Monday, May 14, 2012

Can You Please Show Us Anti Union Tatics Part Two



What is a union buster?  A union buster is a firm or individual hired by an employer to thwart a union organizing drive by employees.


Why do Companies hire union busters? One simple word . . . control. With a Union, employers lose the ability to totally control the workforce, since employees collectively gain rights with a union.


Why don't we hear about the union buster?  This is one of the ways a union buster operates - behind the scenes. If you  get letters signed by management that imply bad things happening with a union, you can bet that letter was written by a union buster.


How does the union buster operate?  A union buster seeks to achieve two things: One, to create a sense of dissention and division among employees during an organizing campaign; and, two, to spread the greatest amount of misinformation about the union possible.


During EVERY Union campaign, beware of the fact that your Employer DIRECTED BY THEIR UNION-BUSTERS will try everything in their power to deceive you in their attempts to keep control. In principle, no employer wants to give up control to its employees. That is why employers will use every tool at their disposal. They'll use letters, rumors, threats, phony committees, captive audience meetings, special perks, videos, fear, scare tactics, lies about corruption and anything else they can think of to convince you to vote no or not sign a card.


These methods are contained in standard propaganda packages developed and sold by highly paid professional "union-busting" consultants (paid approximately $1,000 - $1,500 a day plus expenses).


They are designed to confuse workers into thinking that they don't want or need a Union. Don't allow some highly paid "consultant", sometimes disguised as Human Resource Personnel to tell you how to think. Don't be distracted - even by a small group of employees who may be misled by management and are campaigning against you and your right to form a Union.

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