Monday, June 1, 2020

This is What We Were Talking About

The first photo below is from a former Fresno FedEx driver who left a year ago to work for ABF than for UPS. After a year between both carriers, he has accrued a total of $1,186.44 per month. My Fedex pension after 30 years is a whopping $216.97 per month!

The next photo is from another FedEx driver who now works for KeHe in Chino Ca. who's  pension,  after five years vested, his monthly pension has climbed to $2095.08. At Kehe they negotiated their first contract 5 years ago. Since it was their first Tesmsters contact,  they received the 2 for 1 vesting. This was offered to us if we had voted "Yes" for Teamsters representation! But many believed FedEx managers BS. This is one reason you see drivers with 40 years plus still here at FedEx. Why? Simple. They can't afford to retire!

Be Safe.


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Joe Nuño said...

A well spelled article on the difference of a defined pension plan, if Fresno, Fontana, Whittier, Gardena and Stockton and by the way Stockton stills carry the 2 for 1 ! Voted then !
All of us from 2006, 14 years total would have been at $3145.
You, cliff, Sal, and I plus many more would have been Gone and left a legacy Master CBA for the future generations to continue.