Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FedEx employees should take note

The Ports are back to work after a strike by its clerical workers who were fighting from having their jobs being outsourced to India, have won. Ten out of fourteen Ports of long shoremen members in support of these clerical walked off their jobs. And the Ports caved in. They will not outsource these jobs. And when more employees are needed they will hire within the states!

So fedex employee when fedex gives your work away to Purchase Transport drivers, you'll know what needs to be done now.

The time to organize is now! Stop listening to management and their kiss ass zombies who don't have your best interest at heart.


Anonymous said...

So the light went out the other day at our terminal (SLG). We stopped working and went outside for safety to know whats going on. After 20 mins we are told to go back to work....In the DARK! The light went out for nearly 2 hours and a half but we keep working! I don't think that is safe in any way. We worked in the dark for more than 2 hours. Loading and unloading trailers with forklifts. Supervisor's putting tractors to light up the place, but it was still dark and unsafe. i wonder if OSHA can do something about this. My fellow workers are scared to speak up due to the intimidation FedEx has upon us.

Employee at SLG

Anonymous said...

Wht servise center is puttuin hard working people on a 3day work week.thank you fed ex,i knew our kids and family could count on you on delivering the purple promice.of letting my family starved.sin you are going to take the very few hours i work away.thank you fedex. Merry critmas.

Anonymous said...

I hate working at wht it sucks how they treat the workers... we are all humanbeins.not just a #.we need to work together to change fed time guys, is time

Anonymous said...

Is time to do something, every one at wht. And all service center could and should put at end to every thing that viking frt gave us and fedex took away.