Monday, January 1, 2007

MedStar Workers Say Yes to Teamsters

MedStar Workers Say Yes to Teamsters

December 28, 2006

On December 21, MedStar workers voted in favor of joining Local 714 in Berwyn, Illinois.

“This is a great victory for the MedStar workers and the Teamsters,” said Aubrey Smith, Local 714 Business Representative. “The vote proves that this group is ready to stand up to their employers and get some changes made.”

There are 139 new Teamster members at MedStar in Bellwood, Illinois, including drivers, dispatchers, mechanics, attendants, billers and trainers. They approached the Teamsters in October after MedStar management took away all personal days.

“Local 714 is very happy to welcome the new members,” Smith said. “The MedStar workers needed a strong voice. Now that they are Teamsters, they have one.

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