Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's coming!!! Dashboard cameras to a tractor near you. Will this be as bad as the scorecard or worse? The Pilot program is in effect currently. Cameras will be outward facing forward to capture your driving. Who is it to protect or put blame on?
Currently you are not allowed to have your own personal dash cam with you. Why? Because it's your video. Control needs to be with the company. Cameras will be on all the time. Every triggered event will require a review of the footage.
Outward facing cameras now but we all can see the future. Is there a plan to have a camera mounted facing the driver also? We see this as a way to remove all liability off the company and onto the driver. Accidents , incidents and hard braking will be reviewed. How many reviews before suspension, critical or termination?
Even the best drivers will trigger a review as a 4 wheeler cuts in front of them and hard braking is applied. This could easily be reviewed as tailgating. Language in a contract to protect you, sounds pretty good right about now. Don't you think? Do something about it before it's too late. Sign a card and get involved. Protect your livelihood !!!

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Anonymous said...

So I see some people keep asking about XPO taking over Conway.I'm the same guy who warned my coworkers and you FedEx workers about the restructuring happening at both companies.On on my previous comments that i posted(9/18/15)over would happen for 3 months.So the 3 month's are about here in the takeover has happened ,the rebranding of Conway to xpo will start in a few weeks. But as of Monday November 2nd Conway will no longer Be. If you want to verify this you can call the Conway number and the operator will now answer yes Conway is over.and this is what the CEO of xpo said...
Bradley Jacobs, chairman and chief executive officer of XPO Logistics, said, "We have an unprecedented opportunity to create value for our customers and investors as a result of the Con-way transaction. We're moving quickly to eliminate redundancies and leverage our scale to better serve our more than 50,000 customers."....

What do you people think he means by moving quickly?leverage?Eliminate?..anyone have any ideas?
Oh yeah and XPO Has offers for conway truck load.So they might start selling Conway one part at a time.