Friday, July 24, 2009

Send A Message

There will be some paid meeting( most likely anti-union ) this weekend in SBO and WHT terminals. If you are really tired of this companies radical changes and policies send them a real hard message by not showing up! This will let them know of our disapproval!
Because seriouly people, most of you have heard the latest road cd and they have told you straight out that there are only 25 percent of " disengaged employees". Show Arkansas they are wrong!

Funny how they will pay us to hear their Bull Shit. But won't pay us delay time pay. Where it really count!

Soladarity works my friends. Back in '06 when they got wind of our organizing they had meetings with p&d in FTA and were fishing for info on the organizing and everyone was told to just push the topics of pension and top of scale, thats it. And in the end the top of scale went up to the rates of WHT! You can Thank your p&d drivers for that one.

Now its your turn Line Haul!

Step up to the plate!
Don't throw another "Blue Monday


Anonymous said...

Fedex keeps saying they want an engaged workforce, what a joke! How am i supposed to feel about that here at WHT when my boss and "example" Greg Faith says in meetings and one on one conversations that he doesn't care about Fedex or the drivers he just wants to make it to retirement and thats all he cares about!! Every time I go to him about something thats his answer, and they wonder why the drivers at WHT feel the way they do.

Anonymous said...

Im really tire of this company changes and policies they are firing workers Jose Garcia GAR Tito Ayala ANH Jesse Lopez WHT Elias Orosco SBO Victor Caballero GAR remember that this management can fire you for any reason AT WILL,And they can do this at any time that's why we need to become teamsters union becouse to have a contract will be our protection that's why im not coming to hear their bull shits this management is doing a lot stupid things like using p& d drivers runing line line driver are working the dock by doing this thay are forcing senior driver to quit that's sound like CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT wake up drivers we can do this lets show this assholes that we know how to play hard ball too looks like age discrimination im a senior driver from FONTANA CA now they want me to come to this meeting kis my ASS i dont want to hear no more unti- union shit they are kissing are ass i wonder why becouse 2009 is our year to become proud TEAMSTERS.

Anonymous said...

Corporate big wigs from Harrison, Ar. Will visit SBO, WHT, FTA and they will at ANH on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I am tired of being treated like a number Mike Caceres and Jay Caceres, the supervisor brothers working PM at WHT always treats me like garbage and thinks he is so high and mighty over everyone else. This is harassment for being pro Union and needs to stop. This is ridiculous and we need the Teamsters in here. Teamsters please come back to the gates at WHT. I will be seeing you guys at the next meeting in the OC.

Skip Hicks said...

Sunday's manditory meetings.

Here we go, it's about this Sunday's meetings. It seems that
corporate now wants to talk? That's
great! But what happen when we asked for answers on why we were denied for work preformed?
This meeting could be just a fact finding mission for FDXF. They want
to find out who are the outspoken employees. This information is part of their "driver removal program" where drivers are eliminated by management because of not being "engaged".

The definition of a engaged employee is......

1) One who agrees with all decisions make by the new corporation and loves it.

2) One who will be happy that their work time is NOT paid although they preformed duties for the company.

3) One who will tell others " you should be happy you have a job."

4) One that will tell corporate who is not following as an engaged employee and makes a list.

Just to let you know all of the SCM's have no legs to stand on if they choose to keep their jobs. There opinions are not welcomed by
Harrison. They are corporate puppets.
These guys in Harrison feel that they are taking this company down the toilet and in last ditch efforts to keep the union out, and keep their jobs, they are now having anti union meetings.
They have a list of 25 key points and will dodge around all your issues and concerns.
This is exactly how Conway does business. There are only a few older employees at Conway. they were fired or run out simply they had no support by a union.
FDXF plan does not inclued YOU! They made that clear on the CD mile marker 16! thanks Mr Reed!
Think about your future. See your local teamster organizer or find out how to contact them.
It's your future, and your families are depending on you to make a smart choice.

Thanks to all the organizers who are working hard for our future!

Anonymous said...

When line drivers at fedex become teamsters and they get a contract they wont be force to work the dock unles you bid on that position just like ABF, UPS,, FREIGHT, yellow freight, REDDAWAY UPS,The reddaway non union terminals shutlers drivers are forced to work the dock becouse they din't want to vote union now they are paying the price now the reddaway union drivers they don't have to work the dock they wait in the tractor for the paper work and trailers to be hook up now at fedex i have to bust my ass braking trailers hooking my set working 12 hours not getting pay for OT,delay time it take me 1 hour and 15 minutes to run 25 to 35 miles i make about 8 to 10 dollars or less an hour they are abusing us same way they used to abuse COMBO DRIVERS that's why we need to FORM A UNION AT FEDEX the teamsters are ready to help us all we need to do is show to the meetings and ask for help now they want me to come to this anti-union meetings and they want to pay me for coming but they don't want to pay me for delay time F.......EM from a FONTANA LINE DRIVER.teamsters in the house.

Joe Nuno said...

Hey brother Skip Hicks, don't forget an "engaged" Employee at FedEx is someone from the Neck down and not from the head down. You have no Rights, your opinions don't mean nothing, and if you have a question, don't ask in front of our co-workers you might "Disengaged others".

Anonymous said...

Mike Caceres at WHT is holding anti Union meetings Friday and trying to fish for info

Anonymous said...

If you are harass for being pro union and need to stop call Jesse Lopez im sure that he got a good lawyer or ask the whittier organizer SAL or JAIME they will tell you what to do i don't see management harrasing this organizers becouse they know the LABOARD LAW and they know the LAW OF THE LAND nor JOE NUNO or RUDY HERNANDEZ the only one they used to f..k was TITO "JACKSON" the ANAHEIM UNION ORGANIZER but im sure he is fighting back by taking this jerks to the LABOARD COURT if you want to stop the harassment go to the labor department they will be happy to hear about FEDEX abusing workers why is that ARKANSAS management is SOUTH CALIFORNIA KISSING WORKERS BUTTS is becouse ankle FRED SMITH is pissed about what's going on in CALIFORNIA he don't want more class acctions law suits becouse he will look like WALLMART with 500 law suits he needs the money to buy new air planes. a P& D WHITTIER CA i will be seeing you in the next meeting at local 952 ORANGE CALIFORNIA.

Joe Nuno said...

Heard last meeting larry miller was trying to explain about the comment made on CD about Engaged or Disengaged was a wrong time to discuss on CD, especially now with all this change of operation. They are trying to wash their hands or back paddle about their comments on CD. It's time to organize now, secured your future, let's form our union.

Anonymous said...

Yes we need the union!! Everyday Paul Freyre is calling me big mouth and saying there will never ba a union that I don't make a diffrence and that he is going to "get" me. I go to management for help but they don't care, I need the union so they can get this guy off me!!!

Anonymous said...

Freyre is just starting up his shit again. He is just a brave guy at work. Paul likes to push his weight as a supervisor around. He doesn't care about anybody but himself. The wannabe Union buster Paul Freyre.

Anonymous said...

To the pro union driver be careful with Paul Preyre he is going to get you for sure he is getting pay to do fedex dirty job remember that he can fire you for any reason AT WILL and before he does sue his ASS you can get him for HARASSMENT AND DISCRIMINATION for harassing a pro union employee also find out who else is being harass and get hold of Jesse Lopez im sure you can use his lawyer remember Greg Faith tried to fire Jesse 2 times and he did't sue Greg Faith but at the 3ed time Greg Faith fired Jesse so you should sue Paul Preyre before "HE GET YOU" remember this is the only way to stop this abuse from this jerks at fedex i know that fedex got million of dollars to fight the u.s congress they can easy pay 100.000 dallars for a wrogfull termination or discrimination do not call HR for help they are not here to help you they are management too remember the combo driver from ANAHEIM he call HR on Mike Hutton 1. 2.3 times about TITO"JACKSON" getting abused by the ANAHEIM MANAGEMENT this driver was fired thanks to H R when we become union there is no need for HR all we need is a CONTRACT
see you the next meeting at local 952 TEAMSTERS the WHITTIER P&D PRO UNION.please post the next meeting date MR BIG RUDDOG.urf urf urf...


irudedog said...

Thanks for your input on Paul,( and I will post the next meeting soon), but with enough employees who are victims of Paul's miss treatments.You should get a letter written and have it signed by all of these employees. And contact me at and lets file with the Labor Board now.

frankiez said...

Heard about the meeting in Wht on Monday night.10 management people and 8 line drivers.ONE line driver spoke up and sort of confronted management to the point that when he gets in Friday the terminal manager wants to,"TALK",to him.
My point? How come only one driver spoke up?Especially when some,supposed strong supporters of us being treated with respect and dignity were there.
As I've said in the past-many times-when you pick up a banner and start running with it pretty soon the only foot steps you hear are your own.
If you don't join the fight YOU deserve what you get.

Anonymous said...

hey guys don't be scared of Paul Freyre he is just a clown thats full of hot air!!!

Anonymous said...

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