Saturday, January 26, 2008

Whittier Management At It Again ...

Dockworkers at the Whittier Service center have reported to the FedEx Watch Dogs that John Leyva has had captive meetings with the AM break-bulk employees. He has told them that “if the Union comes to this company that they would lose their seniority”. Well John, you are wrong! One of the reasons you would want to organize is to make management enforce the seniority rules and get rid of favoritism! Just more company lies to scare employees from doing the right thing.
Besides John, the Union is already here.
Get to an organizing meeting and get the facts yourself. Better yet, ask John or any other manager to put what they say in writing and sign it. I bet you they won’t!

"If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."
- Adolf Hitler


Anonymous said...

Any reason Why you are using Quotes from Hitler?

Anonymous said...

To show what people would do to get others to believe in their lies.We don't believe in what he did by no means.But look at what a company would do over and over again to keep you from knowing the truth.
Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

I could answer your question; do you know your history? Deceiving, and fabricating lies, and making more lies come to reality was Hitler’s quotes!
Really, look up on Alex Jones journalism on “Terrorstorm sets a new standard” Governments and corporate America runs the world! (Republicans and the rich Corporations like McCain and Fred Smith)
Corporations always lies about the unions and fabricates false information about the Teamsters, corporate America hires union busters so that workers are kept in the dark and not knowing about their labor codes of Rights!
Remember it’s a” NUVUS ORDO SECLORUM “
Dont be left behind!!

Anonymous said...

Joe is right go to

Anonymous said... ( it's not

Anonymous said...

sorry blair, I am not for Ron Paul, think twice vote John Edwards!!

Anonymous said...

Report: FedEx in talks for DHL purchase
Memphis Business Journal
FedEx Corp. is attempting to buy the U.S. express division of rival DHL from its parent Deutsche Post World Net, according to a Reuters story that cites German newspaper Financial Times Deutschland.

The newspaper said negotiations are underway and the firm wants to sell the DHL division by May at the latest. However, a Deutsche Post spokesman called the news speculation and wouldn't comment to the paper.

Howard Clabo, a spokesman for Memphis-based FedEx (NYSE: FDX), said the company does "not comment on rumors or speculation."

According to the Reuters story, Deutsche Post chief financial officer John Allan told another German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, that his company wanted to decrease its DHL business in the U.S. , but did not want to sell it completely. He told that paper selling the domestic American business was "very, very unlikely."

The stories are slated to appear in both papers' Friday editions, according to Reuters.

Trade journal Air Cargo World Online reported Deutsche Post World Net, the parent company of express services and logistics services provider DHL, said Wednesday it will take an $874 million write down of the value of its struggling DHL Express business in the Americas .

Anonymous said...

Buchanan: McCain win would mean war with Iran

David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Raw Story
Tuesday January 29, 2008

Says McCain would provoke new wars, 'he's in everybody's face'

"More wars" could prove to be the oddest of all presidential campaign slogans. Especially if it works.

Presidential candidate John McCain shocked observers on Sunday when he told a crowd of supporters, "There's going to be other wars. ... I'm sorry to tell you, there's going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be other wars."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough asked old-line conservative Pat Buchanan about McCain's remarks, saying, "He talked about promising that more wars were coming. ... Is he so desperate to get off the economic issue?"

(Article continues below)

Pat Buchanan replied that McCain never used the word "promise" but simply said there would be more wars, and that from McCain's point of view, "that is straight talk. ... You get John McCain in the White House, and I do believe we will be at war with Iran."

"That's one of the things that makes me very nervous about him," Buchanan went on. "There's no doubt John McCain is going to be a war president. ... His whole career is wrapped up in the military, national security. He's in Putin's face, he's threatening the Iranians, we're going to be in Iraq a hundred years."

"So when he says more war," Scarborough commented, "he is promising you, if he gets in the White House, we'll not only be fighting this war but starting new wars. Is that what conservative Republicans want?

"I don't say he's starting them," Buchanan answered. "He expects more wars. ... I think he's talking straight, because if you take a look at the McCain foreign policy, he is in everybody's face. Did you see Thad Cochran's comment when he endorsed Romney? He said, look, John McCain is a bellicose, red-faced, angry guy, who constantly explodes."

"Not a happy message," commented Scarborough. "Not Reaganesque."

Vote for John Edwards

Anonymous said...

John Leyva has been talking about the UNION at Whittier for some time and trying to manipulate employees through lies and intimidation. He along with the other Whittier management clowns and supervisor clowns have been told by Andy Lessin what to say and do in order to divide employees interest for bettering the workplace and having a Union.I don't know how those managers can live with themselves by hurting the people(the workers/drivers) who make their jobs possible.

Anonymous said...

Like the lies the managers are telling the employees, a union buster or human resource are telling these managers lies. Telling them if they let the union into this company they, the managers, will also lose their jobs. Which is a bunch of crap!
Fear works both way. Ask a manager to come to a union meeting or learn their rights also!

Anonymous said...

update on united airlines bid for Teamsters

I will be traveling to San Francisco this weekend for the final united phone bank and house to house call before they get there vote. For those who are not up to date the national labor relation board had approved a vote for the united mechanic's and will be announcing a date when the vote will take place. This means that United airlines can not contest the vote.What the company is hoping for is that the mechanics will split between choosing Amfa or the Teamsters. This would decertify their union and united would be free to shut down the San Fransisco Maintenance facility and put around 5000 mechanics on the street with no job and outsource there jobs to overseas companies.
The Teamsters feel confident that the vote will be strong for them and I can concur this since I have been traveling to these rally s and have seen the support they have.
Once they vote no matter how it goes we are next in line to have the complete organizing unit of the teamsters work with us.
Also watch your news channels on Feb 11th where the teamsters along with the coalition of airlines go to Washington D.C and show solidarity that we need to stop the outsourcing of our jobs to over sea's companies that do not follow the same rules we need to abide by. President of the Teamsters James Hoffa Jr will be their with our political allies to get capital hills attention to our plight.
We have 11 people in various class and craft there to represent FEDEX. so write your congressman and senators and let them know how you feel about this very important safety issue.

Anonymous said...

Harassment at Whittier is continuing and supervisors are now harassing employees who are pro union. The supervisors on James Meyer's watch are giving pro union employees a hard time trying to make a hostile work environment by harassing employees about time card punches, talking, and even breathing. It is ridiculous and petty the way the supervisors are behaving. If we were union this wouldn't be happening.