Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deadline Extended to January 6 for YRCW Modification Vote

December 27, 2008
Members Have More Time Due To Number of Requests, Change In Company Plan
(Washington, D.C.) – Due to a high volume of ballot requests from affected members, the company’s change in plans to gain financial stability which eliminates a December 31, 2008 deadline, holiday mail volume and bad weather that shut airports, the Teamsters Union is extending voting on the YRCW modifications until Tuesday, January 6. Ballots will be picked up at the post office at 10 a.m. on January 6 and will be counted later that day.

The original timeline of December 31, 2008 agreed to jointly during negotiations, was extended after YRCW announced on December 24 it was cancelling its tender offer for certain outstanding bonds and is renegotiating its credit facilities. The company will not have to spend $150 million to purchase about $310 million worth of senior notes and will instead renegotiate the terms of its debt with its banks. The union believes this path offers a move viable long-term recovery plan.

YRCW said it was pursuing the new strategy in part because the Teamster membership had not yet ratified the contract modifications. The union was proceeding with ratification on the schedule that was jointly agreed to and dictated by the now-aborted tender offer. Since the company’s recent decision provides more flexibility, the union is extending the balloting deadline. The Teamsters Union is committed to ensuring that all affected members have the opportunity to vote and is encouraging members to participate in this decision that will affect their livelihoods and the livelihoods of their families.

Original Post at Teamster.org

Note from the FedEx Watch Dogs:

See what we mean that the YRC employees have a voice in decisions that concerns their future in their company. What choice did you have, FedEx employee ?? Oh right ... NONE!

The Time To Organize Is Now!
Go to a Teamster local in your area or contact us. We will help your service center get started.

Monday, December 22, 2008

In Need of Cash, More Companies Cut 401(k) Match

Companies eager to conserve cash are trimming their contributions to their workers’ 401(k) retirement plans, putting a new strain on America’s tattered safety net at the very moment when many workers are watching their accounts plummet along with the stock market.

Suspending the Match When the FedEx Corporation slimmed down its pension plan last year, it softened the blow by offering workers enriched 401(k) contributions to make up for the pension benefits some would lose. But last week, with Americans sending fewer parcels and FedEx’s revenue growth at a standstill, the company said it would suspend all of its contributions for at least a year.

“We will have to work more years and retire with less money,” said Lee Higham, a 44-year-old senior aircraft mechanic at FedEx, who has worked there for 20 years. “That’s what we are up against now.”


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oregon News Story on Unionfacts attacks

This is the same "Union Facts" FedEx supports on their website folks.

Pro-Union vs. Anti-Company

Employers using down economy as cover to cut fixed costs, say critics

FedEx declares sizeable profit, then cuts workers' pay; open season on benefits?

December 21, 2008 9:30 AM ET

(Reuters)—Federal Express’s decision this week to force its salaried workers to take at least a 5 percent pay cut and to suspend its 401(k) match isn’t just bad news for the shipping giant’s employees.

Experts say the takebacks are an ominous sign of things to come at many other U.S. companies as businesses—even healthy ones like FedEx—adopt defensive corporate crouches in response to the worst economic downturn in decades.

The moves also underscore how much the tables have turned on U.S. workers as a result of the economic crisis, which has put employers firmly back in the driver’s seat.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Los Angeles FedEx Workers Testify Before Blue Ribbon Commission Panel

FedEx workers in Los Angeles testified today before a Blue Ribbon Commission panel that they are on the verge of slipping from the middle class because of dwindling benefits, higher out-of-pocket medical costs and an overall decline in workplace conditions.

The Blue Ribbon Commission hearing is co-sponsored by: the International Brotherhood of Teamsters; the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO; and Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE). Economic experts, clergy members and workers discussed ways to help the workers remain in the middle class and remedy the anti-union situation they are battling. The commissioners on the panel are: U.S. Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA); Los Angeles City Councilman Bill Rosendahl; and Bishop Mary Ann Swenson of the United Methodist Church, Los Angeles area."

The workers said they hope to form a union with the Teamsters to gain a good contract that would guarantee them job security, better wages and benefits. But they said those efforts have created an anti-union backlash at many workplaces, with the company holding anti-union mandatory meetings, distributing anti-union literature, showing anti-union videos at work and engaging in many acts of intimidation.

“Pro-union employees are followed into restrooms by managers who look over stalls,” said Rudy Hernandez, a 20-year FedEx employee who currently is a FedEx Freight driver. “Dispatchers tell drivers if they vote the union in, FedEx will close down this terminal.”

But despite all the anti-union activities, Hernandez and four FedEx Express aviation mechanics testified that they remain committed to forming a union with the Teamsters

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FedEx Cuts Workers Retirement Compensation While CEO Rakes in Multi-Million Dollar Pension

More Drastic Cuts in Workforce Compensation Fuels Drive for Teamster Representation
December 18, 2008
(Washington, D.C.) – FedEx Corp. [NYSE: FDX] today announced drastic cuts in pay and deferred compensation for most of its U.S. workforce. Salaried U.S. FedEx employees will take permanent 5 percent to 10 percent base salary reductions while FedEx founder, Chief Executive and Chairman Fred Smith will take a permanent 20 percent reduction in base salary. According to company statements, hourly employees will not see base wages impacted in this round of cost controls.

“The FedEx workers that have made this company a household name and deliver the profits will now shoulder more insecurity for their futures,” said Teamster General President Jim Hoffa. “At the busiest time of their delivery season, the company is delivering nothing but coal for its workforce.”

Read More

FedEx 2Q profit rises, plans to further cut costs

By SAMANTHA BOMKAMP , 12.18.08, 11:57 AM EST

FedEx Corp. on Thursday announced more broad cost cuts - including salary reductions - as deteriorating economic conditions continue to drag down demand, warning the outlook for 2009 remains murky.

Chief Executive Frederick W. Smith said the company's earnings are "increasingly being challenged by some of the worst economic conditions in the company's 35-year operating history."

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Your New Job aka Welcome To FedEx

video from Jobs For Justice website

Freight Leaders Overwhelmingly Endorse Economic Relief Plan to Save Members’ Jobs

December 3, 2008
On Wednesday, December 3, leaders of freight local unions from across the country overwhelmingly endorsed an economic relief plan for the YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW) companies that will protect tens of thousands of Teamster members’ jobs and their retirement security.

“Today’s overwhelming support clearly shows that local union leaders from every area of this country know how bad this recession is, and they are confident that this agreement will protect the livelihoods of our members and their families,” said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. “No one wants to see wages get cut, but this agreement will help get the company through this deepening recession while protecting the jobs, health, welfare and pension benefits of our members.”

Read more Click Here

At least the employees and the Teamsters are getting involved with YRC to help keep the company going. What input does FedEx want from you? We can all come to work one day and your VP could say " OK people we're giving you all a 15% cut on your wages and making you part time employees.What you say you don't approve of this ? Well that's the way its going to be and there's the door if you don't like it."

Monday, December 1, 2008

Labor Class's At LATTC

Planning For

Dec. 6 & 13, 2008
At L.A.T.T.C.
400 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90015
(213) 763-7129

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Devore SCM At It Again

Our terminal manager in Devore is at it again. Russ is handing out, to certain employee's,printed articles about YRC troubles and how they are asking their employee's to take cuts to help with YRC's financial problems.

The article is from the folks who challenaged Mr. Hoffa for the position as president of the Teamsters and lost. So this is most likely a twisted view to YRC's problems.

At least, the members are being asked to help out their company. We as ' at will' employee's would not have a voice. And one day we could come to work and find out our wages are cut,without any input from you!

Like in our last employee meeting the answer to these concerns was ' thats just the way it is'.

The Time To Organize Is Now!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Stand Up Together East and West

This morning in Devore we had another new rule that will go into effect in January '09. It has to do with miss delivering shipments for local drivers.If we deliver a shipment to a wrong address and it's a first offence.Its a three day suspension! No verbal,no write up.

Now I have read some comments on the Trucking boards website that the western divisions of FedEx freight are a bunch of whiners.The only thing I could say about that Fdx East, is that we in the Western divisions know when we are being taking advantage of. Its one thing that a company says to you ' we can't give you anymore ', ie: raises etc. considering these very hard economcial times. But to take away from loyal employees, like hours,which means money & also benefits from not just the workers, but from their families also!

When was the last time you heard Fred Smith complain he couldn't go to a doctor because he had no medical insurance? When was the last time you heard him say I can only pay the mortgage this month, We'll pay the utilities next month.

The time to organize is now!Fdx East. Just don't rollover and hide under a rock!
Stand up for yourseleves.
Stand up for your families and join the West in doing the right thing and organize!

Change begins with you!
Change begins with us !

The FedEx Watch Dogs.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anaheim Termination Update

An update on our July 17,2008 post on the driver who was wrongfully terminated in Anaheim Ca.His lawyer is proceeding with a lawsuit against FedEx Freight for this wrongful termination.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Con-Way Closures ..

Con-Way will be closing 2 terminals in southern calif. this week. Indio and Vista Ca.
The economy is hitting hard and is affecting not only union companies but also non-union companies. But when work is available at a union co. members are called back to work by senority before hiring new people off the street. Non- union companies don't have to call you back.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Organizing Workshop

Date: 11 - 15 - 2008

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Place: 323 Valley Blvd.
Rialto, Ca. 92376

The Time To Organize Is Now!

Bring Your Spouse, Bring A Co- Worker.
You Heard FedEx's Side Now Come And Meet Some Proud Teamsters.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thank You From Presdent Elect...

Rudy --

I'm about to head to Grant Park to talk to everyone gathered there, but I wanted to write to you first.

We just made history.

And I don't want you to forget how we did it.

You made history every single day during this campaign -- every day you knocked on doors, made a donation, or talked to your family, friends, and neighbors about why you believe it's time for change.

I want to thank all of you who gave your time, talent, and passion to this campaign.

We have a lot of work to do to get our country back on track, and I'll be in touch soon about what comes next.

But I want to be very clear about one thing...

All of this happened because of you.

Thank you,



Friday, November 7, 2008

Organizing Workshop

Date: Sunday, Nov. 9, 2008

Time: 8:30 - 11:00 A.M.

Place: Teamster Local 952
140 S. Marks Way, Orange

The Time to Organize is Now!

You all have heard FedEx's side,
Now hear and meet proud Teamsters.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Memory ...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Stephen Dilag. Stephen passed away on Sept. 17. He helped to organize DHL.He was also a good friend, a mentor and a fellow classmate at LATTC.

Stephen we will all miss you

The FedEx Watch Dogs

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The FedEx Watch Dogs ....

In this era at FedEx Frt, there is no more motivation. Our managers are trained more to push on negative consequences. They are so eager to punish and push the seniority out of FedEx Frt. Harrison Arkansas is no friend of labor. We all know that Farrin’s objective is to find negative consequences, especially Greg Faith, Andy Lessin and Johnny Leyva. They intimidate and put fear in our co-workers and by doing this, our co-workers stop being motivated and develop hatred. So now we must organize and bring positive consequences . Some of us have been with Viking/FedEx for over 10 to 30 years. Now if we have been with this company for so long, we must be doing the Right thing. Now is the Right time to bring the Teamsters, why? because we could balance positive consequences. We need the Teamsters to protect our Rights. Harrison Arkansas have's a low tolerance on human errors, weather you are an employer or employee. We need
to have some leverage now .Before you judge the Teamsters, come to a meeting and hear and see the positive side. Then you could do your homework. Don't let FedEx decide for you. You have a strong mind. The Teamsters never force you to join. If you want to work and live better, think union, because you and your co-workers are the union and a giant think tank!..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Our Commettee's Across The U.S.

We are planning a great campaign for the future and we will be organize.And we will organize all of FedEx Freight west to east, plus our brothers and sisters of FedEx National also. We will lead ahead, because we have a great team of leaders in the industry. We have control now, because some of you have Educated yourself and have strong voices, and remember to keep the energy strong. You all have the power and the knowledge to teach others. Support each other and stay focus, and alway's communicate with each other. great jobs guy's
FedEx watchdog

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Organizing Meeting This Weekend

There will be a Organizing this weekend:

When: Sunday Oct. 12, 2008

Where: Local 952
140 S. Marks Way
Orange Ca.

Time: 8:30 AM

Everyone is encouraged to attend.
Bring a co-worker, or a spouse i

The Purple Promise........ not for US!

The "Purple Promise" Doesn't Apply To Us!

All of us at FedEx Express have heard about the Purple Promise for years. As more
and more of our benefits keep slipping away, we all held onto our company's word that we would ultimately be taken care of by the company that we helped build. Most of us were of the belief that we were highly valued at FedEx and the Purple Promise would prevail and protect us.
We would have an outstanding experience! We are promised an outstanding experience!

Well, at the company's annual shareholders meeting held Sept. 29th, in Memphis, Fred
Smith apparently has a new definition of the Purple Promise, and it does not apply to employees.

A worker asked Smith a question about why the pension plan was changed, and stated that such an action by the company basically went against FedEx keeping its
Purple Promise to employees.

That was when Smith redefined the Purple Promise. His statement (which can be heard
on an audiotape of the meeting posted on FedEx's website),was this:

The Purple Promise applies to customers. I will make every FedEx customer
experience outstanding. Unfortunately its not within my power to make every life experience for YOU outstanding.

There were several FedEx Express mechanics at the meeting when Smith said this and we
couldn't believe our ears. All those years of the company selling us the Purple Promise, only to find it gone, taken away, just like our defined benefit pension

Whats next?

Our website:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Financial Crisis Deepening Retirement Insecurity, Witnesses Tell Congressional Panel

WASHINGTON, DC -- American workers have lost as much as $2 trillion in retirement savings over the last year – highlighting the devastating toll that the nation’s financial crisis is taking on their retirement plans, witnesses told the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee today. Today’s hearing is one of several that House Democrats have scheduled to investigate the causes of the financial crisis and what additional steps should be taken to protect taxpayers, homeowners, workers, and families.

Read More

Teamsters to Review and Monitor YRC Plans to Combine Yellow and Roadway Operations

September 8, 2008
(Washington, D.C.) – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters will closely review today's announcement by Yellow Worldwide Inc. [Nasdaq: YRCW] that it will combine its Yellow and Roadway freight operations over the next 18 months.

“The Teamsters Union will closely review the potential impact of today’s announcement on the jobs and conditions of our members,” said Tyson Johnson, International Vice President and National Freight Director. “There is a process outlined in the National Master Freight Agreement that the union will utilize to ensure that our member’s are treated fairly throughout what will inevitably be a very difficult process.”

The economy in the past two years has not been supportive of growth in the freight industry. In 2007, it was the third year of flat or negative demand for freight transportation services of all modes. Record fuel costs continue to negatively impact margins. The housing and auto slump have reduced the demand for freight shipments as has the manufacturing turndown and rising unemployment. These are trends that are not likely to see substantial improvement in the remainder of the year.

While we recognize that the Bush administration’s economic policies have had a dramatic negative effect on freight and the entire transportation sector with high fuel prices and reduced economic activity, the Teamsters Union will fight to preserve our members’ jobs and benefits in this restructuring through vigorous enforcement of the freight contract negotiated earlier this year.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents more than 1.4 million hardworking men and women throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

More On :
Teamsters to Review and Monitor YRC Plans to Combine Yellow and Roadway Operations ToolsEmail This

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press contact
Bret Caldwell (202) 624-6911

Yellow-Roadway consolidation unlikely to be felt here, trucking company says
Posted by Frank Bentayou September 08, 2008 17:26PM
Categories: Breaking News, Economy
Read More Click Here

Monday, October 6, 2008

Problems In Anaheim Revealed ...

I want to give a heads up to other anaheim drivers who support the union.Tim McGann used to be the driver trainer. but he was bumped by a new driver from Montebello, Adams Monte. About a year ago, Monte writes mcGann up for not filling out his log correctly. mcGann gets so angry at Mike Hutton because of what Hutton's new "favorite" has done to him he can hardly control himself! isn't it funny that McGann is now trying to be Hutton's best friend by talking bad about the teamsters? there were other things that McGann did against the compnay that Hutton knows about, but i suppose that doesn't matter, as long as McGann doesn't support the union.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank You Teamsters

The FedEx Watch Dogs would like to thank the Teamstes for their support in getting out in force this past weekend at raging waters. This shows us all that they are also concerned on what this company is doing to their faithful employees who are the real backbone of the company.



Friday, September 26, 2008

Organizing Meeting Annoucement ..

There will be an Organizing meeting:

When: Oct. 12, 2008

Where: Teamsters Local 952
140 S. Marks Way
Orange, CA 92868

Time: 8:30 am

This is for all who are interested in organizing and learning what the Teamsters are all about.

FedEx Freight, National, Ground, Express are all welcome.

FedEx Mechnics Blog A Must Read

Heres the latest release from the FedEx Mechanics Blog

Click Here To Read

Federal Labor Law Violations Provoke Teamster Strike at Oak Harbor

Trucking Company Refuses to Bargain in Good Faith
September 23, 2008

(Seattle) – Teamsters at Oak Harbor Freight Lines in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho walked off the job last night in response to hostile efforts by company representatives to bully and intimidate workers.

Oak Harbor Freight Lines, one of the largest trucking companies on the West Coast, provides time sensitive delivery services to some of the largest companies and government agencies in the country including the Gap, Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI), Safeway, Siemens, Georgia Pacific, McKesson, Owens & Minor, JC Penny, Honda, GM & Chrysler Parts, Urban Outfitters, Whirlpool, and the State of Washington.

“The last thing we want is a strike,” said Al Hobart, Teamsters Vice President and Teamster Joint Council 28 President. “We understand that service disruptions during the peak shipping season and the holiday rush hurt everyone. Oak Harbor’s owners just have not left us with any alternative. The company seems to be more interested in violating the law than protecting the interests of its customers.”


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sign Now For FedEx Sponsored Union, Pay Later

Food for thought

There have been rumors that FedEx management is planning to start their own union for FedEx workers as a way to keep the Teamsters out. It’s hard to believe that the company would go down that road, but I suppose anything is possible. Under Section 8(a)(2) of the National Labor Relations Act, it’s illegal for companies to sponsor, dominate or control labor organizations, even if they disguise what they’re doing by calling them “quality circles”, or whatever the latest buzz word happens to be.

Why? According to H. Victoria Hedian, a noted labor attorney, “To be able to participate effectively in workplace decision-making and cooperative efforts, employees must have their own organizations, in order to act as equals and without fear. Company-sponsored employee involvement programs cannot offer meaningful representation of employees concerning their grievances, wages, hours or conditions of work. It is a problem of conflict of interest. Management cannot participate in these committees for the purpose of dealing with employees on these issues, while at the same time retaining ultimate control over the participants, the process and the decision.” (The Implications of Crown Cork & Seal, Co., 334 NLRB No. 92 (2001), for Employee Involvement Committees as “Labor Organizations”…)

The FedEx Watch Dogs

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anti-Union Actions Against Pro-Union Employees at Whittier Terminal

Here is a prime example of Andy's corrupted prodigy Greg Faith (Operation Manager), Greg without any consideration suspended and tried to terminate a driver from Whittier. This driver was accused for driving with an expired driver license. But this driver had taking his re-examined test and passes it and submitted his copy to FedEx Whittier. During his suspension this driver went to DMV and investigated about his license, DMV told him that his driver license was current and never had any pause on record. So this driver obtained a copy from the DMV and presented it to Greg. Greg still was eager to resume a termination. But this driver contacted some of the committee from the FedEx Watch Dogs for Teamsters, that are educated in Labor Rights, and was told to bring in a witness and submit his copy again, if refused by Greg then we would file charges against FedEx. Once an arbitrator looks at his DVM record and note that this driver had proved no wrongful doing. Knowledge is power and we all know why Greg was trying to fire this driver, because this driver believes in UNION........

FedEx Watch Dogs

Sunday, September 14, 2008

After The "Sign Now Pay Later" Video

When I asked Tami D. after the video was done, if she would write a letter, saying that everything that we just saw on the video was true? She said "no", it would be up to their lawyers to do something like that. Then when asked why we couldn't have a Teamster rep. here also to give information on what they have to offer, she said that "the company did not want a Teamster here".But go right ahead and get educated on what the Teamster are about. I told her by showing this video to the other employees was harassment she said " theres no harassing here". Yet after the morning dockworkers had seen the video, Chris M. was asking all the dockworkers on the dock and on the clock, " what they thought of the video?" Sorry Tami that is a form of harassment.

Tom Suchevits' Buddy Richard Berman , Unionfacts.com, In The News Again

Business News/Analysis

Remember who opposes the Free Choice Act

By Jim Casey

Friday, September 12, 2008

Article Tools
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The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so when I saw the television ads run on WMUR by the Employee Freedom Action Committee, I started to wonder. Who are these crusaders for justice, so concerned about our rights as workers?

It turns out these ads are run by a front group for Richard Berman, a Washington, D.C., lobbyist whose clients include the American beverage industry who paid him to attack Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Forgive me for doubting that Berman is looking out for the best interests of working families.

CLICK Here to read the full article

Secret Ballot In Name Only

Professor Gordon Lafer testifies in support of the Employee Free Choice Act. House Subcommittee on Health, Education, and the Workforce, February 2007.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Your New Job

video from Jobs For Justice website

Sign Now Pay Later Videos Showing at Terminals Now cont.

Most of us by now have seen the "Sign Now Pay Later" anti union video through out the week here in San Bernardino, Fontana,Whittier and most likely through out the system.
Well my brother and sisters this shows us all that management really does not understand about our complaints as FedEx workers and they don't understand how a Union works.
"Management doesn’t care about what is happening, doesn’t care about any of us, doesn’t care about what we are saying"."FedEx could have listened and responded to us but they got a video at the Blockbuster of Union Busting"."FedEx will never listen until we get serious and get into the Teamsters for real representation".

Time To Organize Is Now !
Be Wise And Organize !

The FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Questions for... Fred Smith

Fortune 500 magazine has on-line a section so you ask Fred Smith some questions. Well this is your time to ask him about whats going on with this company lately.

to ask Fred

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sign Now Pay Later Videos Showing at Terminals Now

There are anti union videos being shown around the Southland terminals. The company that put these out is AGTS, which the company pays up to $995.00 a disk or can rent for 5 days for $250.00, thats around $212,000 for just FedEx Freight! This shows us how desperate the company is to stop a organizing campaign at any cost.

One of AGTS clients is Walmart. We know that they have gone to many measures to keep the Union out. Even so much as to tell their employee's who to vote for in the up coming Presidential elections. Sounds like Corporate manipulation, right Tom S.?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Organizing Meeting Annoucement ..

Our next meeting will be ..

When: Sept. 13, 2008

Where: Teamster Local 63
379 W. Valley Blvd
Rialto Ca. 92376

Time: 1:00 PM

Everyone is invited. Bring a fellow employee, a spouse, it's their future also.
Don't let management scare you from attending these meetings.Get some good information from the Teamsters themselves and ask the questions you would like answered.

Don't believe management's union busting tactics,like Russ,Andy and Johnny Leyva saying that the organizers are only doing this because of a "Big" pay off after we organize FedEx ( Sounds like they know it's coming huh?). The only "Big" pay off we will get is what we are all fighting for, a Better Pension, Better Medical for Full Time And Part Time Employees and Better Wages and Respect for ALL OF US!So when Russ and the rest of FedEx management tells you this, ask them to put this in writing and sign it! Because the Biggest Pay Off I have received is working with some of the Best People in LTL,My fellow Drivers,Dockworkers,Mechanics,Hostlers,Fuelers and Clerical in The business!


Rudy and The FedEx Watch Dogs

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Comment From An Anonymous Blogger Worthy of Posting

Things have gotten so bad for us workers at FedEx. Now they want dockworkers to become drivers. If you fail the driver program you cannot retake it. Say bye bye to your benefits. A Union can and will stop that from happening to the full timers benefits. By Thanksgiving I guarantee these full time dockworkers will then be part time. This is due to the greed from the almighty FedEx machine. These service center managers, om's and supervisors: instead of them attending anti Union seminars and trying to divide the workplace maybe they should be defending the people who work so hard under them. They say a Union buster term that we are at "war" with them. So what are the managers going to do shoot us or what??? That is ridiculous we just want to better our work conditions and help make FedEx number one in the workplace too. They have continually treated us disrespectfully treating us like second rate workers so lets keep fighting and bring this Union in now before it is too late. Don't be scared of these tyrants trying to destroy your family just go Teamster.

September 4, 2008 10:14 PM

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tom Suchevits' unionfacts.com

Remember Tom's letter to FedEx Employees in the last "Independent Times" asking us to do our homework on the " Employee Free Choice Act" Well here is some info about his unionfacts.com website.

Center for Union Facts (really "Lies")

COSH Web Log

Research the right wing
Watch research site
for Union Facts
Policies Institute

Union Lies dot com: open for business money
Full page ads recently appeared in major newspapers announcing the creation
of something called The Center for Union Facts and its website unionfacts.com. A
more honest name for this new lobbying agency might be Center for Union Busting.

The Center was founded by Rick Berman, president of the lobbying firm Berman
and Company, who is notorious for setting up such front groups for business.
Among Berman's spider web of front groups are the Employment Policies Institute
(anti-minimum wage & anti-living wage), Center for Consumer Freedom
(pro-tobacco), and American Beverage Institute (pro-drunk driving). Berman has
also propagandized in favor of cancer causing food additives and in favor of
obesity causing diets.
None of Berman's many enterprises reveal the source of their funding; however
documents released in the settlement agreements with the tobacco companies shed
some light on money he received from Big Tobacco.
Recent union successes, says AFL-CIO spokeswoman Lane Windham, make this an
opportune time for Berman to gather money from union busting corporations. "It's
not surprising that this group has decided to fight back against workers'
efforts and fight efforts to keep corporate power in check."
The website compiles a lot of
publicly available information but much of it is out of date, inaccurate, or

7752 W. Vernor Detroit, MI 48209

Monday, September 1, 2008

The History of Labor Day

Labor Day: How it Came About; What it Means

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Founder of Labor Day

More than 100 years after the first Labor Day observance, there is still some doubt as to who first proposed the holiday for workers.

Some records show that Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a co founder of the American Federation of Labor, was first in suggesting a day to honor those "who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold."

But Peter McGuire's place in Labor Day history has not gone unchallenged. Many believe that Matthew Maguire, a machinist, not Peter McGuire, founded the holiday. Recent research seems to support the contention that Matthew Maguire, later the secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, N.J., proposed the holiday in 1882 while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union in New York. What is clear is that the Central Labor Union adopted a Labor Day proposal and appointed a committee to plan a demonstration and picnic.

The First Labor Day

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883.

In 1884 the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday, as originally proposed, and the Central Labor Union urged similar organizations in other cities to follow the example of New York and celebrate a "working men's holiday" on that date. The idea spread with the growth of labor organizations, and in 1885 Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers of the country.

It is appropriate, therefore, that the nation pay tribute on Labor Day to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker.

Resource: U.S. Department of Labor at, www.dol.gov

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Is For Ex-Teamsters Working At FedEx Freight Now ...

I was talking to one of our organizers from Whittier the other day,he had a conversation with a line driver who was in the Teamsters before he came here, Viking/Fedex,with around 15 - 20 years vested with them. He told him that a manager told this line driver that if we would vote the union in at Fedex that he would lose his retirement from the Teamsters!

Well my line driving friend this is not true! For one thing if I was told this kind of information, I would call the Western Conference Pension at 1(800)845-0571 right away to find out if this was true.Its your money make the call get the facts.But honestly with a organizing drive in progress I would think twice at what any manager would say to me nowadays.

This is a good example of what management would do to spread their lies.Say this driver had 10 years vested with the Teamsters and another 15 years with FedEx.The Western Conference will give a 2 for 1 vesting, up to 10 years, to a terminal who organizes a Teamsters contract. That means with a 5 year contract he would get 10 years plus the 5 years a total of 15 years in 5 years! Add that to he's previous 10 years that bumps him up to 25 years!Plus if we organize a new contract, the initiation fees are waved! Anyone who is hired after a contract is signed,will have to pay the initiation fees and have to work 15 years to get 15 years vested! Not a bad deal.

So you ex-Teamsters who are thinking of not organizing FedEx because management has told you this, do your homework. Better yet call the Western Conference Pension at 1(800)845-0571, have your social security number ready when you call.It's your money not theirs.

Supervisors are told what to say by managers. Managers are told what to say by Arkansas.
We are told by our Hearts to do the Right Thing. Not just for us. But for our fellow employees and most of all for "Our Families"

Rudy And The FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Union Busting Continues In The West Coast.

We are still hearing of employees who are being harassed by management in the the west coast areas. The TM in Sacramento has talked to some drivers about their "Union Yes" signs in their personnel cars. If you are going to do this, be prepared to be confronted by management. Don't argue with them, just say "I don't like were the company is heading and that you have every right to do this and if they insist on harassing you about your sign or opinions you will go to the NRLB.Your better off letting management know were you stand. And can be better protected by labor laws.

In OC, the night supervisor is doing about the same thing but using other employees to do his dirty work. To those employees who kiss up to him just a word of advise. Even though you are an employee, you can also be reported to the NRLB for spying,reporting on any Union activities or people who are interested in learning about the Union.Even if management has no idea you are doing these things!

The FedEx Watch Dogs


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Is For John H. V.P. and Farrin, Manu of FTA ...

U S labor law says it is illegal for employers to engage in questioning employees about union matters, union meetings, union interest. How they attend to vote for or about other employees feelings towards a union.

We asked management for a debate with FedEx reps. and Teamsters reps. awhile back through this blog site to compare non-union and union companies with no response. But upper management still are having captive meetings, which is against the law.Showing once again that management will do anything,even break labor laws, to intimidate, lie, and fish for information about union activities.

John, companies like CF did not go out of business because of the union. It was Bad management. CF had around 17,000 employee's at around $40.00 per month union dues.Thats $680,000/ month in dues.Thats $8,160,000 / year! Not even Fred Smith would turn his back on that kind of cash.

We are keeping tabs on all management and if there's enough complaints. There will be reports file with the NRLB.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Ask My Brothers ...

The meeting yesterday was a great success , that everyone in a attendance asked when is the next one. Well my brothers, just ask and you will receive!

Where : Broadway Park
12816 Broadway Rd.
corner of Broadway &
Milton Ave.
Whittier Ca. 90601
When : Aug. 16 2008
Time : 1 pm

Bring a friend from work and your spouse, it's their future also.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Food For Thought ....

It's probable that FedEx management will present some "captive audience" meetings in the near future at terminals in the West, because they have sensed that there is a lot of frustration and anger among drivers and dockworkers about their recent "cost-cutting" moves. Cost-cutting that means less security and less money for you. You'll likely hear the usual story that unions have caused trucking companies to fail, that the Teamsters only are interested in you because of the dues and because they need to shore up their failing pension funds. Also, they'll remind you that FedEx has an open door policy and you don't need a third party, like the Teamsters, getting between you and management.Even workers who have been with the company for decades and who haven't expressed an interest in unionization, however, are skeptical of the self-serving nature of these half-truths and outright lies.

It's important to remember that in the United States of America, workers have the right to join together in a union in order to achieve enough power to negotiate as equals with the employer about their wages, benefits, and working conditions. The old saying still is true: "United we bargain, divided we beg." What's the best attitude to take during a captive audience meeting? The best advice has to do with the fact that management is looking for your reaction. They want to know who union supporters are, and who can they count on to support the company. They want to know how strong the sentiment among workers is for change, and they want to know how difficult it will be for them to sow seeds of doubt and fear among workers.In light of this, use your best judgment about how you react.

At this point, the best reaction is probably to listen politely, nod your head, don't ask questions, look bored. Nothing frustrates the union-busters more than not getting a reaction. As more terminals get involved in organizing and we build our organizing campaign, we'll have additional tactics to use. But for now, keep your powder dry, as they used to say in the navy.

The FedEx Watch Dogs.

Management Running Scared ...

There was some petitioning today at our Gardena terminal by Local 952.The reception from most of the employee's was very impressive.All but a couple of employee's did not take the information being passed out.

Fontana will be having meetings tomorrow, most likly to debunk any rumors, or like we like to call it " union contol" maybe about what has happen in recent weeks.

If any mentioning of union by management at these meetings occurs. Let your union reps. at your terminals know. Take notes and names of who are with you at your meeting. It is against the "Law "for the company to talk or even mention any union !

If we stand together we will be the next ltl company to be called "FedEx Teamsters" !

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Organizing Meeting Annoucement ..

There will be an organizing meeting on:

Date: August 10, 2008

Place: Local 952
140 South Marks Way
Orange, CA 92868

Time: 8:30 am



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Joe Nuno said...

Good for this combo driver, by putting your heads together things can be accomplish.
When you discuss your case with the union, being you and the rest of the employees at FedEx who stands up for their Rights are the union!
Working with the Teamsters gives you the Rights to prove your innocent to the company, especially with over power authority managers that go over the company’s policy rules. Managers that take revenge acts just because an employee believes in unionism doesn’t gives him the rights to fired this individual, he has every Rights to discuss about what the union ( the employees ) can do by using your labor Rights. This has always been your American Rights (the law of the land).
Having no union gives you no Rights and your voice could be silenced, I know a brother at FedEx that was fired for a reason (not going into details) but he discuss this with So. Regional manager and told him that he was innocent, but So. Regional told him to appeal his case and he would review it.
But we all know the review he will have, managers of service center and human resource against 1 employee, a lost case (at will employee).
Why give control to the union? Because you and the rest of the employees are the union, you have a better chance to present your case to a Labor Judge or an Arbitrator to review your notes and also review company side of story, this is Democracy!!
Management people are first at FedEx Freight, we the people employees (the union people) are always last. Did the employee have democracy about the pension choice, or our medical going up? Did you vote for your pension funds to be frozen?
What about the hostlers having no choice, they must obtain a CDL now, if they don’t obtain a CDL they will become part time employees, and full time dock workers are heading in that direction too. Where is the democracy here?
Be involve and stay informed, listen to what the company offered, and then listen to what the Teamster have to offered, compared apples to apples. And don’t let the company intimidate you, you have every rights!
Tom Suchevits if you are going to write this lies about Employee free choice act, please allow me to arrange an employees meeting to discuss your misinformation about the unions, accept this challenge. You Tom Suchevits and James P. Hoffa, at a Teamsters hall or a service center and speak freely in front of us employees (the union).
My brother and sister of FedEx Freight please write to Tom Suchevits and ask him to accept this challenge or better yet make a petition for an employees meeting at every service center with Tom from Human Resource and James P.Hoffa, lets stop the lies and stop taking away our benefits, and tom you know unionfacts and unionfreeamrica are built by union busters just like you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anaheim Termination Update

Our Anaheim driver who was denied his unemployment benefits has won his case! M.Hutton and his managers have been proving wrong.

The regulations say that the driver is responsible for letting the company (dispatcher) know that his condition of fatigue or illness is sufficient to make it unsafe for him to drive.

The appeal basically came down to who was more credible: the FedEx Freight driver, who claimed he told the company at 2am and later at 4:30 am, that he was sick, or the dispatcher, who claimed that the driver never mentioned being ill. The judge decided that the driver was more believable.

The driver, who was terminated for supposedly refusing to obey a legitimate command, will receive 3 months of unemployment benefits that he was entitled to.

We congratulate this driver for his courage! To stand up for what was right. To prove that the management in Anaheim was wrong! Let this be an example to all of us. If we all stand up to this company, like him, and organize ourselves with the help of the Teamsters.Than with one great voice we can tell FedEx that "We Will Be FedEx Teamsters!"

The Time To Organize Is Now!

Educate yourself. And help your fellow employees learn the importance in being in a Union. Get in touch with a Teamster local in your area. Or e-mail us and we can help.

FedEx Watch Dogs

Read the the pertinent federal regulation that the FedEx Freight driver used to justify his refusal to continue driving: On the first comment.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Changes Coming Quick To Fedex Freight West

There are changes coming to the western division of FedEx Freight. And we will keep you informed on these changes when we get the full picture.
To read what some drivers are reporting across the country go to:


Saturday, July 12, 2008

In Response To The Companies Union Buster's Article In The Upcoming "Independent Times" aka Human Resource Part Two

Why Give Control to the Union?

Unions don't take control.They help employees have a voice in the work place. They help us with a grievance procedure to keep management in line, wait. The union are the members/employees, is that what you mean Tom, giving the employees control? And making sure seniority is in place for bids,routes and overtime, "No Favoritism"!
The ones who want to keep full control is management. You have seen this happen.Controlling overtime. Giving hours to jr. dockworkers and sending senior workers home. Right Andy?

People Are First at FedEx Freight

If people are first here at FedEx,then why are part time employees made to transfer from Whittier to San Bernardino to keep their jobs. And a week after the opening of SBO management at Whittier are asking employees there if they know of anyone looking for part time work come in and apply???
Someone at Whittier forgot to tell management that "people are first" Tom.

Be Involved and Stay Informed

Is being informed mean when dispatch calls a driver from another terminal and ask if a driver he knows is talking to a organizer.Is this staying inform?
This is a form of S.P.I.T.
S - Spying
P - Promising
I - Interrogating
T - Threatening
This is all against the law when there is known Organizing!

Why Talk About the Teamsters?

Because in the last 18 months, they have organized UPS Freight, 11,200 employees the goal is 12,600. Can they all be wrong Tom? With a total of 50,000 workers through out the United States! To help the working men and women of this great country.
Now thats putting "People First" Tom. Not Corporate CEO's severance packages!

How owns wwww.unionfreeamerica.com?

David Denholm is the longtime president of both organizations,3 and is known for his extremist views on unions. In addition to being featured regularly in right-wing media, Denholm owns the website, www.unionfreeamerica.com.4 The website provides tips on getting rid of a union at your worksite, urges readers to pressure Congress to oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, and sells anti-union stickers and t-shirts.

Denholm has taken some shocking positions, as for instance when he joined with other conservatives in honoring the notorious Roberto D’Aubuisson. D’Aubisson was linked to the murder of thousands in El Salvador, including union leaders, priests, politicians, and teachers

How owns www.unionfacts.com?

Richard “Rick” Berman.
Role of Center for Union Facts in the Anti-Union Network

The Center is the latest public relations campaign and front group devised by “notorious D.C. lobbyist”1 and veteran spin doctor Richard “Rick” Berman with his firm, Berman and Company.

The Center for Union Facts is a front group focused on damaging the public image of unions, depressing workers’ rights, pushing legislation that would make it more difficult for workers to join unions, and furthering an anti-union business climate.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anaheim Termination Update

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 post "Unemployment Benefits ..

One of the employees who was denied unemployment benefits went to order some medicine for one of his family member the day after his termination and was told that he had no medical insurance to cover his medicine!
As far as we understand, we are covered for at least 30 days after our employment with a company has ended?
If anyone knows this answer, please contact us at this site.

Thank You

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Employee Free Choice Act: Myth vs. Fact

In Response To The Companies Union Buster's Article In The Upcoming "Independent Times" aka Human Resource

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act abolishes the National Labor Relations Board's "secret ballot" election process.

FACT: The Employee Free Choice Act does not abolish the National Labor Relations Board election process. That process would still be available under the Employee Free Choice Act. The legislation simply enables workers to also form a union through majority sign-up if a majority prefers that method to the NLRB election process. Under current law, workers may only use the majority sign-up process if their employer agrees. The Employee Free Choice Act would make that choice – whether to use the NLRB election process or majority sign-up – a majority choice of the employees, not the employer.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act will increase intimidation and harassment by labor unions against workers.

FACT: Research has found that coercion and pressure actually drop – from both sides – when workers form a union through a majority sign-up process. Beyond this, harassment by unions is not the problem. In a study of a more than 60-year period, the Human Resources Policy Association listed 113 NLRB cases which they claimed involved union deception and/or coercion in obtaining authorization card signatures. Careful examination of those cases, however, reveals that union misconduct was found in only 42 of those 113 claimed cases. By contrast, in 2005 alone, over 30,000 workers received back pay from employers that illegally fired or otherwise discriminated against them for their union activities.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act would require a secret ballot election in order for workers to get rid of a union.

FACT: Under current law, if an employer has evidence, such as cards or a petition, that a majority of workers no longer supports the union, then the employer is required by law to withdraw recognition of the union and stop bargaining, without an election, unless an election is pending. Under current law, the employer can and must withdraw recognition unilaterally, without the consent of the NLRB. The Employee Free Choice Act would not change this.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act would require "public" union card signings.

FACT: Under current law, employees must sign cards or petitions to show their support for a union in order to obtain an election. And, under current law, when an employer agrees to a majority sign-up process, employees must sign cards to show the union's majority status. Signing a card under the Employee Free Choice Act is no different from these card signings under current law. The union authorization card under the Employee Free Choice Act is treated no differently than a petition for election or a card under a majority sign-up agreement. As with petitions for an election, under the Employee Free Choice Act, the National Labor Relations Board would receive the cards and determine their validity.

MYTH: The Employee Free Choice Act's sponsors support secret ballot elections for workers in Mexico, but not in the United States.

FACT: Members of Congress wrote to Mexican authorities in 2001 arguing in favor of a secret ballot election in a case where workers were trying to replace a sham incumbent union with an independent union. The Employee Free Choice Act is consistent with this: it would require an NLRB election in cases where workers seek to replace one union with another union. Indeed, the original framers of the National Labor Relations Act intended elections for precisely those cases where multiple unions were competing – particularly where one was a sham company union and another was a real independent union.

Summary of the Employee Free Choice Act

Watch Rep. George Miller on you tube on Employee Free Choice Act

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Truth and nothing but the Truth

This is a must read from the FedEx Mechanics Blog


Well the anti-union garbage is moving through Memphis Hub. There holding meetings that spread lies and false stories that will be proven lies.

Let me ask you why would they try so hard to keep a union out? What reason could they have? To deny you a chance to protect your jobs, keep your health care affordable, make your retirement what they had told us years ago that we would always have a great retirement.
Make the cost of retiree health card affordable.

Fact: Our retirees must pay over $800.00 a month for there medical while UPS pays $50.00 only.



Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The FedEx Pension Grab is Complete

On June 1st, 2008, in spite of robust earnings, a healthy balance sheet, and increasing revenue year after year for each of the last 20 years, FedEx Express froze its non union employees pension plan. It replaced the plan with a 401k contribution (up to 3.5% of gross pay if you qualify), and a variable contribution Portable Pension Plan plan that has its interest earning rate capped at the 30 year Treasury Bill rate, which for 2008 hovered between 4.32% and 4.66%. Click the more link below to read more and see what a 30 year employee has to say about the pension changes. ...more

Unemploment Benefits ..

Recently the FedEx Watch Dogs have heard of a couple of ex-employees who have been denied unemployment benefits after they have been dismissed from FedEx. One of them was from the Anaheim terminal under Mike Hutton.This employee was first suspended for taking a wrong trailer out of a yard,which did not have any freight, just junk pallets. The trailer was sealed, the driver had the right packet with the right trailer number, but was still suspended.
A week later, this driver was terminated. Not because of moving a wrong trailer, but for refusing to work! This driver had worked almost 11 1/2 hours and wasn't feeling well which he reported to clc in Whittier earlier in his shift. But this was the reason Mike gave that day.
This driver was pro-union and was singled out not only by management,but also by some fellow employees. When you are going to be behind this campaign to organize this company, make sure you tell upper management that you are for the Union and not just the workers. By letting management know how you stand on this issue, they will think twice before coming up with some trumped charges,so at less the labor laws will have a better way of protecting you.

This is not the only time this has happened, right David Chacon and Gardena?


The FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Administration Office Closure In San Jose,Ca.

Yesterday we had a meeting announcing the closure of the Administration offices in San Jose,CA. which will be taking place by the end of this year. Our prayers and good wishes are with all of our fellow employees who will be affected by these changes. As far as our understanding, some positions will be moved to Florida,Colorado and operations to Arkansas , like CLC op's.

Many questions were asked. But the one that got things going was the ones about the 401K. Our terminal manager Russ said that by the end of the year, if you have a outstanding loan, they most be paid off by the end of the year. And that we would probably go with the 401K that the Eastern division has. Yet at the Whittier terminal Mike Z. said that the Eastern divisions previously had no pension and had started off with what we had here in the West. Which is it Mike and Russ?

This Blog site has been accused of writing false information before by upper management, right Mike? Change FedEx To Win has also looked into the facts before posting any topics on this blog. But you would think that a corporation like FedEx Freight would get their facts straight before giving any misinformation to its employees and putting more worries out there in these times of uncertainty with the way the economy is heading. Just more misinformation from corporate, whats new?

The FedEx Watch Dogs

Any employees who are affected by the closure in San Jose,
please contact the IBT @ FedExWatch.com


Thursday, June 12, 2008

ATA sues FedEx on military charters

Alleged deal breach cited for bankruptcy

Bloomberg News
June 12, 2008

ATA Airlines Inc. filed a $180 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against FedEx Corp., accusing the largest air-cargo shipper of forcing the carrier into bankruptcy by booting it from a U.S. military deal.

FedEx, which leads a team of airlines flying military charter flights, ousted ATA from the group in January in violation of a 2006 contract, ATA claimed in the suit filed Wednesday in federal court in Indianapolis, where it is based. ATA filed a Chapter 11 petition April 2 and halted operations a day later.

"FedEx's wrongful conduct in removing ATA from the FedEx team financially destroyed ATA and caused ATA to file bankruptcy and thereafter cease operations," the carrier said in its complaint.

ATA said FedEx agreed to split the military passenger service for 2007, 2008 and 2009 between the airline and another team member, Omni Air International Inc. It claimed FedEx kept secret a plan to end the relationship and give ATA's share of the flights to Northwest Airlines Corp., which is also part of the FedEx charter team.

U.S. military contracts generated about $400 million a year for ATA, according to the suit. Since 1983, ATA had been one of the largest civilian transporters of military personnel and their families to and from deployments in the Middle East, Europe and Asia, the carrier said.

ATA claims the deal cancellation was "all the more outrageous" because ATA in 2006 borrowed $50 million to buy seven aircraft and two airframes to meet its obligations as part of the FedEx team.

Sandra Munoz, spokeswoman for Memphis-based FedEx, didn't cite a reason for the decision but said ATA was told it wouldn't be part of the charter team when bidding started for 2009 flights.

article from : chicagotribune.com

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

From The FedEx Mechnics Blog ...

Dear AMTs, GSEs, VTs, ASAs, Instructors, and other members of our craft and class:

On June 1st, many of us lost hundreds of thousands of dollars out of our retirement plan and our chance at having a secure retirement!

On June 1st, FedEx froze our current traditional pension benefit and switched to a "cash balance" plan which FedEx calls a Portable Pension Account. Under our, now former, traditional pension plan we could count on receiving 50% of our highest five years of earnings for life in the form of a monthly annuity. But under the new PPA plan the Company contribution is capped at 2008 dollars and the combination of compensation credits and interest credits are not enough to equal the benefits that many of us would have received in the old plan--and not enough to provide for a secure retirement.

This unilateral reduction of our pension benefits is an outrage given our dedication, loyalty and hard work. Last year we helped FedEx make $2 billion in profits on $35 billion in revenue yet they reward our successful effort by reducing our pension benefits!

We have an urgent need to protect our benefits. Now is the time to finish what we have started and form a union working with the Teamsters. We need you to join our effort - not just by signing a card but by helping us create a network of all of our co-workers. Please call 877-463-9783 so we can get you involved.

For more info open up the attached flyer or go to www.fedxmx.com.

FedEx Organizing Committee For Change

Thursday, May 29, 2008

DHL And UPS Deal ...

May 28,2008.

DHL and UPS have announced of a contract between the two companies of transferring DHL Express "air lift" functions within North America to UPS. Under this deal DHL will pay UPS $1 Billion a year for 10 years.

A spokesman for Memphis, Tenn.-based FedEx Corp., Maury Lane, declined to say whether his company sought the air transport arrangement that DHL announced Wednesday that it was working out with Atlanta-based UPS.

"The reason they chose UPS over FedEx -- we don't know this -- but UPS probably gave them a better price," Ross said.

FedEx Watch Dogs have learn through sources at DHL,the reason FedEx did not get a chance to get into this deal was because of the Union community,both companies are unionized.Dealing with non-union companies was not a option!

So FedEx lost out on $1 Billion a year,because they refuse to let their employees organize! This loss, of some great revenue was Corporates doing. Not the drivers, dock worker or office personnel. I wonder if our shareholders are going to suspend the upper brass without pay???

Read More about this deal: Click Here

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Questions & Answers

The Following is from the New FedEx Mechanics Website, which pertains to all FedEx Corp. Divisions who would like to Organize:

Q: How Can The Teamsters Help Us To Secure Our Benefits and Turn Around The Benefit Loss Trend At FedEx?

In recent years we have seen a dramatic loss of our benefits. Incentive and bonus pay have been cut, we pay more for our health benefits and our defined benefit pension is being completely frozen for those of us on the payroll now and eliminated for all new hires. With a strong Teamsters union we will gain the ability to negotiate a binding, legally enforceable contract that protects our benefits and other work standards that we care about. All our top managers negotiate contracts to protect their standard of living—why shouldn’t we gain this same right for ourselves and our families?

Q. Why Are The Teamsters The Best Union For FedEx Express Employees?

The Teamsters are America’s largest and most powerful union with more than 1.4 million members in over 400 local unions across the country. The Teamsters represent more than 240,000 workers at UPS where workers in our craft have better pay, benefits and working conditions—all contained in a legally binding contract to protect these advantages. The Teamsters successfully represent over 18,000 mechanics who maintain and repair aircraft. The Teamsters successfully represent tens of thousands of ground service equipment, vehicle technicians and other mechanics in our class and craft. There is no other union with the experience, success and strength that the Teamster offer.

Q: How can forming a union give us an effective voice and control over our benefits and working conditions?

Once we form a union we gain an effective voice in our working conditions and benefits. That’s why we have adopted the slogan “United We Bargain, Divided We Beg.” With a union, management cannot legally make unilateral changes that decrease our benefits and make our working conditions worse. Any changes in our negotiated contract must be approved by us. When we form a union, the aviation mechanics, GSE’s, VT’s and other workers in our class and craft will determine our priorities, elect a negotiating committee and bargain with the company to make positive changes and to secure our existing benefits.

Q: Have Other FedEx Employees Formed Unions?

The FedEx Express pilots formed a union and have negotiated a contract that protects their benefits. While management has unilaterally changed our working conditions and benefits for the worse—the pilots have protected their working conditions and benefits through their binding union contract. In Europe FedEx is a highly unionized company and FedEx deals regularly with unions. European FedEx employees doing the kind of work we do have better benefits and working conditions! Why are we being treated like second class citizens?

Q: How much power do the Teamsters have to help us?

The Teamsters have vast resources that will place us on a more equal level with FedEx as we work to improve and secure our benefits and working conditions including:

* Researchers
* Negotiators
* Economic analysts
* Benefit experts
* A network of attorneys
* Organizers and campaigners
* Media experts
* Lobbyists
* Political action staff

The Teamsters have huge political capacity and a strong track record of getting things done on Capitol Hill. The Teamsters have the 4th largest union PAC fund and the 8th largest PAC fund of all PACS in America—giving us great political power.

The Teamsters can call upon the 6 million member Change to Win Coalition, a powerful US Coalition of some of the largest US unions. And the International Transport Federation, an international coalition of transportation unions representing 4.5 million members that include FedEx unions.

Q: What About Union Dues?

Union dues are 2.5 times our base rate of pay (base pay rate excludes all premium pay) once a month. For example, if a member’s base rate of pay is $28.13 (base rate for a Sr. AMT), his monthly dues rate will be 2.5 of that or $70.32 per month. We do not pay any dues until the first contract is ratified and there is no initiation fee or any other fees or assessments. The Teamsters is 100% funded by members—the Union accepts no money from outside sources in order to protect its integrity and independence. Union dues go directly to paying for the costs of running the union and representing members.

Q: How will the Teamsters protect my job from being outsourced?

The greatest threat to our job security is outsourcing. The Teamsters have negotiated strong scope language in many of their contracts that successfully protects jobs from outsourcing.

The Teamsters are waging a multi-faceted war on the outsourcing of jobs in this country, from the aviation industry to manufacturing plants. In the aviation industry in particular, thousands of jobs have been lost due to outsourcing practices that also often pose serious safety and homeland security risk. The Teamsters are working in Congress, in powerful coalitions, in policy forums and in the public arena to correct a system that haphazardly permits thousands of good, skilled jobs to be lost.

Q: What Is The Process For Forming A Union?

The law that covers our campaign to form a union is the Railway Labor Act. Here’s the process:

1. Gain Majority Support. We must talk to our co-workers and gain the support of the majority.
2. File An Application With the National Mediation Board. Once we collect enough signed authorization cards we can petition for an election with the National Mediation Board, a neutral governmental agency.
3. Scheduling the election. After we file the petition, the Board will verify the cards and order an election. The voters receive voting instructions through the mail and then can vote either by phone or by internet. Usually an election is held within 30 days after the petition is filed—but there are ways that the Company can slow down the process.
4. To win, the majority of workers in the class and craft unit must vote for a union. If a majority of the workers vote in the election, then the Board will certify the Union to be our collective bargaining representative if a majority of those ballots are cast in favor of the Union.
5. Determine Bargaining Priorities, Elect a Negotiating Committee and Begin Bargaining With FedEx Over Our Important Concerns

Q: What Can I Do and Not Do To Campaign For The Union?

It is your legal right to take action to form a union. However, you need to do your job 100% and not let your activities to form a union interfere with your work in any way. It is illegal for FedEx to interfere with your right to organize. You have the legal right to wear union insignia and talk about the union while at work(so long as you are permitted to talk with your co-worker about other subjects). The distribution of written materials should be done during break times or before or after work. If you feel that the Company is violating your freedom to form a union please call us immediately.

Q: Why Is FedEx Against Us Forming A Union?

During our campaign to form a union FedEx will spew misinformation about the Teamsters in order to get us to vote against our own self-interest. We understand that FedEx has even hired a special consultant to “keep the union out.” The bottom line is that FedEx would rather have total control of our pensions and health benefits rather than having to negotiate these items with us. We believe that forming a union will be good for FedEx because taking care of people first is the management philosophy that built this company. You don’t have to be against FedEx to be pro-union!

Q: What If I Am Harassed On The Job For Trying to Form A Union?

You have the right to organize under federal law! Click here to read about your rights and to download an incident report to document any company harassment.

Q: Who Else Has Joined The Teamsters Recently?

Since the beginning of this year, the Teamsters have welcomed more than 25,000 new members in industries important to us. In particular the Teamsters have organized over 10,000 UPS Freight workers and 9,000 United Airline mechanics and other related workers. If these groups can form a union—why can’t we?


Monday, May 19, 2008

Shareholders latest to sue FedEx over drivers

This article comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ,Friday, May 09, 2008,By Ann Belser.

FedEx's use of independent contractors has come under fire again, this time by shareholders.

The company already is fighting a multidistrict litigation class action lawsuit from its ground unit drivers. It also has been assessed $319 million in penalties by the IRS for not paying payroll taxes on those drivers whom the government said were misclassified. And it lost a case on its classification of drivers in California, which has forced it to change its route system.

The latest lawsuit was filed yesterday in Memphis, Tenn., on behalf of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 51 Pension Fund, which holds shares of FedEx as part of the fund.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

204H ...

In the past few weeks,Employees were sent a packet explaining what and how the new pension plan was going to work, which starts in June of this year. At the very end of the packet is a statement required by the government called, "Notice of Benefit Reduction Under ERISA Section 204(h)" .

Section 659 of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, Public Law 107-16 (115 Stat. 38) (EGTRRA) added section 4980F of the Code. Section 4980F imposes an excise tax when a plan administrator fails to provide timely notice of plan amendments that provide for a significant reduction in the rate of future benefit accrual. A reduction of an early retirement benefit or a retirement-type subsidy is also treated, for purposes of section 4980F of the Code, as a reduction in the rate of future benefit accrual. Section 659(b) of EGTRRA also amended section 204(h) of ERISA to treat the elimination of an early retirement benefit or a retirement-type subsidy as a reduction in the rate of future benefit accrual. The Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002, Public Law 107-147 (116 Stat. 21) included certain technical corrections to section 659 of EGTRRA.

This my Brothers and Sisters is the company redefining the "Purple Promise" as Corporate First! Employees come next, only to keep them from organizing. Have another hot dog!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quid Pro Quo

A "past practice" means things that have happened in the past, some employees have received disciplinary actions and some terminations. Some don’t get disciplinary action or get terminated.
Example at FedEx Frt. west, there has been drivers that have been fired for a D.U.I after court conviction has been giving, and now there is a driver that has had one, and didn’t get fired especially being a role model, but place in a different group and service center.
Now if those drivers that got fired for their D.U.I conviction got word of this and file a Labor Board charge against FedEx, the Arbitrator would rule on a past practice and those drivers would file a law suit after.
Managers have gotten fired for taking bribes in return for not firing a “favorite employee” or who is now called a “preferred employee”, that’s also a past practice.
There is word that this is happening in the southern region, once we have proof of this, we are not taking this to human resource, but to the Labor Board and the Equal Employees, Opportunity Commission, is this justice, or Quid Pro Quo?

Friday, May 2, 2008

What Can You Expect From Management?

Now that we’re joining together, here’s what we can expect to hear from management...

When workers form a union, they gain a voice in decisions that affect their jobs, their future and their families. Unfortunately, management doesn’t always like the idea of sharing the decision making with employees. So management’s first reaction may be to make a lot of misleading statements to try to convince you not to join together.

Knowing what to expect from management will help you stay focused on your real goal—winning a voice on the job and a say in your future.

This is what managers often say when workers form a union:

Management: “A union is a third party that will come between us.”

Fact: Our union is a democratic, member-run organization. When you form a union, you’ll work together to govern your own organization. And every contract will be reviewed and approved by a majority of the employees where you work.

Management: “The union will make you go on strike.”

Fact: Strikes are a rare last resort in contract negotiations—more than 95 percent of Teamster contracts are negotiated without a strike. And no strike will happen unless a majority of workers vote to call one.

Management: “If you form a union, you risk losing the benefits and pay raises you already have.

Fact: It is illegal for a company to freeze or cut previously scheduled raises to discourage you from forming a union. Once you’re organized, you’ll lock in our current wages and benefits and then negotiate improvements from there. All of you will get an opportunity to review your proposed contract before you vote to approve it. Obviously, you’re not going to approve a contract that cuts our wages or benefits.

Management: “The union just wants your dues money.”

Fact: As newly organized Teamsters, you won’t pay dues until you’ve negotiated and voted to approve your first contract—and decided for yourselves whether it’s worth it. (Teamster pilot groups are the exception; in 1998, pilots requested that their dues begin the month after voting to become Teamsters.) Every serious organization—churches, clubs, sporting leagues, and similar organizations—has to have some kind of funding, and unions are no different. Dues pay for the costs of having an organization—contract negotiations, grievances and arbitrations, training for members, legal fees, and other things so no one has to go it alone.

Management: “With a union, you won’t be allowed to talk to your supervisor—you’ll have to go through the union.”

Fact: Teamsters have found that having a union strengthens communication between employees and supervisors. Direct relationships with immediate supervisors continue and you can negotiate to retain any good policy and procedures already in place. The advantage of joining together in a union is that you’re able to make your voices heard at the upper levels of management, where key decisions are made.

Management: “The improvements we’re willing to make right now show that you don’t need a union.”

Fact: It’s great that management is responding to your concerns. It shows that when you join together, your voices are heard. By forming a union, you can make sure this progress is not just short term—you’ll build an ongoing dialogue with management on all your issues. You'll also have peace of mind with a union—since the improvements you agree on will be guaranteed in your union contract.

Keep in mind that it’s normal for some tension to arise when workers start to build a union. But the tension is temporary. After you vote to form a union, management gets used to the idea of you having a voice on the job.

No matter what management says, stay focused on your shared goals—to make your workplace the best possible place to work.


ATTENTION ALL WESTERN FEDEX FREIGHT MANAGEMENT! To put an end to all of the so-called rumors, we invite all managers to an open forum with a Teamster Representative to discuss the pro’s and con’s of the Union. We will have the forum in a neutral location, in which employees will be able to attend.

If any of you will accept our invitation, please leave your Name, Position, and Domicile as a comment to this post.

Please do not leave a comment if you are not Management.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Anti-Union Campaign at FedEx Ground

FedEx Ground drivers often face long hours, no benefits, and no control over their work because the company claims they are independent contractors. When drivers attempt to form unions to address their working conditions, they face an arduous route. First, they must prove they are employees, and not independent contractors who lack the federally protected right to form a union. If they overcome that legal obstacle, they have to go up against FedEx Ground’s sophisticated anti-union campaign.

To date, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued complaints charging FedEx Ground with unlawful threats, interrogation, bribery, soliciting grievances, creating the impression that it was spying on workers’ union activities, and harassing, isolating, and firing union supporters.

FedEx CEO Fred Smith told The Wall Street Journal in 1989, “I don't intend to recognize any unions at Federal Express.”

Read More Click Here

NY Times Reporter's Book on FedEx Ground

Steven Greenhouse, the labor beat reporter for the New York Times, released a book called The Big Squeeze which focuses on the hardships for today's working men and women.

The New York Times is serializing parts of Greenhouse's book. The April 20 Sunday Times had an extensive excerpt that focused on former FedEx Ground driver Jean Capobianco.

Read More Click Here

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Compare Teamsters To FedEx Freight Employee ...

Fedex Teamster Chronicles Interview with Frank Pineira
Recently Fedex Teamster Chronicles got a chance to sit down with Frank Pineira to talk with about his retirement:
Q: To the best of your knowledge how much will you receive when you retire?
A: When I retire after 33 years of being a proud Teamster I will receive 4100 dollars per month.
Q: Is that 4100 dollars per month include your Teamster Pension, 401k, and social security?
A: No, that 4100 dollars per month is just my Teamsters Pension. If I include my 401k and social security with my pension then I will receive 6100 dollars per month.
Q: How comfortable are you with your retirement?
A: I am tremendously comfortable with my retirement. God Bless the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for making it happen with the benefits they bargained for over the years. I am grateful for my Teamsters Pension you can't live on just social security and a 401k. The 401k goes up and down at the whim of the stock market. Sure the 401k helps, but you can't make future plans on a hope that the stock market will do well and social security doesn't get privatized. I firmly believe that with a Union contract I have secured my future.
Q: What is your opinion on the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and their impact on the American workforce?
A: If it weren't for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters there would be a super Wal-Mart or a group of companies treating their employees terribly like Fedex. At non-union companies like Fedex there is no Union contract which means no grievance procedure which places hard working employees at the mercy of CEOs who change policy at every whim to suit the company's needs.
Q: Are Unions necessary to obtain a decent retirement package?
A: Absolutely. That's what a Union contract is for. You can't deal with a 401k alone for a retirement plan. I have the Western Conference Teamsters Pension and a 401k. With the International Brotherhood of Teamsters I have the total package. They have blessed my life and they have enriched my future. Fedex has put the money that they would've paid their employees in their own pockets at the expense of hard working employees who deserve retiree medical and the best pension out there the Western Conference Teamsters Pension. I am confident with a Teamsters Pension I will be able to retire comfortably with peace.
Q: Are you confident you will not have to return to work once you retire because of financial hardship?
A: Yes, I am confident I will not have to return to work once I retire because there will be no reason for me to return to work. I have more then a substantial amount of income to live the way I am accustomed to right now. I don't have to spend my time worrying about where the money is going to come from because I am guaranteed the money in my Teamsters Pension. Plus I have retiree medical which was negotiated in the contract by the Teamsters who safeguarded my future. When the Teamsters go to the bargaining table they bring the most important voice to the table. The voice of the workers.
Q: What do you think of Joe Nuno and the various organizing committees organizing fedex thoughout Southern California?
A: I think it is fantastic to see the Fedex Teamsters involved and persistent to change the environment in their workplace. The Fedex Teamsters have a great and devoted following. It takes a lot to stand up to the constant harassment from the Fedex management and gain a voice in the workplace forming a union. There's a right way and a wrong way to live life and I am encouraged to see people fighting for their rights. I am honored to stand with you guys. It is also very encouraging to see Joey Nuno with his father, Joe Nuno. It is very touching to see a father bring up his son with a deep passion for other people's rights putting other people's needs above his own. I am pleased to see the bright future joined between the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Fedex.

Fedex Teamsters Chronicles Interview with Cliff Armstrong.

Cliff is a future Teamster. He is an organizer with the Fedex Teamsters in Fontana Service Center driving Pick Up and Delivery. He is 54 years old and he has 30 years of service with Fedex Freight/Viking Freight.
Q: To the best of your knowledge how much will you receive when you retire?
A: I will receive $1100 per month with my Fedex pension. With social security I will receive $1300 per month. So a total of $2400 dollars per month. You know after 30 years of service the Fedex Pension plan stops growing for me. This simply means I won't get one penny more after 30 years with the Fedex pension, but with a teamsters Pension I will keep growing my pension until I retire. Plus I won't have any medical insurance to speak of with fedex's pension, but the Teamsters have retiree medical something fedex is too cheap to give to their employees. I guess fedex just doesn't care when the employees retire if the employees have medical insurance or not.
Q: How comfortable are you with your retirement plan from Fedex?
A: I'm not comfortable with the Fedex pension at all. New pension or old pension is all the same. A complete fantasy. There is no medical plan to fall back on. I don't know what I'll do for medical insurance when I retire. It's going to be hard for me to live on that 1100 dollar a month pension Fedex is going to give me.
Q: What do you think about the NEW revamped pension plan Fedex is putting out there now that people are unionizing?
A: With the new pension plan, with my age and years of service I think this new plan stinks. The Fedex management is trying to simulate the Teamsters pension in a much cheaper version which will hurt employees in the long run. It's similar to the Teamsters golden 80's which combines years with length of service. I will get 36,000 dollars from this pension plan that's it. This amount with the new Fedex pension plan will be drawn off of the Treasury Rate. Let's say an employee, for sake of the conversation we will call the person Bugsy, would get 50,000 dollars after ten years of service. So say Bugsy works 20 years and gets 100,000 dollars. Bugsy then after taxes on that money which is drawn in a lump sum gets 75,000 dollars. This 75,000 dollars will only last Bugsy for 1 or 2 years tops. This is a weak retirement. Both Fedex pensions are pathetic and I feel the new pension plan is even more pathetic than the old one. The Fedex Corporation stresses a 401k plan, but the 401k plan goes up and down like a yo-yo. So you have to ask yourself is this plan secure for you and your future? Or are you going to rely on a yo-yo for your retirement? Is the 401k going to be up or down?
Q: What do you think of the so-called retirement estimator being passed around by the management at Fedex Freight?
A: I think it is like Disneyland. The retirement estimator is something out of fantasy land. It is pure nonsense. It is like setting up your retirement using a crystal ball. I have worked for fedex freight/Viking for 30 tough years and I feel very insulted by this retirement estimator. Everything about the old pension was a secret for the last 30 years, but now since there is a mass interest in unionizing the company is scared a union will come in. I feel as if the pension plan should have now and always have been public information for all employees to look at anytime they want to. I don't understand all of the secrecy and lies from the management.
Q: What would be a direct impact of unionizing Fedex Freight?
A: With a union the benefits package would be included in the union dues which means we as employees would pay less in benefits per month. The dues are 2 and a half times what we make per hour. With Fedex you have Fred Smith and a lot of corporate greed going on with the employees having to bear the brunt of paying more for health insurance, a terrible pension plan, and a fantastical retirement scheme involving a 401k. What a scam. The Fedex management is just taking more and more advantage of the employees trying to get a lot paying for very little.
Q: Do you think a Union would be good or bad for Fedex Freight?
A: I think that the Teamsters Union would be great for Fedex Freight. We will have an enhanced medical plan with little to no co-pay for medical visits and prescriptions. I will have a good retirement and favoritism till soon be eliminated with a union. If the company continues to try and cut my overtime the union will step in and demand that my seniority be respected. It is about respect. Also, I will have good backup if the company tries to write me up for no good reason. This is called a grievance procedure not a sham that is done now with a gestapo type management berating employees.
Q: What kind of future do you see for the Fedex Teamsters unionizing Fedex Freight?
A: I think the Fedex Teamsters have a very positive future. I see a binding Teamsters Union contract in our future. No more empty company promises. Fedex Freight employees will make more money per hour with better benefits, but the company will also have a lower turnover rate saving money and keeping employees working. Fedex Freight tells us we have the best company, but Fedex doesn't pay us or treat us like the best.You have to ask yourself whats wrong with this picture?