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Learn about the federal and state laws which protect you and fellow workers, union and nonunion alike. Taught by workers’ rights expert Joe Paller, this two-Saturday course covers family, medical and other leave rights, disability benefits, racial and gender discrimination, breaks and more.
The class will give special attention to NEW AND RECENT CALIFORNIA LAWS protecting employees in the workplace. Specially designed to help union reps and employees enforce the law, often without a lawyer.

• Privacy Rights and Employer Snooping
• What an Employer Can't Ask You at Work or When You Apply for a Job
• Suing for Wrongful Discharge • Paid and Unpaid Leaves of Absence for Sickness, Pregnancy or Disability
• Email and Social Media Rights at Work
• Drug and Alcohol Testing
• Workplace Rights of Undocumented Workers
• Rights to Inspect Your Personnel and Payroll Files

Must pre-enroll online, a week before class starts: opencccapply/applylattc/Pages/ default.aspx
Fees: $46/unit for California residents

ASO Rep Fee: $2 per semester

ASO Membership Fee: $10 per semester (optional but must opt out)
Health Center: $11 per semester Checks Payable to LATTC

Free parking in the Olive Street parking structure (between Washington Blvd. and 21st St.) for weekend Labor Studies classes during class hours The Labor Center Kathleen Yasuda, Director John R. McDowell, Jr., Founder Vivien De la Torre/Olga Garcia, Assistants (213) 763-7129 To get e-copies of Labor Studies flyers, please email us at
Labor Studies 114 (Class 25527) 1 Unit of College Credit Workers’ Legal Rights March 7 & 14, 2020 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Los Angeles Trade-Technical College Building B3, Room 309 (School of Health Building)

Instructor: Joe Paller Gilbert and Sackman
Joe Paller is a principal at Gilbert & Sackman where he represents labor unions and union benefit plans, as well as plaintiffs in class action litigation.

Mr. Paller was named the “2020 Lawyer of the Year” in the great- er Los Angeles area in the field of “Labor Law - Union.” He has been recognized as a Southern California Su- per Lawyer for 20 consecutive years. Joe is one of a handful of lawyers in North America who has been inducted as a Fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel and as a Fellow of the College of La- bor and Employment Lawyers.

I have taken these classes during our last campaign to organize FedEx Freight in Southern California.

Anyone who work for a nonunion company should take these classes. Especially if you work for any division of FedEx.


Rudy Hernandez
P and D Driver SBO.

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