Monday, March 23, 2009

Food For Thought

I believe that Banking Institutions are more Dangerous than standing Armies... If the American People ever allow private Banks to control the issue of Currency... The Banks and CORPORATIONS that will grow up around them will deprive the People of their Property until their Children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers Conquered". By Thomas Jefferson-1743-1826.

We the Labors of America, especially as FedEx employees must organize now and not become a debt-slavery for the Federal Reserve Bank and Corporate America... Now is the perfect time to unionize.

Joe Nuño and the FedEx Watchdog


Anonymous said...

why is now the perfect time to organize? if we do wouldnt people lose there jobs because we are over staffed? because they would have to pay us our 8 hours

irudedog said...

Because we have a chance to get a voice in this company to try to stop the bleeding of hourly employees who are already losing hours,benefits and some jobs.The only over staffing I see is in management positions,which sounds where your from, with this why this and why that, questions.
The more they cut hourly positions, the less we need red shirts in this company!

Thanks for your question.

Anonymous said...

Why is is management are not being cut back? Why do management continually need to be harassing us for wanting a Union? And why is it Andy Lessin INC and Company continually try to Union bust and keep their positions when so many are losing their benefits and full time status?

Anonymous said...

"if we do wouldnt people lose there jobs because we are over staffed? because they would have to pay us our 8 hours"

BE careful making assumptions and predictions like this. Everything is up to negotiations. If you accept premises like this, the company can control your fears.

Accept this premise: if we organize, whatever happens would be based on whatever is negotiated for the contract. The company will not negotiate terms they cannot handle, nor should we accept terms that are substandard to what we have now.

In short, we can't lose, and neither can they. Tighten your guts, my brother; it's time.

Anonymous said...

what do we have to loose.i heard that at whittier we are going to loose 10 more full timers.these cuts are not only happing at whittier,but at every service center.for those who read the daily publicaton fedex ground is going to open a new center creatting 22 full time jobs and 200 part time jobs.what does that mean that fedex will have part timers ding most of the wor without having to offer benefits,pension,and worker rights.

Anonymous said...

FedEx wants the people who do the work to take one for the so called "team". They don't want you to join the TEAM. If you wanted a positive point of view you should have been a customer instead of an employee.