Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mr Smith goes to Washington. A Posting From Our Brothers At FedxMx...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I would just like everyone to know that FedEx corp has taken a real liking to our blog. I have traced their ip address back to the emerald empire on hacks cross road(like we didn't expect this).
the language change on the senate bill will keep everyone under the railway act. The senates version takes out the language and the house's version keeps it in. It's not like we did not expect this. Even if it was passed with the language, President Bush would have vetoed it anyway.It is so funny how this company always says change is good yet they standby a law passed in the 1800's
The reason I do not care about this is because the more united we all are the more power we have. Since you are keeping up with us in the Purple Palace let me tell you this! We are coming and the little cookie you tossed our way did not work. You have been trying to divide and conquer us for so long we expected this tactic. I feel you have only brought us more together and have pissed off the other class and crafts you screwed on the last raise. What have we ever done to be treated so bad. I believe that FedEx express employee's worked their butts off to help build this corporation so that you could start FedEx ground, Kinko's and Freight. What is the thanks we get for this effort? Our retirement cut and this cash balance joke put in its place!
Then you hire a VP that reputation precedes him by taking our jobs and farming them out.
We have kept your pilots safe and your company profitable and this is the thanks we get. TEAMSTERS ARE COMING, AND YOU HAVE NO ONE TO THANK BUT YOUR MANAGEMENT TEAM FOR SCREWING US OVER. We where the leaders in aviation maintenance and what do you do? You manage to hire every upper management from every failing airline and bring them to our house and you expect us not to fight for our jobs!
We love this company and we work weekends, nights, holidays, rainy& icy days, in the freezing rain and the scorching days of summer and this is what we get for it. I was the most purple guy you could have ever Hired when this was Federal Express. I remember when you said change is good and we became FedEx. Follow the arrow was the slogan but what you did not do correct was point the arrow down because that's what we have seen our benefits and pay go. But as long as the shareholders and Board get their Dividends and bonus's(it is public information, we are not that dumb as you think)I guess things are going great. Well take a look at how ups takes care of their employees. Why must we pay $260.00 a month plus deductibles($3000.00 per family) and prescriptions while they pay Nothing, zero, Nada? Why must our retiree's pay close to $800.00 a month for medical while ups pays only $50.00? Because being self insured and using cigna to make money off your employees is sad sad sad. I have only scratched the surface. TEAMSTERS ARE COMING YOU CAN REST ASSURE. YOU HAVE THE LAW AND THE RAILWAY ACT IN YOUR FAVOR BUT WE HAVE THE RESOLVE TO BE TREATED FAIR AND EQUAL AND WE EARNED IT.
Keep on checking on us we are not going anywhere but are doing it together!!
tducksoup1 director of communications Memphis core committee


duke971 said...

Tell 'em again tduck. I think the geniuses underestimated how mad we'd get when we were STOLEN FROM AND LIED TO! I used to be about as anti-union as they come. Not anymore, and there are thousands just like me. The timing was terrible too when they hired this crook to take over mx ops coming in here like some kind of cult leader demanding that the faithful must follow blindly or be disposed of. I've had it.

Anonymous said...

Well said Tduck