Thursday, March 20, 2014


Change FedEx to Win and the drivers of FedEx  Freight in So. Cal would like to thank Gene Chavez for his Class Action Suit against FedEx Freight.
It takes a lot to go up against a big company like FedEx and to win.

So the next time you see Gene tell him Thanks, he deserves it.



Turk_187 said...

Damn Straight!!!

Mean Gene is a man amongst boys!! Alot of us talk about fighting back and such, but Gene actually did something about it!! Kudos to you Mr. Chavez! That's right, he's no longer Gene or Eugene, he should be referred to as "Mr. Chavez" out of respect for victory over the corporate machine!
Thank You Mr. Chavez!!

Joe Nuño said...

Hey brother Gene, thank you!

Joe Nuño said...

Good job Gino and thank you!

It takes guts to stand up to a corporate like FedEx, it's time for you guys to stand up and organize now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,but can someone explain exactly what was this class action for.I remember getting a letter a while back,but I don't remember exactly what it was for.

irudedog said...

Anonymous said...

Back in the day we had 4/10 routes going to the desert.We were getting paid straight time for the entire 10 hrs(per day).I talked to some workers from warehouses that have 4/10 schedules,and they get paid 8hrs of straight and 2 hrs of overtime(per day)why didn't we get paid like this at FedEx.Do you think we may have a case..maybe you can look into it.

WTF said...

I've seen employees who have been fired for not complying with Snapshot. but yet a manager violated state labor laws and cost the company a 1 million dollar lawsuit and is still working with the same position at FedEx.
if you FedEx employees don't organize after this one. you deserve what. FedEx throws at you.