Friday, May 3, 2019

Seven Of The Ten Deadliest States For Workers Have ‘Right To Work’ Laws

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) tracks workplace fatalities each year.
Not surprisingly, the states with anti-union ‘right to work” laws fare the worst.
Below are the ten states with the most workplace deaths, with the death rate per 100,000 workers listed as well. “Right to work” states are in bold.
Alaska (10.2)
Arkansas (6.1)
Louisiana (6.3)
Mississippi (6.2)
The Westin
Montana (6.9)
North Dakota (10.1)
South Dakota (7.3)
Vermont (7.0)
West Virginia (7.4)*
Wyoming (7.7)
*The WV “right to work” law was passed in 2016 and upheld by the state Supreme Court. A lower court overturned parts of the law again this year but the state Supreme Court ordered a stay of that decision. 
For the the full list of states, visit the BLS page here.

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j monroe said...

Everyone has always had The Right to Work
But not the right to bargin on wages or Beni fits
If you have a chance to unionize
Do it
United we Bargain
Divided we Beg