Thursday, August 31, 2017

Victory! 811 Kroger Associates to Receive Over $300,000 in Back Pay PLUS Interest!

When it comes to full-time work, our union contract is very clear: Kroger can’t cut our hours during holiday weeks unless we agree to it in advance. Back in 2013, Local 400 members caught Kroger cheating full-time associates out of their holiday pay by scheduling them fewer hours on weeks with holidays, in violation of our union contract.
The violations occurred during holiday weeks from Independence Day 2013 through New Year’s Day 2015. Some associates were cheated out of more than $1,200 in lost pay.
Kroger refused to pay up, so we took our case to a neutral arbitrator and asked him to order Kroger to pay. Although Kroger threw up delay after delay, we never gave up. Finally, our persistence has paid off. This week, Kroger began mailing out back pay checks. And because they took so long to pay us what we are owed, Kroger has to pay interest as well.
All told, Kroger will pay eligible current, former and retired full-time associates over $300,000 in back pay plus interest!
Without a union, that money would be lost to us. But, thanks to the Kroger associates who made sure that our union contract was enforced, we are able to fight for and win every penny of the money that we have earned.
If you feel that Kroger owes you money, contact your union representative immediately.

Saturday, August 26, 2017



By Doug Cunningham
At a rainy Good Jobs Nation rally in Indianapolis this week Senator Bernie Sanders urged unity in the face of politically divisive hatred. He urged people to rally around a progressive workers’ political agenda to overcome the billionaire class.
[Bernie Sanders]: “What Trump and his friends are about  are trying to divide us up. You’re white, you’re black, you’re Latino, you’re Native American, you’re Asian American, you’re gay, you’re straight, you’re a man, you’re a woman.
Our job is not to allow them to divide us up. It is to bring our people together!
And when we fight for an agenda and a government that works for all of us, we can do extraordinary things!”

Don’t let Trump slash overtime pay

Trump’s Department of Labor has just taken the first step toward stripping overtime pay from millions of Americans.1