Friday, February 29, 2008


The big question these days seems to be “are you going to Devore?”

And it seems that the only person right now that has an answer to this question is the current service center manager.

His bags are already packed and ready to go; while the estimated 300 employees are left unpacked without a clue. He knows what hours he has and what he is going to do. Do you?

Recently there were meetings held for the entire service center about the “changes that were to come in April and May. The only new “news” that we got out of it were the dates. Is it just me? Or did we all walk out of those meetings wondering how we are going to make the decision of staying in Fontana or going to Devore?

My question to management is this why all the secrecy? Does it really matter what choice we make? The fact of the matter is you have the last say in whatever choice we make. You already know who you want and don’t want at each center. Let’s be real here… there have always been “cliques” at Fontana . And certain jobs have been given to people because of who they know and not by their qualifications; this is clear by the way things are done.

This is why I believe a union is needed in both Fontana and now Devore. Clearly our questions would have had to been answered and we could have made a decision without all of the undue stress that is given to us now. And the unfair treatment by certain Operations managers would not be tolerated.

Our decision to stay or leave Fontana has to be made without any knowledge of what is in the future even though we may have families or other obligations and management does not seem to acknowledge this. We cannot make a haste decision like this with little information, but we are being forced to do so. We will now have to look over the job postings and do our bidding and then have to choose a service center in 10 days or less.

Are you going or staying?


Total Madness

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tuesday's Drivers Meeting ...

Witnesses at this past driver meeting have reported a situation between Farrin the Fta Operations manager and a driver over the new procedure with the drivers VIR’s. The driver was trying to get a reasonable answer on why, this was being done now? With no real reason that made any sense to anyone at the meeting. (The Watchdogs know this is just another form of Union Busting! Ask any FedEx Express drivers what has been happening to their senior drivers at their Ontario facility. See video on the right side.) The O.M. just came out and said,” if you don’t like what has to be done? Reddaway is hiring drivers.”

Now why is it that management always says that we should present ourselves as professional at all times, especially with the public and most of all with our customers? But it’s ok to talk to their employees in a non professional way? Grant it, its no easy job being a manager with so many different personalities and attitudes. But if you, as a manager want respect? You should at least show some respect yourself.

Are you paying your boss's taxes?

Payroll taxes that companies ought to pay may be getting dumped on independent contractors, but a case involving FedEx gives workers new ammunition.

By Jeff Schnepper

Just before Christmas, package-delivery company FedEx was slammed with a $319 million tax bill. The Internal Revenue Service ruled the company had misclassified about 13,000 drivers as independent contractors when, the IRS said, they really were employees.

For FedEx, this could get a lot more expensive. The penalties and back taxes are just for 2002. The IRS is still auditing FedEx for 2004 through 2006 (the status of 2003 is unclear). The Teamsters union, which has been pushing this fight, thinks it could ultimately cost FedEx $1 billion.

Perhaps. But FedEx plans to fight this ruling for as long as it takes.

What got the IRS and FedEx into a tussle was the package company's assertion that drivers were contractors who operate their delivery routes as independent businesses, even though the drivers use FedEx equipment, wear FedEx uniforms and work under explicit FedEx rules.

This fight bears watching by employers and workers alike. Big money is at stake.

The government will argue that misclassification of workers deprives it of billions of dollars of tax revenue annually. The Government Accountability Office has estimated the amount at $4.7 billion a year.

The bosses will argue that the ruling upsets precedents in place since the 1990s.

Workers will argue that employers have gone too far in pushing taxes and payroll costs onto them, effectively forcing workers to subsidize their bosses. If the IRS wins, you can bet many more workers classified as independent contractors will try to change their classifications.

Companies save big on taxes

Why do companies like independents? Simple. It saves them a bundle of money.

If you're an independent contractor, the company doesn't pay state workers compensation or federal unemployment and disability taxes. It is released from matching your 7.65% Social Security and Medicare taxes; an independent contractor pays the full 15.3% load.

In addition, the employer is saved the burden and cost of income-tax withholding. The worker has to remit the appropriate payments.

Independent contractors don't qualify under minimum-wage laws and have no government rights to a safe work environment. And they can't qualify for employee benefits.

Microsoft (the publisher of MSN Money) suffered a stinging judicial slap several years ago when it misclassified employees as independent contractors and denied them benefits granted to other employees. It proved to be a $97 million lesson.

Before I could start writing tax columns for MSN Money, I had to sign a mountain of documents proving I was an independent contractor. I even had to get a Washington state business license as a contractor, even though I have never physically worked there.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Message From Senior WatchDog ...

Where there’s people there’s power!!

If the employees at Fed-Ex Freight or any division of Fed-Ex we’re motivated by desire instead of motivated by fear, we would be a much more successful company.

Being motivated by fear is old school. But it’s very sad to see new managers moving up in the ranks, anticipating the opportunity to use fear, as a means of control, or to enforce their own power unfairly and unethically. This gives answers to a lot of the problems in our leadership today, which really makes representation, or a union necessary.

Fed-Ex has all the right slogans, acronyms, acrostics, and experience, to stay successful even with representation. Not to mention the pride of the company, which a majority of employees have.

But there is another issue of pride; the negative, egotistical pride that is held by our senior officers, and managers; That is; holding on strong to the reputation that “we’ve never had, or never needed a third party”, or “Union” The senior officers and management look at the Union as an Albatross around the neck of the company, ready to take it down, but instead of being open minded about what their employees want or need. But instead we have seen a lot of programs, campaigning, and other ways to deter the employees away from the idea of a Union.

It is also very sad, to see our managers / senior officers go through such physical distress at FXFW, because of holding on to the reputation of, “never needing a third party” or Union for their employees. I think it’s time we start applying our own company slogans to this issue. Like “work smarter not harder”, because if by chance, the employees acquire representation, it will be a bitter defeat for our senior officers and managers, but if they would just “listen” to their employees, and compromise or agree on a contract agreement, this could save much heartache for everyone. Just remember “where there’s unity there’s power” in the people.

In a day where corporations like Fed-Ex are making financial decisions, using employee funds and bonus programs to defer expenses in operations, can only be fully investigated through a third party interest, in which at this time we have none. This leaves the employees at Fed-Ex vulnerable to the conclusion of their calculations, of where and how is our hard earned money being spent.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Message From Joe and Rudy ...


February 23 & March 1, 2008
Class: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM .
Los Angeles Trade-Technical College
Learning Resources Center (LRC-107)

Instructors: June McMahon, Coordinator, Labor Programs, UCLA Labor Center and Lou Zigman, Esq., Arbitrator

Have you ever been a victim of sexual harassment or discrimination…?
Have you, or someone you know, ever been falsely accused…?
Have you ever told, or heard, a joke taken the wrong way…?

A candid, eye-opening and critically important review of a complex workplace issue-taught by experienced labor educators.
This comprehensive and informative two-day class will help union leaders, staff, stewards and activists know what to do when members are faced with these very sensitive issues.


. Balancing Equal Opportunity with Seniority

. Family and Medical leave Act

. American with Disability Act

. Protecting Immigrant Workers

. Sexual Harassment

. Title VII, Civil Rights Act

. Non Union Employment Discrimination

Enroll now; contact your Teamster Committee from your FedEx Service Ctr


John R. McDowell, Jr., Director
Kathleen Yasuda, coordinator
Vivien De la Torre/ Olga Garcia, Assistants
(213) 763-7129

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Members Overwhelmingly Ratify National Master Freight Agreement
By a 2-1 margin, Teamster freight members ratified the 2008-2013 National Master Freight Agreement which protects existing Teamster jobs, maintains strong wages and benefits and job security.

Vote Results Click Here

Friday, February 8, 2008

The FedEx Watch Dog Want You To Know ...

There is a letter being posted by management about the closures of Reddaway terminals in selected areas across the United States. This is a two page letter from YRC’s CEO Bill Zollars. It mentions that after the purchase of Reddaway / Bestway, things have not gone well with these divisions of YRC. In the letter, which is only a single page being posted up; does not mention anything about the Teamster being at fault.

Now these terminals are unionized. Tyson Johnson of the Teamster said,” These are difficult times for our members, but the Teamster are to help.” Looks to us that YRC’s management has made some bad decisions in this merger, and were not thinking about its employees, until now.

Remember back in the early 90’s when Viking had purchased a group of companies outside our original 14 western states? Well when that brilliant ideal fell apart. Viking just closed those terminals, and let all those people go! Who did they have to blame than? The Union?

Corporate greed and narrow thinking have put most of the burden again on the people who really make a company successful “the Employees”.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Organizing Meeting ...

Next Meeting:

Date: February 10, 2008
Time: 8:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.
Place: Teamster Local 952
140 S. Marks Way,Orange Ca.

The Time To Organize Is Now !

A Message From Joe And Rudy ...

Let’s stop complaining, let’s do something about it,
join the Teamsters, and make a difference.
Remember this is a non-union company and there is
nothing we can do about it, without a union, we have
no voice, sure you could complain to human resource
but some of us seen the true side of H.R, all it does
it puts you in the blacklist book.
As for now the only thing we have in our favor is the
Labor commission, and in California we have other
provision, California labor law code and sec# of our
Remember when management mistreat employees there is
no respect from those employees and to solve this
problem is to join the Teamsters. Remember in the
house where a father runs the house and sets rules, it
is follow, the father addresses the house rules with
kindness, dignity and respect and those kids respect
the father and obeys the house rules.
Now when a father mistreats those kids everyday there
is no respect for the father and no moral standard,
and no rules to follow. So how do those kids solve
their problem?
They seek professional help from a family
psychologist; the psychologist hears the problems at
home and then the psychologist analyze the issues.
Once analyze the psychologist present the solutions to
the father and addresses to the family what needs to
be work on to make a happy family!
Now this is the same with us employees we seek for
help from the Teamsters; we analyze our problems and
issues when we attend our union meetings, we get
educated of our Rights and discuss our solutions that
we could present to FedEx once we choose to vote for
the Teamsters.
Now those that don’t have a clue about the Teamster
and never attended a union meeting. Stop complaining,
make a difference, go to a union meeting and hear the
truth and get educated. Attend some labor classes
at Los Angeles tech trade college in L.A, and if your
interested talk to your service center union
Don’t fall for those lies that FedEx feeds you about
the unions on the bulletin boards, just look at the
top of the propaganda Industrial News, its FedEx
editors (H.R) who writes this. So when you see these
bulletin boards trashing the Teamsters, ask
management for a copy and if they give you one write the
name of the manager who gave it to you on the back.

Remember FedEx preaches that you can’t discuss
anything about Teamster on company time or work areas.
So when a manager holds a captive meeting on the
and talks about Teamsters; shame on him and shame on
you, you are breaking company policy you and the
the manager that are stealing company time.
Your allow as an employee to talk about the Teamsters
in the break room when you are off the clock or away
from work areas and also the person that you are
discussing with must be off the clock.
Remember ladies and gentlemen release your fear and
have no apathy. Feel free to get involve in the Labor
movement, let’s be wise and organize! Attend your next

Organizing Begins With You. Tag Your It!