Sunday, October 10, 2010

Teamster Teleconference about the YRCW Restructuring Plan held on October 5.


Carl Barelli, USF Holland, Chief Steward
And a 30-year member, LU41, Kansas City, MO following is a transcript of comments made by Brother Barelli during the
Teamster Teleconference about the YRCW Restructuring Plan held on October 5.
“Thank you Tyson. The reason I wanted to talk to everyone tonight, I don’t want to talk to you as a
Union brother but as a family man. Ultimately the important decision we have to make will affect
Our family and way of life and our ability to keep them safe and secure!
“For 30 years I have been fortunate enough to work under union contracts. Not only have I had
Superior wages and benefits but the most important thing I’ve had is a voice in the work place. I
Can tell you after working under union contracts I would hate to have it any other way.
“Everybody knows that for 2 ½ years, FedEx, Conway and all the other non-union carriers through
Predatory pricing and the rumors of bankruptcy have tried to destroy us. Somebody needs to tell
Them we are still here.
“I want to share with you a story about the meetings we had over the weekend. While we were
Having our stewards meetings Friday to discuss the presentations we were having over the weekend
A delivery came to our local. It was a rug that the President of our Local ordered for the office the
Rug got there it was a 5x5 black rug with gold teamsters on the rug. Nothing was wrong with the rug,
The problem was that FedEx delivered the rug and I can’t tell you when he told them to take it back,
I’ve never been more proud of him because he did the right thing.
“Our leaders in Washington are doing the right thing. They are putting their careers on the line to
Do what are right by the membership and for that General President Hoffa, Tyson Johnson, and Gordon
Sweeten, I have to say thank you. I think all of our Local leaders around the country need to take
This example and put it to use.
“Right now is not the time for division. We need to rally the troops and we need to dig in. The old
Timers that raised me would in no way understand anybody wanting to vote no. Think about it. A
No vote would put the power into the hands of FedEx, Conway and all those companies that tried
To destroy us exactly what they wanted and I say if they want it they need to fight harder than that.
“I went through this 7 or 8 years ago maybe 9 years ago with Consolidated Freightways and I can
Tell you when the rug gets pulled out from underneath of you and you lose the way to take care of
Your family and you have no chance in saving that job it is the most gut wrenching experience that
You would ever go through and I would not wish it only worst enemy.
“I can tell you this. We are fortunate. Because of the strength of the teamsters we have an opportunity,
Not just to save YRC but to save the legacy of the Teamsters, the freight division. When you
Think of the Teamsters you think of trucking. That’s what this union was built on, on the back of
All of us, all those that came before us! We need to remember that.
“We need to honor the old timers by doing the right thing and voting yes. You vote yes you
Honor their memory. We need to vote yes so we can preserve our jobs and we need to vote yes so
That anyone behind us will have a better way of life. Having said that, I would like to thank you
For the opportunity to talk to everyone. God bless you and God bless our Union.”

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