Friday, May 8, 2015

The ideals we all share and cherish as Americans are many and today on display is the freedom of speech, our right to seek representation in the workplace and our liberty to vote and have our voice be heard. Our fellow FedEx Freight Drivers out of Chicago Heights, IL have spoken and the 8 week long campaign ends tonight with the majority electing to not seek Union representation.

So as the clock strikes midnight tonight we honor every one of those men and woman that have honorably exercised their right at the ballot box and we respect tonight’s outcome.

The drivers out of CGT understand the issues at the heart of the ballots casted tonight and no matter what side you are on this is now a time to join together and move forward. The company has made its case and the majority has elected to not seek representation at this time. Instead the votes tonight entrust the company to make good on its commitments to address the issues or it will ultimately lose the trust its been granted tonight 12 months from now.

The battle in CGT was not won tonight but rest assured the campaign to form our own Union here at FedEx Freight is not over.

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