Thursday, April 25, 2019


This week at our San Bernardino Ca. terminal, drivers were asked to attend a so called"Meeting ".

When drivers arrived to these meetings they were introduced to FedEx lawyers! Who were there to ask questions about a on going class action suit!

The suit pertains to  lunches , breaks and personal cell phones used for company business. Some drivers felt sideswiped by the dishonesty of management!

The lawyers on the onset said that they were not there to represent the employee , but to represent FedEx. They,  the drivers,  were given the option to answer the questions or to not participate at all.

If you do participate,  please beware of what you say and what you sign. Especially if you sign a statement of what you have just said. This could be used against you later on. Remember those lawyers are there representing FedEx "Not Us"

These lawyers were in Fresno about three weeks ago. So they are most likely to arrive to most of California.

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