Friday, February 8, 2008

The FedEx Watch Dog Want You To Know ...

There is a letter being posted by management about the closures of Reddaway terminals in selected areas across the United States. This is a two page letter from YRC’s CEO Bill Zollars. It mentions that after the purchase of Reddaway / Bestway, things have not gone well with these divisions of YRC. In the letter, which is only a single page being posted up; does not mention anything about the Teamster being at fault.

Now these terminals are unionized. Tyson Johnson of the Teamster said,” These are difficult times for our members, but the Teamster are to help.” Looks to us that YRC’s management has made some bad decisions in this merger, and were not thinking about its employees, until now.

Remember back in the early 90’s when Viking had purchased a group of companies outside our original 14 western states? Well when that brilliant ideal fell apart. Viking just closed those terminals, and let all those people go! Who did they have to blame than? The Union?

Corporate greed and narrow thinking have put most of the burden again on the people who really make a company successful “the Employees”.



Anonymous said...

Do you really think VIKING had any say so in that deal? think back it was Roadway Regional Group who i think grabbed all the trucking companies...then it was changed to Caliber...Think back to the viking trailers that had Viking Freight System--A Caliber Company.

I think you should do your homework before you SLAM VIKING. You should know better. Here's a question to all you PRO union guys on this board.

To All the guys in the Holiday Photo--Cliff, Joe, and the other 5 guys ---Did you all have your signs in your cars when it was VIKING? Would be nice to see how all 7 of you respond to this question.

Or did you pick up your signs when the company changed to FEDEX?


Anonymous said...

Obviously you haven’t been around long enough, we have been organizing since the 1980’S in San Fernando Valley, and if you were around back then you would remember that Bill Mahan gave everybody a raise so the Teamsters wouldn’t come in, and everybody stop organizing and they sold them self.
But the truth is other Terminals have been trying to organize the Teamsters since, but workers wouldn’t stick to the Drive, because management would find out and spook the workers.
Remember workers weren’t educated back then about their Rights and about the union busters, but if we had signs back then “HELL YES” we would put them up back then when we were just plain old Viking Freight System!

Anonymous said...

We were left in the cold, those 1100 employees of USF are giving some severance pay, and Viking gave us nothing! From a former ex-Viking, now a UPS freight driver out of Missouri!!