Thursday, April 12, 2012

YRC's Welch Says Bad Decisions Brought Down Stock Price - TeamstersOnline

This is a good interview. Note that Mr. Welch does not blame the Teamsters for YRC's problems.


Anonymous said...

Proud to be from a Teamster family?? I haven't seen the Obama administration put anything into law which makes it easier to organize and form a Union in the workplace. She sounds like she knows the words but doesn't know the music.

irudedog said...

With a just say no senate, he has had everything that is pro labor turned downed, the gop has the majority! That is why you don't see anything being done. The reauthorization act, to help fdx express out of the railroad act, was blocked by 2 republican senator. The employee free act was turned down by a majority of the senate.

Beginning to see the big picture yet.
Its not that he's not doing anything. Its a hard battle of a "just say no" senate!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Obama adminstration hasn't been a strong ally in supporting unonization efforts at FedEx Express. The recent approval of the FAA Reauthorization Act makes it virtually impossible for FedEx Express employees to unionize.
Within a few weeks, Fred Smith began a new round of takeaways,knowing full well that his employees had been successfully subdued. Let's organize ALL of FedEx, not just FedEx Freight. Fred smith needs to understand that his workers aren't disposable diapers. WE NEED A UNION NOW!!!


Anonymous said...

The bottom line is if Obama was a strong president he would get this pro legislation passed, but I do agree the Republicans block bills and are total assholes. Obama needs to get off his ass and get this legislation passed. It is so pro business and very anti worker with Fedex.