Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet Mark Link, Union Buster

Since the merger in January of this year, Mark Link has been harassing and intimidating pro union drivers at our Mira Loma Ca. service center. He’s constantly writing these drivers up for infractions with bills of ladings, delivery receipts, and delay times on the road.
Why is it that he has so much hate towards these employees?
Well before the merger, he was overheard saying that he will take care of these pro union guys, like he has before. You mean like at Estes? That was one of the main reason they were organizing there because of your treatment of them. Estes took care of that! Is that why you no longer work there?
Mark Link also worked at Consolidated Freight, CF, in Mira Loma. Now despite what FedEx says that the reason CF folded was because of the “Union”! Well we all know it was because of BAD MANAGEMENT! Are you beginning to see a pattern here?
On February 14 of this year, a group of local drivers were made to move trailers from Mira Loma to Fontana without any paperwork. The drivers were told to punch in on dock time when they made their moves to Fontana. Not under p &d, or shuttle, or line, DOCK TIME! Makes the infractions that the drivers are getting written up for seem so minor, huh?
Mark Link, you seem to have a problem with not just these drivers, but with the new system you have to follow now. Instead of taking it out on your pro union drivers you should “Nut It Up!” and blame the real people you should be after, Corporate!
Oh one more thing Mark Link, I spoke to one of your transferred drivers here at SBO who lives closer to the Mira Loma terminal and he said it was like working in a “Prison” there and drives further away now to SBO! Anything to get away from MRL!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FedEx Union

Where do you think our decal should be placed? Uniform shirt.Jacket? Let us know!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Rudy,

Anti-worker legislators are quietly pushing to count non-voters as "no" voters in union elections.

If they succeed, it will be much more difficult for workers to form unions.

The only votes that should count are votes that are actually cast!

Send your message to Congress now – they could vote as soon as WEDNESDAY.

We've just received word – anti-worker legislators in the House are about to make it much more difficult for railway and airline employees to form unions.

House Transportation Chairman John Mica – who has taken more than $620,000 in campaign contributions from the airline industry – quietly slipped a provision into FAA reauthorization legislation that would count non-voters as "no" voters in union elections.1

So even if there are more "yes" votes than "no" votes, the "yeses" could still lose. Can you think of any other election that works that way?

It's as outrageous as it is shamefully undemocratic. Congress could vote on the provision as soon as WEDNESDAY – we need to make sure they know Americans are actually paying attention!

Tell your representative: The only votes that should count are votes that are actually cast!

Last year, the National Mediation Board established rules based on fundamental fairness and democratic principles for workers in the rail and airline industry. Now, those workers have the right to vote "yes" for a union or "no" against it.

Think how every vote you've participated in works – from PTA meetings to Congressional elections. All the ballots are counted, and whichever side gets the majority of votes wins. Simple. Fair. Democratic.

But Rep. John Mica (R-FL) is trying to change all that. Instead of allowing those who participate to decide the election, Rep. Mica wants to require super-majority participation and assign meaning to votes that aren't cast.

We know what will happen if he's successful. Fraud. Worker intimidation.

Just think if members of Congress needed a majority of ALL constituents to get elected!

A Cornell University study found unscrupulous employers use this twisted logic to suppress worker votes under the proposed system.2 So it's critical that we stop anti-worker lawmakers from turning back the clock on progress.

Remember – the vote could come as soon as WEDNESDAY – your representative needs to hear from you TODAY!

Urge your representative to preserve fair elections. Send your message now, before they vote!

Thanks for all that you do for workers' rights.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snapshot Equals Constructive Termination

: Fedex wastes of money due to snapshot

Global Sourcing: Standards for worldwide partners

Snapshot of a Global Compliance Audit

A Global Compliance auditor or third-party auditor arrives unannounced at a randomly chosen company. He or she, accompanied by the manager, walks through the company for a full day, recording observations and responses to more than 400 questions; pointing out immediately correctable issues; reviewing job title information, plus personnel records and wages; and interviewing employees privately.

The auditor then recaps findings and corrective actions with the manager and human resources representative. Our analysts ask for a resolution plan and deadline, and a follow-up audit determines whether corrective actions have been taken; if not, the corporate is charged for audit costs. If a corporate is in compliance by the third audit, corporate enforce productivity in that facilities for a year.

To keep our team members and third-party auditors safe, any severe violations i.e., bribery, illegal transshipment, corporal punishment or underage labor that would cause immediate termination of a corporate relationship are not disclosed to the corporate manager by the auditor.


Joe,Rudy and the FedEx WatchDogs

Friday, March 25, 2011

US Uncut / FedEx (Secondary Target)

When it comes to paying their fair share of taxes, FedEx simply does not deliver. When FedEx made $1.9 billion in profits, they managed to pay less than .0005% of it in taxes by using 21 tax havens. FedEx also spent 42 times (4200%) more on lobbying Congress than they did in taxes.
When FedEx does not deliver on its fair share of taxes, we are forced to cut $373 million in teacher training programs (Americorp).
Do we want thousands of American leaders trained to be the next generation of teachers, or do we want to allow FedEx to be a corporate tax dodger? It is clear which is better for our country’s future.

Billionaire corporations profit from the system of public services set-up by the government. It only makes sense for them to pay their fair share, just like everyone else. No corporation is an island, even if they hide all their profits in tropical tax havens.

FedEx is as guilty as the rest - Go tell them it’s time to Pay Up! Those who don’t have a Bank of America branch nearby, head out to your nearest Verizon wireless store and peaceably but firmly protest. Let their employees know that our country’s future is critical to their future too.

Landmark industrial tragedy marks 100th anniversary - - Business

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Letter To Thom Hartmann

Dear Thom Hartmann; I am falling into  a victim of the Constructive Termination at FedEx Freight Mira Loma. And the reason why, is because I am one of the head committee of my organizing groups in the Inland Empire of Southern California. I've been organizing FedEx Freight for sometime and I just recently transfer to a new FedEx facility in Mira Loma Ca. Well ever since I transfer in January I been harass by my operation manager Mark Link and his taz-manian devils dispatchers. Mark has his dispatchers creating paper trails, looking for ridiculous excuses to fired us involved in forming a union, and when I mean ridiculous it doesn't stick to you. The position Mark holds should be highly professional and ethical, but he doesn't, he allows his dispatchers to mistreat the drivers with verbal abuse, deceitful mentality and last threatening methods, sad. The reason Mark has such high animosity and hatred with unions is because he lost his last Job when organizing was taking place. I've talk to his Ex-employees and asked them why they were forming a union there, and there response was mistreatment of employees too..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dictator in mira loma service center...

Dictatorship is well and alive in Mira Loma Service Center; bottom management is making their in-house rules against company policy and being granted by the dictator’s approval. As of today we the P & D drivers are told we must put seals on our pickup route trailer when dropping at yard. But we don’t have to put seals when dropping at docks. Now if you fail to comply or forget to put seal, written notice will be given to violators and lead up to termination. Now that fine if is a national rule and not just our yard, but what happens if you drop a trailer in yard and someone breaks your seal and you get written up for a violation that you have no fault that you comply too. How are you going to prove yourself saying you apply a seal? This will be the service centers word, not your word, you are an at will employee for the service center dictator.

But the bottom line to this, is another form of construction Termination method for the employee to get fired with no mercy from the dictator of Mira Loma.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Congressman Ryan Stands Up Against SB-5 on the House Floor

A Response To A Traitor

It is not in the cards for everyone to open up their own business. In fact that is possibly the worst suggestion I have ever heard, if everyone opened up their own business, who would be left to work? Besides completely lacking any use of logic, your challenge sounds like a regurgitation of something one would hear on FOX News, so your argument that union supporters do not think for themselves is rendered useless because you yourself cannot think for yourself.

On the subject of fact checking, maybe you should stop being lazy and do a little research yourself. This movement is not so that the hardworking FedEx employees can slack, which has been stated multiple times in this forum by both organizers and supporters (If you bothered to read the rest of this forum you would already know this, or perhaps comprehension, like grammar, is beyond you). This movement is so that the hardworking men and women of this wonderful company can retire with the benefits that they have earned. The trucking industry plays a vital role in the success in just about every other industry, without truck drivers, food, medicine, constructions supplies, cars, and just about every tangible good would not be able to get from “Point A” to “Point B”. So despite its lack of glamour, the average truck driver is one of the most important workers in America. But your rather closed minded self probably have not realized this because they don’t wear expensive suits like most “important” people.

Continuing on the topic of facts, I totally agree that supporters should do their own research; I wouldn’t want the union to turn into another propaganda machine such as FOX or nay-sayers of the union. In fact, here are a few facts that you might find interesting:

-As defined by the Teamsters’ Constitution, the purpose of the union is to
* Organize workers so that they have a voice in the workplace.
* Educate workers so that they know their workplace rights and can participate fully in our democratic society.
* Involve workers in the political process so that their issues are addressed.
* Negotiate and enforce contracts with employers so that each worker will be treated with dignity, justice and respect.

- According to the U.S Department of Labor:
-88 percent of union workers have job-related health coverage while only 69 percent of non-union workers do.
-More than two out of three union jobs offer a dental plan; only 44 percent of non-union workers receive dental coverage.
-More than half of all union jobs offer vision coverage; only about one-quarter of non-union jobs provide vision care.
-85 percent of union jobs offer prescription drug coverage; only 66 percent of non-union jobs provide prescription drug coverage.
-Union workers pay an average of 8 percent of the total monthly premium (employer pays 92 percent) for single coverage; non-union workers pay 20 percent. Union households pay an average of 12 percent of the monthly premium for family coverage while non-union families pay 32 percent.
-72 percent of union workers have a guaranteed defined-benefit pension compared to 15 percent of non-union workers.

Now I do believe this discredits your unsubstantiated assertion that there are no benefits of a union. In all actuality, unions are a benefit for everyone. The reality is that these employees are going to retire, whether they are unionized or not. Would you rather have a privatized organization and company take care of them or Medicaid and the millions of tax payers who are already burdened with the debts of corporate greed? I didn’t take you as someone who would be in favor of socialism.

As Abraham Lincoln stated, "All that serves labor serves the nation. All that harms is treason. If a man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool. There is no America without labor, and to fleece the one is to rob the other." So I ask you, where does your allegiance lie?