Sunday, December 24, 2006

FedEx Home Delivery Say Yes!

Wilmington FedEx Home Delivery Drivers Become First to Elect Teamsters

Drivers at two FedEx Home Delivery stations in Wilmington, MA voted overwhelmingly to elect Teamsters Local Union 25. The drivers stuck together through the deny and delay tactics of FedEx and ultimately had the last word on taking control of their lives. The drivers rejected the empty FedEx purple promises and ignored the management lies and threats. FedExWatch welcomes these newest members of Teamsters Local Union 25.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bestway Set's A Great Example !

Recognition in California Is Latest Victory

December 14, 2006

On December 13, Local 63 in Covina, California received recognition from USF Bestway to represent a unit of 112 workers at the company’s terminal in Los Angeles. The win in Southern California is the latest victory in the campaign to give Bestway workers the secure future they deserve.

The win in Los Angeles follows similar victories at terminals in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Phoenix, Arizona; and San Leandro, Modesto and Sacramento, all in California.

Local 63 sought and received recognition for 112 line drivers, city drivers and dockworkers.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Let's Get Ready To Rumble !

Bugsy said...

Lets get ready to rumble,We need a union to secured our jobs,pensions,retired medical benefits,and spell out a teamsters contract.The managers at fontana terminal saids we will never have a union at fedex,they are wrong!We succeeded in Massachusette,and our pilots at fedex express have been unionize since the begaining of fedex.With education we will succeed and teach our brothers and sisters and not by threat like the managers at whittier or the misconception,or the negative issues written by high paid lawyer from alabama.So lets give the teamsters a chance and hear the positive issues,and our rights that fedex dont want you to know,UNITED WE BEG,UNITED WE STAND.
December 9, 2006 11:19 PM