Monday, April 18, 2016

Here is the Video That FedEx Does Not Want You To See.

Shortly after the Gardena strike, FedEx management began to show an edited version of this video in an effort to manipulate employees opinions' about the unionization movement at FedEx Freight. In an official response to the strike, FedEx stated that the striking employees and supporting Teamsters had resorted to "intimidating and coercive conduct" against anti-union employees. As you can see from this full video, that was not the case.

It has been said that if you have nothing to hide then there is no reason to not be transparent. Why would FedEx feel the need to show an edited version of this video if it had nothing to hide? 


United and Strong said...

FedEx believes that through manipulation and lies they can defeat the union. Only through true education can we battle this. With a CEO to worker pay ratio of 145:1 you can clearly see that Freddy don't give a shit about us. We must continually pressure the company to change if we really want a secure future. Join us at to keep up to date and to debunk the company propaganda.

The Owl said...

All across the country it was told by management that the person in the white truck was forcefully removed from his vehicle when it's quite obvious he was not and in fact was the aggressor in this situation. But that's par for the course in this whole campaign, Fedex and their minions lie like hell and accuse the teamsters of lying yet haven't proven ONE TIME that it has happened. They are the liars.

Joe Nuño said...

Manipulators, deceivers, Lairs will always be with FedEx management ...especially when it comes to your Union Rights, management will always strip those Rights from you.
Management will always be ignorance and ignorance people always create Choas!!
But the NWO of FedEx is here, I can give you an example of bad management, Mark Link is a prime example, he's a racist, manipulative and deceiver.
He cheats the system of Fedex, the Snapshot Compliance of FedEx, the biggest violator of FedEx Policy Regulations...I know his talent, I once worked with him in Mira Loma.
He ran 6 drivers in the middle of the night to run sets of trailers to Fontana full of freight without any paperwork, he forced us to break the Law, run those trailers whether it had haz-mat or not and you if refuse to do this, he would have sent you home without pay and pending for termination.
I have six affidavits testament from all six drivers of what happened that night that Mr.Link force us to do, we even told our old SVC manager from Fontana, but he threw us under the Bus with the management of Mira Loma.
But the truth here, who watches those manipulators, Deceivers, lairs and cheaters of the system violators?

United and Strong said...

There is plenty of racism in management, even upper management it runs free. You know what I am talking about Doug Clavier, Gary Lee & his pawn Lance. Shame on you all. We will combat the lies when they are told.