Sunday, December 6, 2009

From Our FedEx Coworkers Website

Dear FedEx Coworker,

Please find attached letter that was sent to Senate majority and minority leaders by 35 Senators requesting to move the FAA reauthorization bill forward in the Senate. This is a great thing for us at FedEx Express as we await the US Senate's action on this bill. In concert or in response the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on the FAA Reauthorization Bill on December 10th. We believe this is encouraging and serves to show that the process is still in motion for us. All of this activity will help in moving this bill one step closer to action on the Senate floor.

As we continue to look forward to passage of the FAA Reauthorization Bill and eventual insertion of our Express Carrier Employee Protection language into the final bill it is imperative that we keep our coworkers informed of this progress and continue to sign our Express Carrier Employee Protection support cards. Signing these cards and returning them to Washington, D.C. will have great impact on our passage of our legislation. Don't let it be said that we did not help ourselves in the passage of our own legislation. Even though it seems like our legislators are moving ever so slowly, do not be discouraged. The passage of the FAA Reauthorization Bill with our language contained will be a great victory for us, the workforce at FedEx Express and serve to reinstate our full rights to pursue our union. There are also items being considered by the National Mediation Board that could help all airline workers in their organizing efforts in the future.


Your Organizing Committee for Change at FedEx Express

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