Thursday, December 6, 2007

tducksoup1 said...

We the Memphis committee for teamsters under fedex express just want to say how we wish you all the best in you fight for what is right. Although we also have a hard battle ahead, together we can pass information along to each other and one day become brothers and sisters under the Teamster umbrella.
Joe you have posted some very wise and excellent information on our site and I will pass this on to our fellow amt's. We can use our communication's to help contact and support each others efforts. thanks again for your hard work. tducksoup1 aka Tom Perusi director of communications Memphis core committee


Anonymous said...

The time has come, were we all stand together, as a proud “FedEx” International Brotherhood of Teamsters!!
With education, we have power; with power we have a strong solidarity and unity, releasing fear, having no apathy gives us a voice to be heard.
Let’s stop the atrocity of this company and gain some control, let’s demand a secured Teamster pension, we all know that FedEx could afford to pay us $ 5 per hour; and up to 2080 hrs per year going into the Teamster’s Western Conference Pension Funds, and we know they could pay us $ 4 per hour; also up to 2080hrs per year for medical benefits and lower co-payments for visitation and prescription.
Let’s create a Teamster contract with better working condition voted by our FedEx brothers and sisters, and not a company lawyer handbook or a union buster contract which is always being broken by our own management; like I always said a handbook is a subject to bent for the company benefit.

Anonymous said...

Well everyone they have announced a $2.08 pay raise on our licence pay. They are once again trying to divide and conqure and leave our fellow class and craft in the cold again. I'm sure there trying to get the fence sitters to say see they love us. Take the cost of medical and dental along with the cost of living and they gave us crap.
The funny thing is that I never heard from anyone(and I hear from alot of people)bitching about money, it was always benefits and retirement. It does not go into effect until march and by then ups will have their new contract and will be making so much more per hour plus their medical and dental will still cost them nothing.
We need to let our brothers and sisters in the other class and craft that this will not stop our drive. It p ... me off more than anything, I enclosed the letter in the attachement. I also posted it on it is called US maintenance. Tom

Anonymous said...

I am a Comm Member from the NorthEastComm on the Aircraft Side and I want to let you know that we are behind you all the way, Fedex has been lining their pockets with alot of money made from our hard work and sweat. It is time that we get our share of that money and everything else that has been taken away from us and our families. It is time for our big brother to start watching our interest for good wages, affordable health care, job security, retirement benefits, protection against discrimantion and favoritism and have safe working conditions..It is time for a Teamster Contract. Buena Suerte A Todos - Los Teamsters segurando nuestro futuro, Good Luck to All - the Teamsters securing our future

Anonymous said...

Drivers, Dockworkers in Sacramento Win Strong Voice

December 7, 2007

Ninety-nine linehaul and pickup and delivery drivers and dockworkers at USF Reddaway in Sacramento, California are now Teamsters, after the company recognized the workers through a card-check agreement. This marks the latest victory in the union’s card-check campaign throughout the West.

The card-check agreement, enabling this latest victory, was included in a contract that was ratified in August by workers at Reddaway terminals in California, Arizona and New Mexico. The contract was ratified 216-13 and covers approximately 400 workers.

The drivers and dockworkers in Sacramento, who joined Local 150, will be covered by the same contract that was ratified by the larger group of workers.

“Many of these workers had signed authorization cards months ago, but when USF Reddaway merged terminals, we had to restart the process,” said Jim Tobin, Secretary-Treasurer of the Sacramento-based Local 150. “The workers remained committed to becoming Teamsters, and now they will have a strong voice. We will provide them with strong representation.”

The company recognized the workers on December 5.