Thursday, November 29, 2007

FedEx WatchDogs

Just a reminder to managers out there, strong arm forcing is illegal, forcing employee to testifying on the company’s behalf or promising a promotion title just to win an arbitration, or making an employee sign an agreement not to talk to other employees about the case without the other attorney party being aware of any documentation, is illegal. If for any reason there has been a wrongful representation involving anyone. You could always obtain a transcript of the arbitration and revise the case and prove wrongful statements and appeal the case again. (WHT)


Redeye said...

"Remember without us labor people; they woudn't have what they have now, because we are the back bone and guts of the company"
Personally I think it is wonderful that Fred W Smith is now a billionaire on the Forbes list. I think it is wonderful that his "salary" is 4.42 Million a year.

I think it is even more wonderful that FDX makes over 31 billion $/year in revenues and a 1.6 billion $/year clear profit!

I think it would be even more wonderful if senior MGT realized that the Pilots play a major part in this profit. (I am not suggesting that the 140,000 other employees don't play an important part of the cog in that wheel.......they surely do, and IMHO they deserve a piece of that pie too......but they have no collective voice and that is their concern).

Pilots here need to realize that we make this company a ton of money and MGT darn well knows it.............but they do like like to admit public anyway!

If you attended the Rally last Sunday, your heard our Negotiating Committee Chair say that we were "100 million dollars a part on the deal". To you and me 100 million is a substantial FDX corp it is Chump change.

Remember that approx 2 months ago at the annual Stock holders meeting (where we picketed) it was announced that FDX was paying out $350 million in bonuses to just 18 Corporate execs........350 million to 18 folks!!!........who by the way are already very highly compensated. In the mean time those same execs are raising Healthcare costs and reducing retirement benefits for the employees here at FDX.

That 350 million would have bridged the gap between our negotiating committee and the company negotiaters.......................

Let's see MGT could have sealed a 4-5 year deal with the 4700 plus pilots or give a 350 million bonus to 18 very highly compensated corp execs..........
(actually they can more than afford to do both)

Pilots........wake up and smell the coffee................This company is making big bucks!

They can afford to pay the very reasonable and responsible offer that ALPA currently has on the table!

Remember that 10 years ago (during our negotiations for our first contract) back when the Airlines were making record profits.........and our Union (ALPA #1 and subsequently the FPA) were trying to get our wages raised up near to but not equal to what all the others were making. Remember we were making well below what DAL, USAir, UAL and NWA, American.etc........We had no secure retirment........we had no B-fund, we had no OBRA bridge.........and our monthly pay was well below the industry.........unless you worked overtime and sold vacation back!

Management said " You guys are different. You are cargo are not Passenger Airline Pilots"

So what has changed...........we are not in the same industry. True everyone else in the industry has come down to or below our current wages. Now MGT is touting that we make more...........and we haven't even got a deal yet......

Do not be hood winked...............FDX can afford our very reasonable proposal.

Stay the course, do not fall for smoke and mirrors........................................... .... "2 years is too long"

You all know what you need to do!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Members Approve National UPS Agreement

November 20, 2007

(Washington, D.C.) – The Teamsters National UPS Negotiating Committee has announced that the modifications to the National Master Agreement and all Supplements and Riders have been accepted by a majority of the voting members, with the exception of the Local 804 Supplement, the Central and Western Pennsylvania Supplements, the Local 926 Carwash Supplement, and the Hawaii Rider.

The National Committee will meet with those Supplemental and Rider Committees to identify and address the concerns of the members.

The National Master agreement was approved by a 65.03% margin. Although it will be several days before the final results will be certified, the preliminary tallies of the National Master and Supplemental/Rider votes are available on the International Union’s website,

Founded in 1903, the Teamsters Union represents more than 240,000 hardworking men and women who work at United Parcel Servic

Thursday, November 22, 2007

JOE NUNO said..

Top CEO’s have contracts; they have their demands for
the next five years; just like a Teamster contract.
This pass weekend I attended an arbitration class and the
instructor was an arbitrator. I ask some questions
regarding top CEO’s and top managements having labor
contracts; and the teacher said they had to arbitrate
for nonunion high ranking managements violation of
their labor contracts.
So what does this tell us? That they have their set
standards, their demands and no handbooks just a
contract, and when their positions and contracts are
being revised by top CEO’s, The CEO board members
gather up and discuss the demands of a top management
position; and the way the board members agreed on
contract is by voting.
As a future member of the Teamster we ask for a
contract with demands and fairness, a better pension
plan per hour (a Western conference pension plan), a
better medical benefit plan per hour, and medical
So why is it o.k for top management to have labor
contracts and arbitration for disputing their
violations of the contract? And also they have
democracy votes, and the employees does not have any
Rights; without a Teamsters contract we stand alone.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pittsburgh Newspaper Covers Fed Up at FedEx Report - November 05, 2007

Although Memphis is clearly calling the shots in the old RPS headquarters in Pittsburgh, there must be some managers in western Pennsylvania that are concerned with the bad press that FedEx Ground continues to get.

One reporter from Pittsburgh was tuned in to the release of the American Rights at Work and Leadership Conference on Civil Rights report "Fed Up at FedEx: How FedEx Ground Tramples Workers' Rights and Civil Rights."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette printed an article on Sunday . The reporter did a good job to cover many angles of the story.

However, said, "If push comes to shove, one of the primary reasons that [companies] do this is to avoid unionization."

And what clever response did the FedEx spokespodperson have?

FedEx did not return phone calls seeking comment for this article.

Seeing how FedEx is always blowing its own horn, the silence seems out of character.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

FedEx Pays $253,000 to Former Drivers to Settle Labor Charges

NLRB Also Requires Union Election as Part of Settlement

Contact: Galen Munroe,
(202) 624-6911

November 6, 2007

(Washington, DC) – FedEx Corporation [NYSE: FDX] subsidiary FedEx Home Delivery has agreed to pay five former and present drivers a total of $253,000 to settle a series of unfair labor charges brought by the National Labor Relations Board against the company.

The five drivers–four former and one present driver–all worked in the Northboro, Massachusetts Home Delivery terminal and were union supporters in a unionization drive in 2005 and 2006 by Teamsters Local 170. The NLRB also ordered an election in Northboro for February 2008.

“FedEx has delayed this process long enough and the Northboro drivers will get their right to vote,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “I’m outraged at FedEx’s treatment of these workers. This small amount of compensation is not enough to undo the damage that FedEx has done to their lives.”

The unionization effort centered on the employee status of the drivers in the Northboro facility. The drivers gave sworn testimony to the NLRB that FedEx Home Delivery controlled their daily work like employees but called them “independent contractors.”

The NLRB ruled that the drivers were employees and ordered an election that was to take place in January 2006. FedEx Home Delivery then illegally harassed, intimidated terminated the four former drivers to prevent a legal union election. The NLRB charged FedEx in a June 2007 consolidated complaint with numerous unfair labor practice charges for the illegal acts. The October 25 settlement between the drivers the company came out of the NLRB charges.

“We backed the company right against the wall because we stood up to management and had all the answers when it came to their anti-union meetings," said driver Richard Lacina. "FedEx paid me thousands of dollars because they violated my rights and I am still employed as a driver. This shows everybody the power of the Teamsters Union and what it can do for you.”

Teamsters Local 170 and the company also agreed to schedule an election at the Northboro facility as a result of NLRB charges. The election is to occur on February 1, 2008.

“The Teamsters have stuck by these workers and the five drivers at least got some degree of justice,” said Teamsters Local 170 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Hogan. “The Northboro drivers have seen the worst that FedEx can throw at them, and in the end the workers will have their vote to take control of their lives and their future.”

FedEx Home Delivery drivers at three facilities in Wilmington, Massachusetts and Windsor, Connecticut already voted for Teamster representation in 2006 and 2007. FedEx ignored NLRB orders to bargain and appealed previous NLRB rulings to the U.S. Court of Appeal District of Columbia Circuit.

A recent report by American Rights at Work and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights document the anti-union campaign and patterns of discrimination at FedEx Ground and Home Delivery in Northboro and elsewhere. That report is online at:

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Union Buster Information, for Management And Employees

What is a union buster in FedEx Corporation? Well they are low scums of the earth who use management as a tool for their benefit and for the CEO’s benefit too.
FedEx hires this high paid lawyers or union avoidance consultant, they are granted full power to run the company and they are management’s bosses also, now that, is a 3rd party in anyone’s eye.
They use terminal managers, operation managers, supervisors to do their dirty work; they tell management if the Teamsters win the election, they are in the line of losing their job! That is a lie, not only are employees threaten for organizing in a Teamster union drive, but also managers, if there are any managers in this position, contact the (National Labor Relations Board) and find out if this is legal?
Now if a manager is terminated because of employees organizing for Teamster power, will the union buster help the manager get their job back? No!
Now if the employee participates in a union drive and is terminated, will the Teamsters fight for the employee’s rights? Yes!
Don’t let a union buster take your rights as managers or as an employee!!
We as an employee are only fighting for our rights, for a better pension and retired medical benefits, a better wage raise equal to the economy cost of living of 7% not 3%
and when it comes to changing employee pension status or bonuses, let us have a say so first! Not just the CEOs ways!
And let us create a Teamster contract, for equal rights and fairness, by putting our concerns in writing. It will make us a better company over all, between management and employees.
Don’t Be Left Behind.

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