Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Former Con-Way Drivers Say Things Got Worse After XPO Buyout, Agree To Unionize

On Thursday, 200 employees from two XPO Logistics Terminals voted in favor of union representation by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
74 drivers from Aurora, Illinois will become the first Teamsters at XPO since it acquired Con-way. 127 warehouse workers from New Haven, Connecticut will become the first warehouse workers at XPO to unionize in the U.S.
Both facilities are former Con-way Freight locations which XPO acquired for $3 billion last year.
The former Con-way employees are alleging unfair treatment and are unionizing to stand up for worker’s rights by telling the company, “Enough is enough.” Tyson Johnson, director of the Teamsters Freight Division explained, “The workers are tired of being mistreated and not having a say in their work lives.”
An XPO spokesperson said in a statement on Thursday that the number of employees choosing to unionize is small in relation to the actual total number of XPO U.S. employees. The company is looking into the election process to determine if it is lawful.
The spokesperson said,

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Back to back Victories!

Congratulations to the in XPO warehouse workers in North Haven, CT and the XPO freight drivers in Aurora, Illinois who voted to join XPO freight workers from Miami; Laredo, TX; and Vernon, CA. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Feds: XPO/Con-way Must Bargain With Teamsters

XPO Went to U.S. Court and Lost
A federal court has denied XPO/Con-way’s efforts to set aside the workers’ decision to form their union as Teamsters, which means the company needs to recognize the Teamsters as the workers’ bargaining representative.
The company can still appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, but it has not done so in similar cases. The company had asserted that there were numerous problems with the election, but the court denied the company’s frivolous claims.
“The workers in Laredo formed their union as Teamsters way back in September 2014, so this is very welcome news,” said Frank Perkins, President of Local 657 in San Antonio. “The company has tried to do everything to delay and frustrate the workers, but for over two years they have remained strong and united in their fight for a more secure future and a voice on the job.”
Perkins said he hopes to sit down with the company soon to negotiate a contract that will address the workers’ needs.
“As our XPO campaign continues to gain momentum, we are pleased with this decision because Laredo got the campaign started,” said Tyson Johnson, Director of the Teamsters Freight Division. “We demand that the company gets serious about negotiating a contract in Laredo. These workers have waited far too long.”