Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lets All Do Our Homework ...

Last week during a “Change of Operations” meeting, the topic of UPS Freights new contract was brought up. A driver mentioned that UPS Drivers were going to make around $26.00 an hour. John and Russ said that this was not true. Well for one thing, this is true John and Russ. For a couple of managers who say get the truth, they need to do their homework. Next time any driver who has any question about any subjects likes this. Feel free to ask your Organizers at your service centers. And if we do not have the answers right away, we'll get you the answer.

Don't forget, the managers just want you to know what they want you to know. And during a Union campaign to organize it’s usually not the truth. We're just saying do your homework also.
This also goes to the management in Fresno. When management whips out an article about anything you are questionable about. Ask them if you can have a copy of it and if they would sign it also. If they have nothing to hide they should do so.




Anonymous said...

nothing to hide!! good luck getting them to sign anything except your warning notice. You can't even go into there office with someone as your witness, they will automaticaly refuse to talk with you. otherwise your word against theirs, in which in upper management eyes the employee is ALWAYS wrong. solidarity for ever

Anonymous said...

Why Mechanics? Driver & couriers need help and support. It is getting crazy. Where do we go for help with unionization.

Anonymous said...

First of all, get a group of your fellow employees and find a teamsters local in your area.Read up on the National Labor Relations Board,( theres a hyper link right underneath the intro of this blog.) LEARN YOUR RIGHTS! Once you learn, things will come easier to understand about unions and when management talk their lies you can confront them with confidence.If you need help? contact us at "changefedextowin@yahoo.com"