Monday, September 10, 2007

Mexican Trucks Crossing Otay Mesa Border & Meetings in Whittier About Devore Terminal ...

Good reliable sources have reported that they witness FedEx Freight trailers crossing the Mexico border this past Thursday 09-06-02, not with FedEx drivers, but with independent drivers and equipment! Please contact your Senators and tell them that this has to stop now!

The next job you save may be your own!

Also meetings were held on the Whittier dock this past week about the new Devore terminal in San Bernadino,CA. Supervisors were telling the dockworkers if they want to work at Devore that they would have to reapply for work there! If you are already an employee of FedEx, why in the world would you have to reapply again? Sounds like a way for our employer to weed out pro-union employees from going to Devore. If we were already organized, they would not be doing this my fellow employees!




Anonymous said...

USF Reddaway Workers in Colorado Join Teamsters Through Card-Check

Drivers, Dockworkers In Grand Junction Join Local 17 In Denver

September 13, 2007

Dockworkers and drivers at the USF Reddaway terminal in Grand Junction, Colorado are now Teamsters after the company recognized the workers through a card-check agreement.

The card-check agreement enabling the victory in Grand Junction was included in a contract that was ratified in August by workers at Reddaway terminals in California, Arizona and New Mexico. The contract was ratified 216-13 and covers about 400 workers.

USF Reddaway recognized the Grand Junction workers on September 7.

“The employees in Grand Junction have read the contract and ran to the Teamsters so they too can have more job protections and improved wages and benefits,” said Michael Simeone, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 17 in Denver.

The workers in Grand Junction will be covered under the same contract that was ratified in August. The five-year contract will significantly improve their wages, pensions, health care and other benefits.

irudedog said...

Dear Rudy,

Last night, the U.S. Senate voted 75-23 to block funding for the Bush administration's illegal and reckless plan to open the border to trucks from Mexico .

This vote sent a clear message to Bush and the Department of Transportation that they cannot ignore. Congress and the American people have spoken with one voice.

We won and you helped make it happen!

Senators from both sides of the aisle let us know that it was your emails that convinced them to vote against the program despite White House pressure to support it. Their inboxes were filled as constituents expressed their outrage with the Bush administration's attempt to sucker-punch the American people.

Thanks to your efforts, the safety of the American driving public will not be compromised for the sake of lining the pockets of Bush's big business cronies.

Thank you again for making a difference in the lives of American workers.

In Solidarity,

Jim Hoffa