension

More Drastic Cuts in Workforce Compensation Fuels Drive for Teamster Representation
December 18, 2008
(Washington, D.C.) – FedEx Corp. [NYSE: FDX] today announced drastic cuts in pay and deferred compensation for most of its U.S. workforce. Salaried U.S. FedEx employees will take permanent 5 percent to 10 percent base salary reductions while FedEx founder, Chief Executive and Chairman Fred Smith will take a permanent 20 percent reduction in base salary. According to company statements, hourly employees will not see base wages impacted in this round of cost controls.

“The FedEx workers that have made this company a household name and deliver the profits will now shoulder more insecurity for their futures,” said Teamster General President Jim Hoffa. “At the busiest time of their delivery season, the company is delivering nothing but coal for its workforce.”

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FedEx 2Q profit rises, plans to further cut costs

By SAMANTHA BOMKAMP , 12.18.08, 11:57 AM EST

FedEx Corp. on Thursday announced more broad cost cuts - including salary reductions - as deteriorating economic conditions continue to drag down demand, warning the outlook for 2009 remains murky.

Chief Executive Frederick W. Smith said the company's earnings are "increasingly being challenged by some of the worst economic conditions in the company's 35-year operating history."

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Your New Job aka Welcome To FedEx

video from Jobs For Justice website

Freight Leaders Overwhelmingly Endorse Economic Relief Plan to Save Members’ Jobs

December 3, 2008
On Wednesday, December 3, leaders of freight local unions from across the country overwhelmingly endorsed an economic relief plan for the YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) companies that will protect tens of thousands of Teamster members’ jobs and their retirement security.

“Today’s overwhelming support clearly shows that local union leaders from every area of this country know how bad this recession is, and they are confident that this agreement will protect the livelihoods of our members and their families,” said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. “No one wants to see wages get cut, but this agreement will help get the company through this deepening recession while protecting the jobs, health, welfare and pension benefits of our members.”

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At least the employees and the Teamsters are getting involved with YRC to help keep the company going. What input does FedEx want from you? We can all come to work one day and your VP could say " OK people we're giving you all a 15% cut on your wages and making you part time employees.What you say you don't approve of this ? Well that's the way its going to be and there's the door if you don't like it."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Labor Class's At LATTC

Planning For

Dec. 6 & 13, 2008
At L.A.T.T.C.
400 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90015
(213) 763-7129