Tuesday, December 22, 2015

L A Trade Tech Labor Center Schedule of Classes WINTER 2016 Start January 4 and End February 5, 20165 (5 Weeks)

Change fedex to win highly recommend anyone who is interested in organizing FedEx Freight take classes like these that are offered at L A trade tech in your area.
Knowledge is Power !

LS 5-GRIEVANCE AND ARBITRATION  Sec. 3252 How to identify, investigate, write and present grievances and handle arbitrations.  Emphasis on participants’ own contracts, grievance procedures and experiences.  Instructors: Gillian Golberg and Steven Holguin, Holguin, Garfield, Martinez and Quinonez  Class Location: ILWU Local 56, 316 W. 7th St., San Pedro, 90731
LS 20-WORKERS’ RIGHTS Sec. 3254 Basic legal rights for workers, including: wage and hour laws, overtime, leaves, workplace privacy including e-mail and computers, accommodating disabilities, including pregnancy, and combating employment discrimination.  Instructor: Jim Varga, IATSE International West Coast Counsel  Class Location: L.A. County Federation of Labor, 2130 W. James Wood Bld., Los Angeles 90006
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM Aspen Hall Room 221
Must Attend Both Days to Earn College Credit
LS 132-STRATEGIC BRAGAINING Sec.0440 How to conduct a strong contract campaign including effective research, member involvement, building public support, and corporate campaigns.  February 20 and 21  Instructor: Marcus Hatcher, SEIU-UHW 
LS 114-WORKERS’ LEGAL RIGHTS  Sec. 0441 Know your rights at work.  Basic legal rights that protect workers covering such areas as meal breaks, overtime, anti-discrimination, family leave and disability benefits. February 27 and March 12 Instructor: Joe Paller, Gilbert and Sackman   
LS 107-POLITICAL ACTION SKILLS  Sec.0442 Survey of grassroots political organizing strategies, including: phone banks, precinct walks, get out the vote (GOTV), vote-by-mail, and communications.  March 5 and 19  Instructor: Rusty Hicks, L.A. County Federation of Labor 
LS 128-SEXUAL HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION  Sec. 0443 Learn the laws and how to combat sexual harassment and job discrimination, including the criteria for claims, agencies, policies and procedures for prevention.  April 9 and 16  Instructors:  June McMahon, Retired, UCLA Labor Center and Josh Young, Gilbert and Sackman   
LS 115-WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY* Sec.0444 How to identify and resolve workplace health and safety issues, and proactive strategies to improve workplace safety.  April  23 and 30 (*May 7 optional third day to earn Health and Safety certificate)   Instructor: Deogracia Cornelio, UCLA-LOSH

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