Friday, January 4, 2013


Today UPS freight drivers top of scale goes up to $25.70 hr. And on July 1St of this year increases to $26.15 hr!

It's amazing what a contact can get you

Happy New Years FedEx freight drivers.


UPS driver said...

UPS freight line haul get .64 cents a mile now. And in July will go up to .66 cents.

If a line driver gets under fifty miles, they get paid hour wages.

Anonymous said...

What do the drivers get paid at FedEx Freight?

Anonymous said...

Top pay is 24.50, and road drivers get paid I believe 65 cents a mile. Hooks and drops are each $12.25. A hook and drop is $12.25. Fueling is 5$.
So a trip from here to Whittier is 13 miles, which is like 25 min. So we get paid like 8$ for that trip. And if we get to that terminal and have to wait for other trailers that's on our time. You can apply a delay after I believe 1 hour. They do this to cut overtime, to save money.

Before everything was hourly so drivers were putting in good money, like $65K + a year. No they took that hourly pay and we screwed.

Anonymous said...

Don't for get that miralome dose not pay drop and hooks ...