Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weingarten Rights

These protection right's are given to the four terminals that voted for teamsters representation. And they don't pay any UNION DUES yet.

What are the rest of you waiting for?


Unknown said...


Congratulations on all your hard work in procuring the greatest union on the planet to Fed Ex. As an ex-employee of 25 years and now a proud member of the Studio Teamsters Local 399, I look forward to all my brothers and sisters from Fed Ex Freight formally (Viking Freight System) in having the opportunity to raise their living expectations,security,attitude and have a sense of pride of [really] being a member of a family, a group, organization, that really has your back,and not that lie Fed Ex preaches as you are lead out the door with nothing but empty promises that never come to fruition.

You see, no one thinks that these things will happen until it does and they bank on you believing their misrepresentations regarding your pensions, healthcare, returns of their annuities and such, then when you wake up at sixty to retire,[if you are not put out in the garbage by then] you are all alone, then the next generation of twenty year olds start the process all over and they are spoon fed this rhetoric, its not necessary to be in that situation and trust me when I say (I'm glad and proud to be a Teamster) and so glad I made the move up and so will all of you! Good Luck my future brothers and sisters in helping keep America strong for the future of our country, families, friends, from a former Viking Freight System Employee cause I never embraced Fed Ex....

Best Regards to all,

Mike Milroy
Hollywood Studio Teamsters Local 399

irudedog said...

Thank You Mike for your comment and congratulations on your new job.


Anonymous said...

Representation is needed at FedEx Freight Whittier. I have seen the injustices at this terminal and can no longer continue to do or say nothing about it. I'm curious to know how many people from FedEx Freight WHT are interested in organizing? If enough people are involved I would love to be part of this movement.

irudedog said...

Feel free to contact me at changefedextowin@yahoo.com