Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

The Hernandez Family and the FedEx Watch Dogs

Thursday, December 15, 2011

FedEx Profit Jumps 76 Percent to $497 Million | Journal of Commerce

President Obama nominates two to National Labor Relations Board | NLRB

Don't Blame The Union

Don't Blame the UnionsPosted: 14 Dec 2011 05:38 PM PST
From Change Conway To Win

Non-union companies lie to employees about union companies that are in distress or that have gone out of business. They typically will tell the employee that union demands cripple the company and that union bosses make business decisions for the company. So the union is the sole cause of the a company going under. Of course, it is not true. As in the case of YRC. Corporate greed, risky investments and incomprehensible financial decisions are what has put YRC in the hole they find themselves in. Their executive pay and bonuses didn't help matters either. The union didn't make them purchase other companies nor did they write the checks at YRC. Unions have served a great purpose for all workers in general. It is thanks to unions that we have a better standard of living, a minimum wage, a forty hour work week, benefit packages, and retirement plans. The company will have you believe that they give you all this out of the goodness of their heart. The reason they give you this is to keep up with unions so that the workers won't feel the need to go union. Many labor leaders and union members have lost their lives fighting for all that workers have today

Friday, December 9, 2011

Purolator Teamsters approve new contract by 92%!!

About 8,800 Teamsters workers at Purolator locations across Canada have voted 92% in favour of a new five-year contract. The Teamsters Union says the deal includes wage increases of 16% over the life of the agreement.

The workers pension plan will also be increased by 22%.

The Teamsters Union says benefits have also been significantly improved and the retirement allowance has been raised by 40%!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama honors Pearl Harbor Day

By David Jackson, USA TODAY

Updated: 2011-12-07 10:06 AM

President Obama has issued a statement on the anniversary of the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, triggering the U.S. entry into World War II."Seventy years ago today, a bright Sunday morning was darkened by the unprovoked attack on Pearl Harbor," Obama said."Today," he added, "Michelle and I join the American people in honoring the memory of the more than 2,400 American patriots -- military and civilian, men, women and children -- who gave their lives in our first battle of the Second World War.""Our thoughts and prayers are with the families for whom this day is deeply personal -- the spouses, brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters who have known seven decades without a loved one but who have kept their legacy alive for future generations."The rest of the president's statement:"We salute the veterans and survivors of Pearl Harbor who inspire us still. Despite overwhelming odds, they fought back heroically, inspiring our nation and putting us on the path to victory. They are members of that Greatest Generation who overcame the Depression, crossed oceans and stormed the beaches to defeat fascism, and turned adversaries into our closest allies. When the guns fell silent, they came home, went to school on the G.I. Bill, and built the largest middle class in history and the strongest economy in the world. They remind us that no challenge is too great when Americans stand as one. All of us owe these men and women a profound debt of gratitude for the freedoms and standard of living we enjoy today.On this National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, we also reaffirm our commitment to carrying on their work -- to keeping the country we love strong, free and prosperous. And as today's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end and we welcome home our 9/11 Generation, we resolve to always take care of our troops, veterans and military families as well as they've taken care of us. On this solemn anniversary, there can be no higher tribute to the Americans who served and sacrificed seventy years ago today."

Friday, December 2, 2011

Railroads, Unions Reach Tentative Accord JOC Staff | Dec 2, 2011 3:55PM GMT

Agreement with engineers, dispatchers eliminates strike threat — for now Two unions representing railroad workers have reached tentative agreement with major U.S. railroads, averting the immediate threat of a national labor action. The move relieves shippers' fear of an immediate labor strike or stoppage as early as next week that would have crippled shipping amid the peak holiday season. Agreements have been struck with 12 of the 13 railroad unions, most recently with the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen and the American Train Dispatchers Association, which represent approximately 26,500 workers. The agreements with the BLET and ATDA are locked in "well-above market wage increases of more than 20 percent over six years, far exceeding recent union settlements in other industries,” said A. Kenneth Gradia, chairman of the National Carriers’ Conference Committee. The lone union holdout, the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees, agreed this week to extend a cooling-off period until Feb. 8. The rail industry is "committed to finalizing the remaining agreement so that we can continue to deliver for the tens
of thousands of American businesses that rely on rail, and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who use passenger rail to commute to work every day," said Edward Hamberger, president and CEO of the Association of American Railroads.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

High Winds Hit SBO

High winds in Southern California hit our SBO yard. Knocking over two mty long vans.