Monday, February 13, 2012

Progressive Corrective Action

I was going through our new employee handbook, I received recently. And I noticed, that the re occurrence policy has gone from a 6-month rolling period, to a 12-month period!

Now, whatever violation you may have received recently, will now take 12 months to fall off your record, instead of 6!

I was asked, how could FedEx get away with this? And it all comes down to the same old answer. Without a "CBA", Collective Bargaining Agreement, or a Union Contract.

We are all, "At Will" employees!

So, if you have any questions about what a "Union" in the work place can do. Ask me or any employee who has been educated, on what a union is all about and why it's important to have one.

So, keep on working under pressure, knowing that the last write up you received is hanging over your head now for 12 months!



Tom said...

Fedex is just getting worse and worse by the minute. This is a terrible company to work for. And now it is profits before people. Fedex needs a Union NOW!!!!! I just want to quit and go work for someone else who actually cares about their employees. Our benefits suck, the pension is garbage, and now this crappy 12 policy??? What's next we get written up for wanting a break or lunch? Or we get written up for working for this company over 20 years? This Fedex is a complete piece of shit.

@ a snails pace said...

It was always 12 mos, the attendance was 6 mos.

SBO dock dude said...

wasn't it always 12 months? I think attendance was 6 and write ups were 12. I dont think anything changed on this.

Anonymous said...

Every one of you guys on here needs to stop bitching and complaining about your damn write ups why don't you just get your shit on point and stop worrying about it? Read the handbooks. Read the policies. Know what you need to know to do your job well, don't have an attitude, and you don't need a union. Unions are for lazy complainers who fear change.

Hoffa said...

Listn up anonymous....bottom line is that these write ups are coming as retalliation for Union involvement and for harassment and intimidation to employees who do little to nothing wrong but get written up because management such as yourself try to keep everyone stressed and under pressure. That strategy is a joke and does NOT make employees work more productively. I say you are the one who is afraid of change not us. Why are you so scared of change and letting a Union give the employees more of a voice at Fedex??? Is it because you do not care about the employees who work under you and you just want to give orders like this is a sweatshop??? You do not want employees to have descent medical coverage and a pension they can actually retire with??? Not like the weak ass Fedex 401k Fuckover. We wouldn't need a Union if it weren't for the constant harassment from management and the raping that the management has done to our health and pension benefits. You are so against the Union but you have absolutely no idea what benefits they offer. Just keep kissing ass bro. You management types are the ones who are to blame for this company going down the shitter. I can remember when Fedex or Viking, was one the Forbes top 100 companies to work for. Now we aren't even on the list, remember VPEP??? remember barbqs, remember those nice perks we used to get??? Just a little newsflash for ya redskirt...Fedex shits on the hourly employees everyday but rest assured when you retire Fedex will fuck you over just as easy too. You need to be educated jackass.

TURK 182 said...

and the "anonymous" red-shirt checks in. Thanks for your brilliant post. Does Uncle Fred know that you logged in from one of his computers?


Anonymous said...

What are u talking about fuckers,its the same as if ur going in as anonymous,why don't u use ur real names "hoffa" & turk 187....fags.!!!let's just do it already,get the Damn union in before I change my mind.

TURK 187 said...

sooooo now the anonymous redshirt is pro-union??? I'm confused. Or maybe we just "flipped" a redshirt into bein pro? Better see what snapshot says about this...


Joe Nuno said...

Here is my name, you sound like that coward on ltlboards who goes by Hoot-Owl.
2nd you must have come from American Freightways, because I have some warnings from last year, and it says write ups will clear in six months from the day of your warning.
3rd, If you were for the union, you wouldn't hesitate putting your name, so stop pretending you have interest for the union.
Last I ask the administrator of CFTW to stop letting comments go through from this soothe sayer, so anonymous go and blog on

Mike Octhertz said...

We need a union now! Let's all start making this happen today!

Hoffa Life said...

Thank you Joe. This redshirt is a total ass. You notice there is always some management clown who bad mouths us for doing the right thing. Getting and keeping affordable health insurance and a fair retirement plan is essential to this Union drive. Why would Fedex management be against providing great benefits to the employees??? YIKES......these management clowns and kiss asses have to know that when they retire they will be working at Walmart like the rest of us trying to supplement our income. Fedexworkplace anti Union website is for the brainwashed fools who like making lower wages, no retirement pension, no health insurance, and no respect on the job. Take care Nuno.

Anonymous said...

@Tom,ur an idiot,why don't u go work for another company( u freakin company boy) dont just say it,do it...@ Turk,ur more of an now go by Turk 187,because I told u that(bunch of freakin jackoffs.!!!)...@ the idiot that goes by hoffa,u talking about kissing Fred smith's ass,ur the one who's kissing hoffas ass,dumbfuck.!!

Indy terminal said...

Dock Tickets in Indy?

My friend that has a night time shuttle bid to indy says that they are rolling out a new system out on the dock. Basically if you don't load something properly or secure it properly or you don't have your seatbelt on, a supervisor writes your name on a ticket and turns it in at the end of the night. These tickets add up over time and get turned into write ups and eventually suspension and termination. Supposedly if this system works at Indy they will implement this company wide. It doesn't surprise me that Indy would do this, that has to be one of the most unemployee friendly docks in the system, and certainly the worst that I have worked. It was bad when I jumped off that bid, and it sounds like it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Turk 187 said...

oh how I love the "why don't you go work for another company"-comeback. You and all your buddies who are too scared to take a stand would love that, but I'm sorry to say, we will not give in that easily. We've come too far, risked too much, to just pack it in. The Union is coming, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

It's ironic that Fedex likes to portray the union as bullies or those who would use intimidation, but it's always the anti-union crowd that resorts to name calling, and personal-attacks. BTW, my name aint Tom. I would identify myself, but I've been with this company long enough to know how quickly the retaliation would fly. See: Sal Hernandez, Joe Nuno. So on this forum I'll be Turk 187 (favorite movie of mine), but rest assured at our barn or at a rally, I'll be front and center rallying the troops. Trust me, I'm not hard to find.


Darryl said...

@anonymous wimp. You have a big mouth anonymous. Why not tell us all your name so we can talk face to face you cowardly ass kisser. Maybe you should go by Big Butt Licker on here so we know what you do. LMFAO

Darryl said...

It's not about Fred Smith or Jimmy Hoffa---It's about the Fedex Freight employees having descent medical coverage and a retirement plan with a Union contract which is fair and makes sense. Wake up anonymous coward the Fedex Freight employees are what makes this company exist "dumbfuck."

midnight shuttle driver said...

I think what Indy is doing now, is going to start happening here in Mira Loma.
All the managers and supervisors are a bunch of pricks, with their flamboyant attitudes.
Believe me I see it happening here in Mira Loma, because I am a shuttle driver from another yard.

William Dav***** said...

FedEx corporate know's that employees who don't speak up, are not going to stand up! FedEx know's that the fear that is put into the hourly employees will end there.
With a Collective Bargaining Agreement, there won't be fear, and with solidarity there will be Strength to stop what's happening in Indy.
FedEx objective is to get rid of seniority of old Viking employees.
We the employees of FedEx can make the difference, stand up to them, petition all together, let's petition against this snapshot compliances and prove to the Courts that snapshot is a method to intrap us to get fired.
With signatures, we can make a change.

Gregg said...

Well said Willie, you nail it perfect.
When can we see this petition, because I will be the first to sign.
Anything to stop this FedEx snapshot bullshit, I am tired of hearing drivers complaining on how they get harass on their paperwork.
And when I mention there is a solution to all this, I tell them let's get involve in forming a union, then they turn yellow or start making excuses, they start rambling on how Joe Nuño got fired.
So I tell them what about Joe? I tell them Joe didn't get fired for union activities, Joe got fired for snapshot compliances, Joe got trap in FedEx system of execution of termination of employees.
This example of Joe should make us even more stronger, more united, and fearless.

conway driver said...

What's happening at conway freight,we have to wear seatbelt when we're operating a forlift,we have to wear the setbelt on the tractor at all times when we're hooking-up or drop trls at a conway we have kiss-ass drivers call safety trainer to rat on any one driving to fast(over 10 mph) around the yard. this policies got nothing to do with safety it's all about union busting. it's time to organize or we'll regret not doing it.scaring and bullying is all they got.let's not fear these greedy corporations.they want to take us down one at time.

Employees of Fresno/ United we Stand said...

If you guys start a petition against snapshot and prove is intention to entrapment to be fired, I can get 30 signatures here in Fresno California

Anonymous said...

Whittier here lets go with this petition. WHT rocking and rolling Union 4 Life.

Anonymous said...

What is up Anaheim all up in it to homie. ANH. Organizing all OC Style. Pooyeah. We need you guys back at the front gates again.

Tom said...

Can anyone answer this: How is Fedex Freight any better than it was 5 years ago?

Giuseppe said...

Appealing your cases with FedEx, never ever goes on your side of your point of view.
FedEx always takes your case on FedEx management side whether you are right.
You need a Collective Bargaining Agreement,this way you will be able to arbitrate with true justice.

Munchma Quchi said...

Quit hiding behind anonymous - be a man!

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see my brothers outside a Mira Loma tomorow. we will show them we meen busness.

irudedog said...

There's no rally planned at mira loma today. Let me know who told you that there was one. Rudy

Anonymous said...

Look my differential pay just got cut off. We all received a measly 3% raise to nowhere a week ago only to be cut down from 50 cents to 30 cents. Yeah I know its not much but still money is money. From 401k traditional cut offs, higher health ins premiums and now this. Where is the union card? Pass it around, hell co-mail that card to every station.

Anonymous said...

Your reality is "tainted" with misconception. I also was "there", but company changed when
management lost it's "backbone" and gave its upper hand away.
YOU will never know the stories I have seen and heard of, nor will you ever have as deep a knowledge of facts as I do.
This "knowledge" covers North America areas and the low level "surf and fife" territories that were created.
If YOU made/make it, got/get your 20 or 25 years in and retired/retire, then kudos to you.
Just don't pretend that he invented "sliced bread" or made the "wheel".
Although in his mind, he would like you to believe he improved and streamlined them by himself.
You failed to mention the CSS blunders and fraud I mentioned in my earlier post, so therefore you must be trying to put a "spin" on my comments, and focus attention to poor little old CEO's... lol.

Can you not admit the CSS stories and OSI investigation I mentioned, all you have to do is GOOGLE it.
It was centered in Philadelphia,,,,,(hint, hint) ooops

As a closing comment on your post, I saw a LOT of peoples careers "hurt", and harassment of employees trying to do the "right" thing.
They lost a lot of their future career options, hopes and reputations. Fred didn't give a damm,,, he had to "make" the situations look right in the eyes of the public.
Too many fellow employees suffered because he turned his back.... typical.
It had been ugly for them I am sure, but they live on with it daily, not forgetting the man who couldn't
care less.

Why do they "paint over" the FEDEX logo and colors on airplanes that crash on runways as quickly as they can, before it can even be removed from the runway ???
Why do they try to cover their trucks and vans with "tarps" to hide their FEDEX logo when there is an accident involved ???

They don't want the NAME or PUBLICITY about something "bad" to be associated with them.
They figure, the hell with our people, let's protect our company name...yeah, right.
I can go on for weeks, but enough said.....

Lucky 13 said...

Pay attention my fellow employees !! The time to make this push to get representation is now !! Talk to your co-workers on your breaks and after working hours. Tell them about this effort. Do not be afraid, your supervisors aren't. The main reason for them to keep the union out is that they will be held accountable.
U.P.S. costs less to ship with than Fedex,and their employees are Teamsters.Management simply doesn't want to have to pay attention to the people who make this company work, while they continue to pad their own paychecks

Anonymous said...

Most that work at FedEx are too scared and intimidated to take action. Everyone I work with works out of fear and are treated poorly. If you are injured, you get written up. I work with people that hide their serious injuries bc of the consequences. We are continually asked to change our timecards to benefit FedEx. You lose time worked this way however, you are threatened if you don't do such. Management doesn't communicate with each other nor communicate with employees. It's a sweatshop job and if you work at a Ramp, it is extremely dangerous work. There is absolutely no concern for integrity with treatment of employees. Managers falsify documentation all of the time. However, if an hourly employee falseified anything....good luck...You work like a dog day after day and are continually beaten down by incompetent management and illegal treatment. Everyone I work with speaks amongst themselves about how bad things are but everyone is scared to take action. Considering the few things I mentioned, at this point in time FedEx hourly employees can longer function without union representation.