Thursday, January 1, 2015

Highlights of the National Master UPS Agreement, 2013-2018

General Wage Increases
Full time wage increases:
Starting August 2013: 70 cents
Starting August 2014: 70 cents
Starting August 2015 70 cents
Starting August 2016 80 cents
(to be split with 40 cents on August 1
and additional 40 cents on February 1)
Starting August 2017 $1.00
(to be split with 50 cents on August 1 and
an additional 50 cents on February 1)
The full-time starting wage will increase to
$18.75 (it is currently $16.10).
Employees entering a package car driving,
feeder or other full time job on August 1, 2013
will have a 48 month progression.
Those currently in progression will continue
with the 36 month progression.

Part-time wage increases
Part-time employees will receive the same
general wage increases as full-time employees
(.70, .70, .70, .80, 1.00 –with the last two years
The start rate for part-time employees will
increase to $11 for preloaders/ sorters and $10
for all others which is an increase of $1.50.
Part-timers currently in progression will
receive the GWI and make no less than what
they would be entitled to after new pay-rates
go into effect on August 1, 2013.

Forfull-time employees in theUPS/IBT pension
plan, the following enhancementswill be implemented:
Effective 1/1/2014:

• After 35 years and any age, retirement
benefits will be $3,700 per month (up from
• 30 or more years and any age will increase
to $3,200 per month plus $100/yr of service
up to $3700 (up from $3,000)
Effective 1/1/2017:
• 35 years, any age will be $3,900 per month
• 30 years at any age will be $3,400 per
month plus $100/yr of service up to $3,900.
Pension – part-time
For people in the UPS part-time pension plan,
retirement benefits any age after 35 years of
service will increase to $2,100 per month (up
from $1,925)
• After 30 years of service at any age will increase
to $1,800 per month (up from
• After 25 years at 60 years of age increases
to $1,500 per month (up from $1,375)
• Retirement at any agewith 25 years of service
increases to $1,250 permonth (up from

Part-timers in the UPS plan will now need
to work only 375 hours a year in order to become
a participant in the plan. A part-timer
must work 750 hours a year in order to receive
full vesting credit, but a part-timer will become
a participant in the plan after reaching age 21
and completing a 12 month period during which
they work 375 hours.

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Thats what having a contract is all about.Having it in writing with a union sure makes things easy.POWER TO ALL WORKERS