Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rally At The Docks April 17,2008


Anonymous said...

After yesterday event at san Pedro, Hollywood to dock, was a complete educational historical function, seeing all the coalition of the unions unite shows us solidarity.
But the best part of all was seeing different service centers and hubs from across the country of FedEx corporation unite at this event.

fubar said...

What is going on in Southern Cal? We had our 2nd meeting here in the NW, but I don't see any mention of it here.

What is the history of this website? Is it a Teamster site or what?

If you want more members, how about less the Union is everything and more on how to get this done?

I mean, we know what we face. How about telling us how to handle it and less of how much pension some guy is getting after 30 years in the Union? What does that have to do with us, now?

Anonymous said...

We know Tacoma has had two meetings now with Nick at Local 313. This past Saturday you should have asked all the questions you needed answered, if you had gone fubar. Or are you the one who was the non believer?

This blog site was started two years ago by my daughter and I, with the attentions of getting my fellow employees at FedEx Freight educated on the importances of being a Union company.


This can be a long process fubar, just ask any Overnite/UPS freight driver. But once you and all of our fellow FedEx employees get educated and over come the "FEAR" that this company will throw at you! Then we will all be Teamsters in the near future.

Feel free to leave your phone number at and I will contact you. Nick at Local 313 is a real nice guy. He can answer all your questions also and help you all at the service centers in Tacoma,Kent and Eugene Wa. to organize.

Keep In Touch,
20 year Senior Driver

April 18, 2008 11:12 PM

Anonymous said...

The Fedex management will do anything to stop a Union organizing campaign. Fedex supervisors harass employees by deep personal attacks on any knowledge about their families, their interests, or their ethnicity or physical characteristics. This has happened at Fontana and Whittier. The best way to cope with these supervisors and managers who act like politicians is to keep focused on bringing a Union to the workforce. Realize fubar that you are in the right and have the power and knowledge that you are doing the right thing. Fedex management will try all kinds of shifty tricks and lies to try to confuse you but you have to do the right thing. If you do not have an answer to a question posed by a worker you can call the Teamsters local in your area and they will assist you. Fedex service center managers, operations managers, and supervisors all act as politicians. They tell you kind words to your face but as you turn around they talk behind your back, calling you names, harassing you with deep psychological attacks, and follow you on your breaks and lunches especially since now drivers have to take their breaks and lunches at the service centers. The management is just uneducated when it comes to talking to fellow employees who work for them. The simple fact that the management doesn't realize is that without the drivers and dockworkers, mechanics and clerical support the management does not have a job. The management should be grateful to the employees for doing a job that most of them are unwilling to do because they think they are above the hourly employees which is evident as they talk down and berate employees on a daily basis. It is impossible to trust these management who have lied and hurt so many different people just to further their own agenda/careers. If you noticed these management dumped Viking Freight theology real fast when Fedex bought the company. The management abandoned the ideals which were Viking Freight and all of a sudden accepted this new corporate structure which was Fedex. The quality of taking care of the customer now has significantly dropped off. Their are less supplies suck as rope, v boards, and more corporate forms to fill out for requests for things. There is more fat now around the management. There are too many supervisors and it basically is too many chiefs and too few indians. Fubar what you have to also understand is that the management are yes men and do what they are told or they will lose their jobs. Even the service center manager does what he is told and is a yes man from his regional manager. They are a bunch of followers. Do not listen to them and let them deceive you when you say they are leaders it is a boldface political lie. It is going to be a long process of organizing, but as long as we focus on the ultimate prize and ignore the Fedex political propaganda from the management we will be standing in solidarity with you.