Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fresno Driver Trainer Interrogating Drivers

Yesterday at our Fresno terminal there were meetings held by M. LUJAN and management asking their drivers if everything here was ok?

After those meetings, driver trainer Gilbert Perez, has been asking drivers if they know of any union activities going on at Fresno?  Bringing up drivers names and asking if they are signing "authorization cards"?

Under the NRLB , Mr. Perez, it is illegal for you, acting as an agent for the Fresno management to "S.P.I.T". Spy - Promise - Interrogate - Threaten , any of your fellow employees.

You could be charged for "Unfair Labor Practices " under the NRLB if enough drivers, you are Interrogating file a petition. 

I wonder Gilbert when you volunteered to do this for Mike and Kirk . Did they tell you that this could happen to you? Probably not. Just another example of how upper management doesn't give a rats ass about their drivers, Pro or Non union.


United and Strong said...

Sounds like someone just stepped into a big pile. Know your rights as well as what you can and can't do. Management will not be honest with you as we have seen from many locations, they can no longer be trusted. You may have just volunteered for a suicide mission.

WTF said...

Hey mister "I'm famous" AKA Gilbert. No one said you could not talk about the union pro or not. It's when you call out drivers by names. That's what makes you a snitch using your words.

Anonymous said...

Hourly employees aren't the only ones being treated unfairly. In the management world supervisors are at the bottom and are just as disposable as an hourly employee. It's sad to see how it starts from the top and trickles down. I used to love what I do. I enjoy getting people engaged, and building that trust so that we can all be successful. What about supervisors? 12 hour days, eating at the dock stand, no break, given unrealistic expectations. I have my own opinions on the Union and I do not wish to disclose it. But I hope one day these power trip, power hungry, greedy managers all get what they deserve one day. One bad SCM reflects on your whole service center. It's disheartening. Please cut some supervisors, and even ops managers some slack. Sometimes it really is the SCM that can affect every one. Because if they are having a bad day, guess what. It goes down the latter. Managers get stressed and stress out the sups, and sups to dock and drivers. I do hope I can enjoy my job again one day.