Thursday, March 10, 2016

FedEx Freight Teamsters Secure Major Court Victory

On March 7, 2016, a federal appeals court enforced a decision of the National Labor Relations Board and ordered FedEx Freight to recognize and bargain with Teamster Local 71 in Charlotte, N.C. and Local 107 in Philadelphia, where members in separate elections had voted to join the Teamsters.   FedEx Freight had refused to recognize the NLRB’s bargaining unit determinations and the resulting union election victories. This decision is a major win for Teamsters at FedEx Freight! Read the latest decisions in the case.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fresno Driver Trainer Interrogating Drivers

Yesterday at our Fresno terminal there were meetings held by M. LUJAN and management asking their drivers if everything here was ok?

After those meetings, driver trainer Gilbert Perez, has been asking drivers if they know of any union activities going on at Fresno?  Bringing up drivers names and asking if they are signing "authorization cards"?

Under the NRLB , Mr. Perez, it is illegal for you, acting as an agent for the Fresno management to "S.P.I.T". Spy - Promise - Interrogate - Threaten , any of your fellow employees.

You could be charged for "Unfair Labor Practices " under the NRLB if enough drivers, you are Interrogating file a petition. 

I wonder Gilbert when you volunteered to do this for Mike and Kirk . Did they tell you that this could happen to you? Probably not. Just another example of how upper management doesn't give a rats ass about their drivers, Pro or Non union.