Thursday, January 31, 2008

Office Meetings In Fontana ...

There was a meeting held with the office personnel about the Devore terminal. They were told that if you were not qualified for a position in Devore, someone else with less seniority who is, well get the transfer even if you have more seniority over them!
Just another reason for us to Organize and get Recognized!


Anonymous said...

Today in Fontana, it really opens my eyes and I understand now why the drivers are pushing for the union and the reason is unfair treatment, and no equal opportunity.
To transfer to Devore means the one who has more knowledge and more skill transfer regardless of your company seniority, seniority in the clerical means nothing!
So drivers of Fontana please help us organize too!!!

Anonymous said...

Look if fedex freight employees really want to go union it needs to happend in southern cali with a class 1 terminal. Here in fresno were just waiting on you. 2 terminals will make it happend and a 3rd terminal will be great.

Anonymous said...

Mr.49ers,have your local contact me at Teamsters local 63,my name is Joe Nuno from Fontana Calif, I am a P&D local driver for 20 years from the real Viking Frt. to Viking RSI and now FedEx ,and I hope that we could connect, so that we could show you our advancement through out the country, or just email us at the yahoo account,

Anonymous said...

Point well made brother. Management would tell you to your face that this does not happen here at FedEx. But we know better. If you are from a terminal other than Fontana, please contact me at the e-mail address on the right side of the blog.So we can get you in touch with a organizer in your area.

p.s. I know your angry of the b.s. you are seeing on a daily bases, but please keep the F- bombs and MF'ers.

Anonymous said...

It is true and Dave Castaneda at Whiiter descriminates against combos who don't buy him lunch and kiss up to him. I deal with it everyday and he always laughs and tries to degrade my work. Several other combos who kiss up like Victor get to hang out with Dave in the office while I have to work the dock it is unfair. Preferential treatment needs to stop and the harassment and snide comments too. It sucks to come to Whittier which I feel is the armpit of Fedex Freight!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just an outsider viewing your comments.. Stop and think...if you were going to pick between 2 employees. Say Employee A and Employee B.
Employee A has 10yrs with company and has tons of knowledge and sharp skills.
Employee B has 20yrs with company and just gets by day to day.

So if you had to pick from either A or B why not give the job to Employee A? You want to pick the best person for the job right?
Why doesn't the person with more seniority try to advance his or her self into a supervisor position?

How does this work with the UNION? Is it based on your lenght of time in the union?

If so then how would any of you FedEx drivers benefit from voting in the Union?
So a guy with 30yrs is going to take a back seat to a union guy with 10 years on the books?

Could one of you explain this? Would I be wrong if I was a mgr who had to pick between Employee A and B and I selected Employee A?? In the union is this how it works?


Anonymous said...

now im going to tell you something my friends ive been 22 years with the company and favoritism its allways there, whoever kiss ass better get it all. Lets stop this bull shit.

irudedog said...

Not every person wants to be in management, and the ones I know who have, are not very happy they did. So if this person has put in 20 years of service with the company and you are passing them up because you favor another with less seniority is just wrong. Would you like it if this would happen to you? Beside if he was not the better person why has the company kept him around for so long? Maybe that’s not the right manager for the job. That’s one.
With a union in place here at FedEx, an employee with 20 years would not have to worry about a person with 10 years or less coming in and taking his job, his hours for favoritism. Example: Estes trucking did not vote the union in last year and one of their drivers told me that a driver transferred from another terminal with less seniority and right off the bat, he starts before him! I told him that’s just the company showing their appreciation for you guys not voting “Yes” for the union. Now that’s one good reason to organize to me. That’s two.
Now where are you getting your information about a 10 year union guy pushing a 30 year guy to the back seat? A person who worked for another company doesn’t just walk in off the street and gets to push his way in at any union company. He is a new hire and starts at the bottom. The advantage a union member has from going from one union company to another is his pension. He keeps on accumulating years into his pension with the Western Pension Fund! Sounds like you have been talking to management or you are management! And if you are, thanks & welcome to our blog. If you are not management, go and ask them if the things they are telling you are true? Have them put it down on paper and have them sign it! I bet my vpep they won’t!

Get to an organizing meeting in your area. And compare apples to oranges. Right Russ?



Anonymous said...

You just proved my point---

Example: Estes trucking--
One of their drivers told me that a driver transferred from another terminal with less seniority and right off the bat, he starts before him! I told him that’s just the company showing their appreciation for you guys not voting “Yes” for the union.

So if FedEx did go Union guys with 30yrs could get bumped by a union guy with 2 yrs of service if he transfers into fontana.

So why do I want to vote YES? More work on our trucks so guys at UPS could bump our entire board? Even if I have 20 yrs---

Again--Why should I vote YES? You just said they can bump if they transfer in. Is this in writing somewhere?
Sounds very scary to me now!!


irudedog said...

Better read what I wrote, Estes is a NON-union carrier.No one can just move from one union carrier to another and just bump another one. The point is Estes is non-union and favoritism is king.