Monday, February 4, 2008

A Message From Joe And Rudy ...

Let’s stop complaining, let’s do something about it,
join the Teamsters, and make a difference.
Remember this is a non-union company and there is
nothing we can do about it, without a union, we have
no voice, sure you could complain to human resource
but some of us seen the true side of H.R, all it does
it puts you in the blacklist book.
As for now the only thing we have in our favor is the
Labor commission, and in California we have other
provision, California labor law code and sec# of our
Remember when management mistreat employees there is
no respect from those employees and to solve this
problem is to join the Teamsters. Remember in the
house where a father runs the house and sets rules, it
is follow, the father addresses the house rules with
kindness, dignity and respect and those kids respect
the father and obeys the house rules.
Now when a father mistreats those kids everyday there
is no respect for the father and no moral standard,
and no rules to follow. So how do those kids solve
their problem?
They seek professional help from a family
psychologist; the psychologist hears the problems at
home and then the psychologist analyze the issues.
Once analyze the psychologist present the solutions to
the father and addresses to the family what needs to
be work on to make a happy family!
Now this is the same with us employees we seek for
help from the Teamsters; we analyze our problems and
issues when we attend our union meetings, we get
educated of our Rights and discuss our solutions that
we could present to FedEx once we choose to vote for
the Teamsters.
Now those that don’t have a clue about the Teamster
and never attended a union meeting. Stop complaining,
make a difference, go to a union meeting and hear the
truth and get educated. Attend some labor classes
at Los Angeles tech trade college in L.A, and if your
interested talk to your service center union
Don’t fall for those lies that FedEx feeds you about
the unions on the bulletin boards, just look at the
top of the propaganda Industrial News, its FedEx
editors (H.R) who writes this. So when you see these
bulletin boards trashing the Teamsters, ask
management for a copy and if they give you one write the
name of the manager who gave it to you on the back.

Remember FedEx preaches that you can’t discuss
anything about Teamster on company time or work areas.
So when a manager holds a captive meeting on the
and talks about Teamsters; shame on him and shame on
you, you are breaking company policy you and the
the manager that are stealing company time.
Your allow as an employee to talk about the Teamsters
in the break room when you are off the clock or away
from work areas and also the person that you are
discussing with must be off the clock.
Remember ladies and gentlemen release your fear and
have no apathy. Feel free to get involve in the Labor
movement, let’s be wise and organize! Attend your next

Organizing Begins With You. Tag Your It!


Anonymous said...


John Lennon may have been just a dreamer about world peace, but he was willing to walk the line when it came to issues of workers'justice.
On the day of his death, Lennon was making preparations to fly to San Francisco to attend a rally with striking Teamsters.
Lennon was an ardent activist and supported many causes, most notably the anti-war movement.
But the strong interest he and his wife, Yoko Ono, took in labor affairs is less familair to public.
In California, the Teamsters represented workers at three Japanese food companies Los Angeles and San Francisco.
The largest of these japanese-owned companies was Japan foods Corparation, a subsidairy of Kikkoman, producer of the popular soy sauce.
When negotiations reached a halt, the workers went on strike on November 13, 1980.


Shinya Ono, a shop steward from Local 630 in Los Angeles, was a seasoned organizer and advocate for immigrant workerers and known as the Japanese-American Woody Guthrie by fellow Teamsters and friends in the little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angeles.
He knew they needed something big to bring attention to their cause. So he called his cousin Yoko and her husband to ask for help.
It did not take much effort to convince Yoko and Lennon to make a statement in support of strikers.
The statement was released by the Teamsters and picked up by media across the country.
But Lennon went a step futher. He asked Shinya Ono if there were any marches or rallies planned. when told yes, Lennon agreed to come out and participate in a march and rally in san francisco the week o December8.


Yoko is helping because she is Japanese and my cousin.John is coming even though he is a superstar because he understand our situation and knows how we feel-he came from the workig class," Ono told fellow workers. "she has sympathy, he has empathy."
Lennon was happy about participating and excited about taking his son, Sean, 5, to the rally.
He had purchased airline tickets and was making preparations to travel.He made arrangements to call one of the strkers with a new statement on December 8.
He never got the chance. Mark David Chapman, a mentally ill fan, assassinated him outside his home in New york City that evening.
Lennon once said that your way of life is a political statement. He did not just believe in the labor movement's quest for fairness, eqaulity and justice.HE JOINED IN.

From the Teamsters magazine January/February 2008.

Anonymous said...

What to look forward to if McCain gets in

This is who Mr Smith is putting his money behind. You think things are bad now pray this guy does not make it into office!


Check out these details on McCain’s record on trade, health care and good jobs:

In 2004, McCain voted against protecting workers’ overtime rights.
In 2003, McCain voted against a temporary extension of unemployment benefits.
In 2005, McCain voted for CAFTA and trade agreements with Singapore and Chile in 2003—all of which have no enforceable labor standards.
In 2005, McCain voted to disqualify 10 million workers from minimum wage, overtime and equal pay protections.
In 2004, McCain voted against an amendment prohibiting overseas outsourcing of federal contracts.
In 2007, McCain voted against collective bargaining rights for federal employees.
In 2006, McCain voted against an amendment to prevent privatization of federal jobs.
In 2007, McCain voted against an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.
In 2007, McCain voted to filibuster a bill to allow Medicare to negotiate for fair drug prices.
McCain won a tight race with former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.), who won 31 percent

Anonymous said...

McCain is a Bush clone and very dangerous. He’s the Republican’s newest puppet, for he would like nothing better than to continue Bush’s legacy of corruption and exploitation. If you listen to him talk, you realize he has NOTHING to say, and he contradicts himself, in spite of that anyway.

If you look at the Republican candidates for president you really have to wonder how in the world did these people, THESE people get nominated, or is it possible that there are no good Republicans left in the party.

Anonymous said...

From my own point of view, Senator McCain is a dangerous man. Like George W. Bush who is obsessed with 911 and ElQuada, McCain is obsessed by his imprisonment back in North Vietnam. As a result, the United States will stay on any war (Iraq) until it has achieved a victory like in WWII so as to preserve honor for veterans like him, even at the cost of bringing economic ruin to this country the way of the Soviet Union.
This is also a man whose family generations have always been with the military. No wonder why he has always been a strong supporter of HUGE military spending at the expenses of social, human, and health programs. He is strongly critical of Dr. Ron Paul’s stand on the Iraq war because Ron Paul stands for domestic issues and humanity. The question for American voters in November is this. It is now clear that the United States is heading for an economic decline in the 21st century, can this country allow another George W. Bush heir to control the White House?